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Otayuri Art College AU/ Part 2: 

Yuri Plisetsky moodboard. 

Evening cup of latte, black cats lover, graceful wrists, softness but also independence and many pairs of worn out sneakers for dancing.

 "yuri is your typical dance major with soft oversized sweaters & messy space buns.“ © @otayuriism

Part 1: Intro

Despacito // Jeff Atkins

A/N: A fic no one asked for but everyone needed. Honestly, if you think this isn’t one of Jeff’s favorite songs to dance with his girl w, you’re wrong.

Literally unedited. 

Named After: Me. A native English speaker, a conversational Italian speaker, and a mediocre Yoruba understander was trying to learn the Spanish lyrics to this straight banger. Didn’t go well.

When Jeff had asked you to go to winter formal with him, you couldn’t breathe. Quite literally. He made a huge scene at lunch and the water you were drinking went down the wrong pipe. After recovering, and saying yes, it was a night you’d been looking forward to for the next week. 

Jeff picked you up at your house, in a tailored navy blue suit that complimented your black dress and blue heels perfectly. To say you were nervous was an understatement. You and Jeff had been dancing around each other, harmlessly flirting for a couple months. Now, you were his date. 

An hour into formal, and thirty minutes into the two of you seeing each of your friend groups, Jeff pulled your hand, guiding you towards the crowded dance floor. 

You bit your lip, hesitant to have everyone looking at you. 

“What? You can’t dance?” Jeff teased. 

You rolled your eyes playfully.

“No, I can dance. I just- don’t…in public” you mumbled.

It was true, you loved to dance, but in the comfort of your home with headphones in, where no one could judge you. 

Jeff has a questioning expression on his face, hands falling to your waist and pulling you to follow him as you swayed to the music. 

He leaned in, right next to your ear. 

“I feel like I saw you dancing at Jess’ party last weekend” 

You laughed, nodding. “I was drunk. Doesn’t count.” 

“Well, I mean I don’t see anyone else but you right now.”

You pulled your head from his chest, looking up at his now pouting face. 

“It’s just you and me” he whispered to you.

You sighed, unable to hide the smile on your face. 


You paused, waiting for the DJ to play the next song. You took Jeff’s hand from your hip as the strum of the guitar intro’d the song. 

Jeff raised an eyebrow and you smirked at him, swaying your hips as Justin Bieber sang.

Your date followed suit, and soon the two of you were dancing, his hands intertwined as you pushed, pulled and spun from and around each other. 

You spun into his arms, back against his chest, as you heard the chorus beginning. 

You timed your hips with the music, grinding into him as you heard,                Des…pa…cito

“Fuck” Jeff panted, impressed and turned on my how you were teasing him.

The two didn’t even notice when the other students had circled around you. 

You were following Jeff’s lead. His left hand on your lower back, right-hand holding yours. The two of you moved as one, the bass of the song, keeping you in a salsa. 

Your feet picked up, as Daddy Yankee’s verse began.

Jeff couldn’t lie. His eyes were glued to your ass as you two separated. The lighting of the gym and your dress only accentuating the way how your hips popped along to the lyrics.

Sabes que tu corazón conmigo te hace bang-bang
Sabes que esa beba está buscando de mi bang-bang

You could feel the adrenaline carrying you around the room, taking Jeff’s hand as he twirled you into the second bridge of the song.

The rest of Liberty High was just a blur, it was just you and him.

What you didn’t expect, was when Jeff pulled you in. He sang along to the lyrics in fluent Spanish, making your heart melt, and between your thighs wet.  The smell of his cologne clouded your thoughts and you felt as though you were floating. 

Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito
Nos vamos pegando, poquito a poquito

He took the opportunity, to lean in, his lips barely grazing over yours. You were so close, you could practically feel the sexual tension between the two of you as his hands slid down your back towards your ass. 

You smiled, mumbling, “in public”, against his lips as you pulled away from him. Jeff could barely breathe when you left his grasp. He watched as you danced, circling around him for the next verse. He felt like he was going to burst both in his heart and in his pants. 

His eyes followed you until you grabbed his hand, pulling him out of his trance.

This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico
I just wanna hear you screaming, “¡Ay, Bendito!”

His hands landed on your hips, and the two of you moved as one, as the song came to an end for the final verse. 

He leaned in, lips meeting yours. Jeff kissed you slowly as the song finished. His soft lips pushed and pulled against yours, hungry for more. You pulled away from him breathless when you heard the students cheering around you. 

