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Vernon: To Love And Love Again

Summary: you hear his voice on the radio and suddenly your whole world is falling apart (aka I took soulmate aus to a kind of dark but predictable place lol enjoy) (so many words… so much slow burn…. reader/vernon stuff doesn’t even start until like 4k words in and this fic is only like 4.2k words so…….)

-Admin Princess

It was a Friday evening when the sky came crashing down around you. It was a quite figurative crashing down of things, but to you it felt like the whole world had suddenly just fallen. Like gravity didn’t exist anymore, or maybe the force of it had been increased by a hundred. You couldn’t tell. You could only hear the echoing of his voice through your head, as haunting and terrifying as “You’re listening to the Friday Wind Down. I’m your DJ, Vernon” can sound.

The mug in your hand slips from your fingers, the sound of shattering porcelain being nothing but a minor noise that is taken over by a ringing in your ears. Dahyun looks up from her seat on your couch. She’s wearing one of your sweatshirts and the leggings that you love on her, and her hair is tied up in a loose knot on the top of her head. On most days, you would find this look quite adorable, but today it’s a nuisance.

“Baby? What’s wrong?” She asks.

You ignore her question. “You turned the radio on?” You say, stepping around the mess of coffee and glass to slam your hand down on the power button.

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Tony Stark Gives Up

Title: Tony Stark Gives Up
Rating: G
Summary: Steve comes home to find JARVIS very worried about the erratic behavior of Tony and DJ.
Notes: For scifigrl47 who is having a rotten week. 


“Welcome home, Captain Rogers,” JARVIS said, the minute Steve set foot in Stark Tower.

About ten other people in the lobby looked up.

Steve didn’t usually enter through the lobby, since he had his own spot in the garage and at any rate he liked the back ways of Stark Tower better – the lobby was too clean, too polished, too much Stark pretension that Steve knew very well hid something a lot more vulnerable.

But when he did enter through the lobby, JARVIS never greeted him in public. JARVIS didn’t speak in public much.

“Ah, hello, JARVIS,” he said, hurrying towards the secure elevator. JARVIS must want his attention very badly indeed. He hustled past the security guard, who gave him a smile and a nod, and slipped into the elevator, already waiting with its doors open. “What’s up?” he asked, as soon as they shut. He was already reaching for the bag that held his shield.

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You can now find some of my artwork available on Society6; T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, throw Pillows, wall clocks, iphone, ipod, laptop and ipad skins, etc ….

Ya podéis encontrar algunas de mis ilustraciones disponibles en Society6; Camisetas, sudaderas, tazas, bolsos, cojines, relojes, fundas de iphone, ipod, laptop y ipad, etc….

For my last post at my current age, have the rough beginning of the most painful fanfic idea I’ve ever had.

Warnings: Death, dying, grief, but it’s still me.  I promise it’ll all work out in the end.  It’ll just be a while before we get there.

Every time he changed, he lost himself for a minute.

He didn’t talk about it, he didn’t really like to think about it.  But every time he changed, for a minute, for an eternity of a minute, DJ Stark wasn’t anything.  He wasn’t a bot.  He wasn’t a human.  He was just a fragment of memory, a force of will, a consciousness without form, and it was at once the best and worst thing he could do.

Because for a moment, he had complete control over his existence.

It was heady and terrifying and foreign and familiar, all at once, and when it was over and done, a physical form dragged him back to earth. Gave him weight.  Gave him boundaries.  Gave him rules to follow and limitations to try to overcome.  

He missed that instant of being weightless.  Especially when he woke up with a pounding ache behind his temples and a sour stomach.

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