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i found this in my “box of magical things.” I have no idea where this is from but it’s the realest thing ever especially right now cause i’m at the worst i’ve ever been. i’m hoping for better things soon but right now it’s 100% survival mode. - DJ F

edit: this was made by noah! ghosts-of – it makes a lot of sense now how i have this. it’s from Doris. thank you for making this, these words are really important

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Not that I don't think you're rly gr8 already bc I do but I would think you were even more gr8 if you could hmu with some bokuto with a platonic girl bf knowhatimsayin hmmm hmmm

This was so fun why can’t Bokuto be my best friend what

- Bokuto’s female best friend is Akaashi’s friend before he even knows she exists. One day she shows up to see Akaashi during one of their practices, confidently pushing past the gymnasium doors with a loud, “Sup’ losers!” and proceeded to smack Akaashi on the arse when he had his back turned. From that moment on, Bokuto was absolutely awestruck. He became her biggest fan. Not that she was in any sports or anything, but he began to notice the overwhelming aura around her in the halls and when he passed by her classroom during the day. Truth be told, he was insanely nervous to strike a conversation with her, despite not harboring any romantic feelings. She was the first person to ever truly intimidate him, and it was crazy. Akaashi would have to introduce the two because, “Aka-ashi please introduce me to your badass friend” and “Keiji, dude, your volleyball captain keeps giving me looks in the halls. Does he want something from me?” They instantly hit it off after their first conversation, though. His team would tease him about his “crush” on her and he didn’t really understand it. What he was feeling was overwhelming, but totally platonic.

- Jokingly call each other sappy pet names to piss each other off. “How was practice today, snookums?” “Great as always, honeybunch.” “That’s good to hear, sunshine.” It never stops. Usually the two think it’s hilarious, and everyone around them ends up being disturbed by it.

- They play fight. She’s definitely a bit of a ballbuster, and wouldn’t even think for a moment that a boy much taller, and much stronger than her could cause her serious damage. Thing is though, he doesn’t. The first time she asked to play fight, he was so down. He figured it would be over in a few seconds and he’d get to laugh at her struggling underneath him, but as soon as he agreed, she had him by the arms, swept his legs, and had him on the floor quicker than he could finish his thoughts. Boy, if he hadn’t been intimidated by her before, he was then.

- They highkey do everything together. If Bokuto has an extra ticket to an amusement park, she’s the first person he thinks to invite. If she wants to go to a concert but has nobody to go with, he’s the first person she’s going to drag along. They invite each other as “dates” along to family events to make fun of each other’s cousins and drunk uncles. Everyone in the Bokuto and __ family know about the others existence. Bokuto will find himself at a distant relatives house every so often, just to be shocked when they ask, “How’s that __ girl? Is she doing well?”

- She helps him dye his hair. The first time he decided to bleach it and dye it white, Kuroo had helped him out. It had wound up being a disaster; bleach got over both of their clothes, white hair dye had gotten on the walls, Bokuto’s mom yelled at them for hours when she came home from work. __ had done a much better job, though, only managing to get a little bit of dye on his cheek by accident, which resulted him in whipping his dye filled hair back into hers.

- She’s the best at helping him get out of his slumps. The moment she sees that he’s upset, she goes into, not mom mode, but reassuring DJ Khaled mode. (If you don’t follow his SnapStory, I suggest you do.) 

How is The Bokuto Fucking Koutarou today? How is the fourth best ace in the country today? How is the captain of the strongest team in Tokyo doing today?” 

She says all of this while hopping around and doing weird movements with her body to get him to smile, and it works every time. Akaashi finds it to be amazing, that every time Bokuto gets dejected she has enough energy to the splits for him.

- They aren’t in the same class, but have a period of study hall together. They don’t study, evidently. The entire period they talk shit in their booming voices, and nobody even tries to stop it anymore. The teacher has given up on these two, the poor kids who just want to finish their calculus homework are too shy to even tell them “for the love of god, shut the fuck up!”

- Actual partners in crime. Everybody on campus knows them for being this unapologetic, boisterous, intimidating duo and people either love them, or hate them. They’re invited to a lot of parties, mostly because, A) Bokuto is the volleyball team’s captain, for god’s sake, and B) Everywhere those two go, they entertain. Usually, though, when it comes to socialization, they keep to themselves. Bokuto would much rather sit inside his bedroom and watch stupid American comedy films with her than go to some nobody’s frat party. People think that they decline invitations because they think that “they’re too cool” but truth be told, they both really dislike parties.

- They’ve definitely kissed once or twice, just to see how it would feel. They did that for a while before Bokuto purposefully burped in her mouth, which scared her away from his face forever, after that.

- She definitely gets along with Kuroo. How could she not? The three would hang out more, if Kuroo didn’t go to a different school. But, when Kuroo isn’t busy with practice or his college prep homework, Bokuto and __ practically speed to his house and drag him out with them. So far, the three have managed to get kicked out of the same mall twice, catch a pigeon downtown, make a toddler cry, and get shooed off by an old woman with a push broom. They’re just a bunch of rowdy teenagers who want to have fun, and it’s amazing.

- Bokuto cries for three weeks straight before graduation, thinking that, the moment they leave the building, he’ll never see her again. Turns out, __’s university is five minutes away from his, and same goes for Kuroo. He’s a bit upset that they don’t go to the same school, but he’s ecstatic that she still practically lives a block away from him.

- Supportive of each other’s romantic relationships. A lot of times, the person the other is dating gets jealous of the best friend, thinking that they really do have feelings for them. A lot of relationships have ended because of this, but neither really care? They put the other first before their romantic partners, if the relationship isn’t serious.

- In their third year of college, Bokuto, __ and Kuroo all rent an apartment downtown. It’s crazy, Kuroo insists he wants a dog, while Bokuto wants a budgie. __ has to remind everyone that they’re broke college kids who can’t even take care of themselves, “For god’s sake look at your bedroom, you two.” She’d say. “We’ll get an animal when you learn how to clean up your own piss off the floor.”

- They end up getting married after college because turns out they were in love all along

Short History Of Modern Dance Music

01. Jackson 5: Can you feel it? (Live in concert)
02. S'Express: Theme from S'Express
03. Bomb Da Bass: Beat Dis
04. C & C Music Factory: Everybody Dance Now
05. Todd Terry: Can You Party
06. Black Box: Ride On Time
07. New Order: Blue Monday (12" Version)
08. LFO: LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)
09. Snap!: Rhythm Is A Dancer
10. Armand Van Helden: The Funk Phenomena
11. Eric Prydz: Pjanoo
12. Groove Armada: Superstylin
13. Daft Punk: One More Time
14. Soulwax: Another Excuse
15. Run-DMC & Jason Nevins: It’s Like That
16. Depeche Mode: Enjoy The Silence
17. Kraftwerk: The Robots
18. Snap!: The Power
19. Moby: Bodyrock
20. The Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin’ Beats
21. Fatboy Slim: Right: Here, Right Now
22. Justice & Simian: We Are Your Friends (Edison Remix)
23. Fedde le Grand: Put Your Hands Up for Detroit
24. Mylo: Drop The Pressure
25. Mr. Oizo: Flat Beat
26. Tiga: Hot In Herre
27. Tiga & Zyntherius: Sunglasses At Night
28. Zombie Nation: Kernkraft 400
29. Benny Benassi: Satisfaction
30. Swedish House Mafia: One
31. Steve Angello, Laidback Luke & Robin S: Show Me Love
32. Avicii: Levels (Skrillex Remix)
33. The Prodigy: No Good
34. Danny Byrd: Sweet Harmony (featuring Liquid)

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