You smiled resting your head against his chest. He pushed the two of you in and out of the crowd, moving you by the bleachers still holding you close to him.

His head rested on your shoulder as he caught his breath.

“I know that was our first dance really” his voice husky, “but could you warn me next time” Before you could even ask, his hips met yours and you could feel the bulge in his pants against you.

You hummed, breathing out a laugh as you nodded. “Wanna get out of here?”

He nodded eagerly pulling you towards the doors before you could change your mind.

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Jackie x Donna ★/☆/☾/♡ (sorry if this is to much, but I am loving these so)

☾ - sleep headcanon

Jackie is always the little spoon, ALWAYS. She likes to be cuddle because Donna is always warm and her breast feel soft against her back, it makes Jackie feel safe. 

When Donna does’t feel like spooning, they sleep like this, with Donna being in the dude’s position:

★ - sad headcanon

Jackie hasn’t seen her mother ever since she told her she was with a woman. She also knows Pam keeps telling people Jackie hasn’t found the right partner yet and that’s why she is not married. 

It sometimes make her cry out of nowhere, just to remember that. 

☆ - happy headcanon

“Every night it’s girl’s night!”, Jackie says as she gets ready everything she needs to give a make over to her girlfriend. Donna just rolls her eyes but smiles as Jackie tells her about her day while they are doing each other’s nails on their bed.

♡ - romantic headcanon

For Valentine’s, Jackie starts giving Donna a small gift every day until the 14th. While Donna always makes big plans for date night for the day.

They are always trying to surpass their own game every year, which makes it more fun for both of them, and bigger the surprise for the other when they see what their loved one has planned for them.

[trans] 170323 SBS Cultwo

DJ: Mark, you’ve leaving for Jungle soon right?

Mark: Yup, next friday

DJ: There’s a member who’s been there before right?

GOT7: Jackson (hyung)~

DJ: So Mark did you hear a lot about Jungle from Jackson?

Mark: Yes I heard a lot from him

DJ: Are you nervous..?

Mark: Um…..

DJ: What do you think you’ll be good at? Hunting?

Mark: Out of everything, I have the most confidence in hunting.. My head..

Bambam: Mark hyung is good at things like these. He’s good at using his brain/head. His stamina is good too.

trans: haetbitmark


There were Christmas parties, and then there were Xavier’s Christmas parties.

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Green eyes of envy Jerome X Reader

“Shoo kitten I have important business to attend. I don’t need you hanging around my shoulders.. You’re getting in the way.” Jerome stared at me his green eyes glimmering with anger and what I read to be hate. Nodding afraid I backed out of the room Jerome and the others were in. This new group of obsessed cultists that built Jerome up to be a god, having broken Jerome out of Arkham for the whole Bruce Wayne circus thing. Now he was just an uppity, cocky, brat! None of the Gotham officials knew where he was only the fact that he was gone. This made it so we could live fairly comfortably in the mansion of one of the cultists. 

At that moment they were all chatting about their great come-out called “Panic! under the disco” the name being a close rip-off but was accepted due to Jerome’s enthusiasm. Unimpressed I stormed back to the room Jerome and I shared slamming myself down on the bed weakly hitting one of the pillows.  Mockingly I insulted Jerome with childish remarks like “Rotten Ginger” and “Bitch baby blah blah blah” things he would probably not like to hear. “Oh darling!” He cried happily his footsteps coming down the same hallway I had just stormed down. I sat up acting happy “Yes Jerome?” I said pretending to be happy. He poked his head in the door smiling his usual wide smile. “Oh there you are” I watched him stroll confidently sitting down on the bed in front of me crossing his legs like a child. “I need you to put on the most ravishing and..” he came close to me whispering deeply. ‘and revealing” I smirked watching him put on his show of explaining that I was going to be the main bait. Great. I loved being bait. Like the good girl I am I nodded happily snooping around in the closet for my tight black dress that had crossed strings all the way down the dress stopping in an arrow just before my… girly parts. I absolutely despised wearing revealing clothes it made me feel unattractive and like a caged animal only there to let greasy eyes fantasize about the things they would like to do to me. Jerome watched me put on the dress smirking like an asshole. I carried on flicking my long black and purple hair behind my pale shoulders. walking into the bathroom that connected to the right of our walk in closet. 

