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헤이즈 (Heize) - And July (Feat. DEAN, DJ Friz)

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I was so depressed so started dancing to Lean on by Major Lazer & DJ Snake MV but then it hit me that i try SO hard to be happy it was almost pathetic i felt so sorry for myself so i cried. Imagine someone crying while dancing to Lean on music video it's so hilarious now im laughing my ass off and it just hit me again that i'm truly going crazy wow. I cant even post this on my blog bc it's too embarrassing but just wanted to talk abt it have a lovely day x

I’m sorry you’re having such a rough/confusing day. But I totally understand!! I remember in grad school being alone in my apartment and just falling on my floor hysterical laughing for absolutely no reason at all… I remember doing things that make no sense and then looking back at it like WTF. I still have moments like that. When I first started dating Dan I would literally go from laughing to crying or vice versa in the blink of an eye. 

It’s a crazy feeling, but you’re not going crazy. You just have a lot of emotions and some may be bottled up and some may be confusing and some may be too hard for you to feel so you’re relying on your secondary emotions and even though things may feel totally messed up, they don’t have to be this way forever.

Being a dancer, I would dance to songs that conveyed how I was feeling as a way to release those emotions… it was always like a huge release for me. I’m sure some of the people in my class thought I was losing it because of songs I used for assignments because of how aggressive or depressing they were. I actually learned how to figure out what emotion I was feeling based on how I was moving. Slow and lethargic, I was depressed. Big, sharp, fast movements (and lots of kicking) usually meant I was angry. Turning meant I was feeling balanced and at peace (unless it was combined with one of the other two, then it meant I felt lost). 

Sorry this is so long, I guess my point is… you don’t always have to try so hard to be happy. If you feel like shit then give yourself that time to let yourself feel like shit. Find a way to release those crap feelings and then go on with your day feeling maybe a little better than you started out. Honor all the emotions that pass through you.