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i found this in my “box of magical things.” I have no idea where this is from but it’s the realest thing ever especially right now cause i’m at the worst i’ve ever been. i’m hoping for better things soon but right now it’s 100% survival mode. - DJ F

edit: this was made by noah! ghosts-of – it makes a lot of sense now how i have this. it’s from Doris. thank you for making this, these words are really important

In case you missed it, a transcript of one of the most musically pleasing parts of Pitch Perfect 2
  • Ester Dean: *singing a beautiful soul rendition of a freaking PITBULL SONG, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE*
  • Anna Kendrick: They say you're a freak
  • Beautifully diverse and funny a cappella nerds: Wha ooooooh whaaaa oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh *literally resurrecting a Ke$ha song into an anthem*
  • Anna Kendrick: We got the wooooooroooooooooooorld
  • An angel of a cappella gods from the heavens: We got got got got got got got TONIGHT
  • Anna Kendrick: And we never st- *breaks into full DJ mode* sto-sto-stop, I'll be the ooooooooooone
  • Greek Pantheon of full vocal ranges: *continual beautiful harmonies* FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA *performing for the freaking President, get patriotic up in there*
  • Brittany Snow: *killing it*
  • Alexis Knapp: *killing it*
  • Hana Mae Lee: *killing it*
  • Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins: WTF I mean our brains cannot comprehend how is this a cappella Jesus take the wheel
  • Rebel Wilson as freaking FAT AMY: I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL *dangles in the air, with metaphysical flames bursting from her aura*
More Splatoon Info You May or May Not Know

- Inklings are afraid of being eaten, but they aren’t against eating octopus or other smaller fish.

- Inklings have no bones but they are very muscular and can leap up to 5 feet (over 1.5 meters)

- The Octarians were forced to live underground following the Great Turf War and they had made quite the community, however, their home is falling apart and their energy reserves are running low hence their theft of the Zapfish.

- Inklings and Octolings are actually liquid based creatures that dissolve in water.

- Most Octarians encountered in Hero Mode seem to not have evolved into Octolings yet, possibly meaning they are under 14. The only Octolings shown are the female Octolings encountered in Hero Mode and DJ Octavio himself. Though it’s possible that Octarians evolve with skill rather than time as Inklings do.


[NEW] - April 7th

Marcus D - Soul a la Mode (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

featuring Pismo, Substantial, Cise Star & ZANE

Edited by Vinnie Hobbs

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