Jerome didn’t follow only saying “We tango in five!” then left the room. I rolled my eyes applying my make-up faster then I was comfortable with. I settled with a mediocre smokey eye and the overrated winged eyeliner everyone and their grandma wore. When I was satisfied I grabbed a pair of black flat and ran barefoot out the door. I saw black SUV we used as transportation creeping down the driveway. Knowing Jerome would never have them stop for me I began to run at the van the gravel below my feet seeming to rip my sole to pieces. When I got close enough the back door swung open and I was able to dive in panting.  I heaved out of breathe looking at Jerome who sat smiling smudgy in the front seat. “I hope you brought other shoes doll, those flats just won’t do.” I looked down worried knowing that I was most likely going to be a cause of one of his legendary melt-downs. He sat up suddenly in his seat peering angrily at me. Without me being aware what was going on a par of heavy black heels was thrown at me striking me hard in the face. Jerome laughed clapping his hands. “Strike one!” turning his attention way from me to the road ahead. I held my stinging cheek breathing deeply to avoid crying. Jerome got off on tears, mine would only get him going more. He had become such an asshole ever since he had his face flailed off, just because he had come back from the dead and has all these new followers didn’t mean he was so high and mighty. I shook the thoughts away pulling on the heels. “Stop huffing and puffing dear it’s not attractive.” I glared at his face which was gazing still out the window. o my surprise he turned his head seeing my hateful glare. I dropped my head hoping he wouldn’t say anything, he didn’t having been interrupted the the SUV having it’s breaks slammed. 

Jerome bounced up and down excitedly in his chair. “Woo! you ready boys!” He slammed the drivers shoulder. They all jumped out hollering sneaking in through the back to go planting some bomb or do whatever they had planned for the nights festivities. I grunted opening the door and getting out. My ankles wobbled in the heels Jerome had struck me with due to their height and weight. I wandered up the side of the building towards the entrance. It was spray painted with cults and gang sighs, a type of art work that had seemed to be marking every corner of this city. I didn’t know how I felt about that to wbe honest, now I was no goody-goody I had killed more people than most war vets but still I imagined a mother holding her sons hands walking down the street, her son would smile and point to the bit of graffiti asking innocently ‘what is that mommy?’ she would only frown having a feeling that her sons infatuation could lead to involvement and then blam! death by gang member. I wouldn’t want my kids to end up this way. Coming around the front I spotted the doorman, he was young and handsome, easy to woo. I smiled walking up to him. “Gee it’s awful cold out. Do you mind if I step in and warm my hands.” Gently I swirled my hands around his belt feeling his heartbeat quicken. “Su-Sure step right in” I winked walking past him. “Thank you” I would make sure he would live on past tonight. Inside the club was the same as the rest of them baring music, flashing decorations, dumb young people blah, blah, blah. I made my way to the bar ordering three shots of tequila, salt on the rims or each. 

The bartender was quick and courteous serving me them up quick so I could down them all feeling the unwelcome burn of hard alcohol. I grimaced at the taste. I took money out of my bra and slid it a crossed the table thanking hi before turning around and mapping everything out. Jerome was no where to be seen only a mass of bobbing heads none of them having the fire red hair he did. I grew lonely at the thought of him not being around but then again I didn’t really ever want to see him when he was around. He had become to cruel ever since he came back to.. dead. almost. 

I squinted looking harder, nothing. “Hello miss?” I heard a smooth voice say. I turned to it looking at the face addressing me. He was a thin guy handsome strong jawline, thick black hair. I smiled “How-do-you-do?” I said politely warming up to the stranger. He blushed almost shocked to have my attention. “I’m doing goo-” he dropped his head embarrassed, chuckling to himself quietly. “The real reason I came over here was to ask you to dance. You’re so beautiful and.. alone. It do sent seem right” Now this sounds pathetic but my heart seemed to skip a little. He had the face of a kind hearted man that understood other struggles. I quivered a bit. “S-sure”  He led my carefully out to the dance floor reaching the far right corner where it wasn’t to crowded. We faced each other getting into a casual dancing routine, polite and friendly. Neither of us talked very much but we often exchanged looks smiling like fools whenever his happened. A part of me wanted to lay my head on his shoulders to feel his heart beat as well as the sway of his body, but I didn’t not wanting to ruin the moment. I opened my mouth to ask him his name but before I could get it out a voice cracked over the loud speakers. “Good evening ladies and gentleman what a great-” The voice cut out. Squinting i looked towards the speakers that seemed to be projecting the voice. Jerome was standing in top of the tallest speaker microphone in hand, DJ bleeding out next to him. Jerome’s stare seemed to radiate disgust and hate. “Oh Y/N?” he said in a matter of fact tone. I tugged on my new found friends shoulder urging him to leave with me. “Hey someone stop her!” Jerome yelled something like panic wavering in his voice. I grabbed onto the strangers hand harder pushing our way through the mass o confused people. 

None of his men could catch us so we were out of the club and out of sight by the time they reached the front door. “You need to get in your car and hurry home” The stranger nodded knowing who Jerome was. Before he turned to leave he closed in on my face slowly planting a warm kiss on my lips. I shivered this being the first compassionate kiss since.. well.. never? He walked away without saying another word leaving me out in the wet night air. I giggled like a little girl twirling around on the sidewalk until something cold stopped me. Cringing I knew exactly what it was.

 “Who’s your new boyfriend?” the voice writhed. Sighing I turned around “Jerome-” he cut me off with one finger grabbing my hand and leading me to the alleyway we had parked in. “Let’s talk doll?” Nervously I stopped dead in my track knowing this could end in one of his famous torture cessions. He glared back at me snarling. “I said let’s talk.” he yanked harder on my arm forcing me to follow behind. “ladies first” he said opening the passenger side door ushering me in with a big smile. Nervously I gt in feeling a bit relieved to be off my feet, He got in the drivers side silently fuming as he started p the car. I avoided his gaze instead focusing on the city lights that whizzed by. He headed in the direction of the home we were currently staying in., hopefully if all things went right we would hash out of anger in the bedroom between the satin sheets like we always had but I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be one of those times. We had just reached the gravel driveway when Jerome slammed on the breaks. He looked at me smiling sickly “I apologize I haven’t had my drivers license since.. well.. never!” he shrugged happily for a moment until his grin faded. He started the breathe heavily staring uncomfortably into my eyes. 

I tried to look away wanting to focus my attention on the night sky but his gaze held me still. We stayed put for a few seconds until in some fit of rage he pulled out a pistol and stuck it to my forehead. “ya know I should kill ya’ doll embarrassing me in front t of all those people?” he snaked towards me a mulishness grin overtaking his face, he was hurt though something in the deep part of his eyes told me so. I wanted to scream at him expressing how horrible he had been to me but that would only make him want to blast me even more so I took his cruelties. He stared st me not blinking until I nodded acknowledging him. Slowly he took the gun down looking out the front window chuckling to himself.

 I wiped a tear off of my cheek sneaking a look at him, his eyes were widened with the night sky, his fists pulsating on the steering wheel. Suddenly he began to laugh harder thrashing his fists and head off of the wheel yelling nonsense at no one in particular. He grabbed my hair pulling me closer to his face. Seething in my ear. “Why did you do this to me?” His hand shook as he held onto my hair. “I-I’m sorry I-” I shook my head slightly trying to loosen his grip but it was no use. “You will be sorry Kitten- I you were stronger than this” I opened myself up a little hoping to deescalate the situation. “You’re cruel to me Jerome. You treat me like one of your thugs that you can just throw around all you want. I’m not though and you know it.” He let go of my hair looking coldly into my eyes. “Since when have you become so entitled?” He asked ending with a horrible laugh. I rolled my eyes getting out of the SUV before getting out all the way though I chucked the blasted heels he had previously thrown at me. They hit him and he gasped, I didn’t see his reaction due to the door slamming him out of my view. 

I started walking the sound of the cold gravel crunched under my feet. I focused on the sound instead of the possibility of Jerome starting up the car and running me over. “Y/n wait!” I heard him yell beginning to jog after me. I started in a full run hoping to get far far away from him. His pace quickened behind me I was always a slow runner and plus he had shoes on so it wouldn’t be long until he caught up to me. Again I tried to focus on the night sky as I ran but it was no use the feeling of his hand latching onto my arm. “gotcha” he said  His fingernails dug into my skin, I winced at the pain kicking him as hard as I could in the shin. He growled loosing his balance and falling to the floor. I took off in a full sprint distracted when I heard him cock his gun behind me. I ducked hearing it fire three times. I stayed flat on the ground feeling the dust form the rocks get into my eyes. I blinked rapidly trying to rid myself of this pain. Jerome walked up to me sticking out his left hand, his gun still in the right. I grabbed it and he helped me up. “What is the matter with you?!” I said mad. 

He shrugged looking into my face. “You think?-” He shook his head looking for the right thing to say. “Look I haven’t been the nicest guy- I know- but seeing you kiss” He growled violently kicking rocks, “I dont want to talk about it! the point is- I’m sorry! Just stop doing this and be my doll again.” I was shocked at his words he looked defeated his face morphed in sadness. I nodded grabbing his hand.. “Why did you kiss him?” he said suddenly walking back to the car. I shrugged “I don’t know” he scoffed “I don’t know?, I don’t know!” His hand wrapped around my throat. “How do you not know. You act like it’s nothing but you don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to live with that-” he busted out laughing striking the car with his fists until his knuckles bled. Pan icing at the smudged blood on the car window I ran up behind him and hugged his waist as hard as I could hoping to calm him down. He stopped breathing heavily. “Oh doll you kill me” he said hopelessly. 

I unraveled my arms and grabbed his hand skipping the car ride home walking him the ten feet to the house. I opened the front door letting us both in. “Who was he? huh? Some stud? Business broker with his life in gold?” Hr groaned leaning up against the kitchen table that sat to the right of the door. I shrugged again saying ‘I don’t know’ he winced at my words flipping the table over. “Stop saying that! You’re my whole world and this is how you-” he laughed. I dropped my head all to be lifted up when he was quickly in front of me. “I need to speak with you in the bedroom.” He growled walking away. I grew excited watching his broad shoulders imagining them without the white button up shirt he was wearing. I smiled skipping behind him entering the bedroom just as he was sitting on the desk in front of his bed a devilish look on his face. He snake up to me whispering in my ear. “I’m going to make you forget all about him. I’m the only stud in your life. You got that Doll?” I nodded my hear pulsing in my head. 

His hands made their way up under my shirt, his skin cold on my body heat. I closed my eyes letting myself enjoy the sensation until my shirt was completely off. His lips kissed my neck smoothly while he continued to grip the rest. I sighed wishing he was always like this. His lips moved up to my ear, nibbling slightly on my earlobe. He began to whisper. “Don’t even hurt me again.” I opened my eyes sadness coming over my whole body until I saw him smirking as he left the room. “Jerome!” I yelled. IT took awhile for him to answer. “Sorry kitten things to do, places to be, doll snatchers to kill. But don’t worry” Jerome poked his head into the room smiling “I will be back when he’s dead” I shivered in excitement as his foot steps traveled down the hall again and out the front door. 

Thank you for reading all more to come Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

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I made a rec page for my favourite HQ!! fanfic and doujin! Admittedly it’s 98% TsukkiYama, but there are some other pairings and non-shippy stuff too! They’re all titles that I like A WHOLE LOT and I could recommend them all with confidence. I hope you’d give them a try!

The works aren’t arranged in any order, but I’ve categorized everything to make it easy to navigate the page. Just enter any of the keywords listed in the tags panel (e.g. “doujin”, “5-10K word count”, “fluff”, or “bottom!tsuk”) onto the search bar so you could zoom in on the stuff that interests you! ^_^

To note: I’m not fond of reading long / chaptered / unfinished stories, so most of the works listed are under 15k words (and all complete). All doujin listed have been scanlated to English.

My to-read fic list is steadily growing and I’m always on the lookout for good dj, so I’ll keep updating this page accordingly! If you have any titles to recommend to me, then please do hmu! <(ゝω•)~☆

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33 and Bechloe :)

33. “Bite me.” “If you insist.”

“Chlo, I know how to decorate a cake.” Beca states for the third time that evening, her voice almost irritated, but never enough to really be upset with the observing redhead behind her.

“Okay, okay, I just want it to be perfect. Oh- not those sprinkles, Beca. The gold ones! This is for Emily, remember?!” The redhead’s says excitedly, as she now stands next to the brunette. Her hands move quickly onto the small DJ’s wrist, stopping her actions of choosing the wrong coloured sprinkles from her liking.

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Hi! long time no fic from me, like in a year eek! lol  So this was inspired a little bit by a really good fic i read by @finn-nelson-for-the-win , also check out her fic she’s writing its very good. I was shooting for a nice cutie little fluffy Rinn fic to slowly get back into writing but instead it became a full on smutty Rinn fic I blame it on the horny dickheads and not the fact that my mind is just permanently in the gutter lol so anyway enjoy. :) tagging for smut. wc is 2,833

I’m tagging some lovely emus that have asked to be on my forever tag list. Please let me know if you want on or off (you won’t hurt my feelings if you do) the list or if you want me to tag you for one particular story, thanks!

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