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Seems right that we follow a Major Lazer cover with a brand new track by the man himself. His latest track Powerful with the vocal talents of Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley is quite limited compared to the other songs Major Lazer has produced as of late but it doesn’t stop it from being a very electrifying and powerful track. As close to a ballad as you’ll get from Major Lazer its a brilliant track and his album Peace Is The Mission will be out June 1st - Jakk

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Task: Continue Wearing Pants

Title: Task: Continue Wearing Pants
Rating: G
Summary: DJ has a new video game AND a new real-life game.
Fandom: Avengers / Act Of Creation / Avengers Academy
Notes: Inspired by an ask I received about the most adorable child in the world, as well as a conversation (quoted at the end of the fic) about how much we’d like to see DJ in the Avengers Academy game. @scifigrl47 graciously gave me permission to share the fic; DJ belongs to her. 


“Tap,” DJ said, and Tony, seated at one of the holotables in the workshop, looked down at him.

“Tap?” he asked.

DJ patted his forehead. “Tap,” he repeated.

“You are a trickster, I’m not falling for it,” Tony declared.

DJ swung forward, leaning on Tony’s knee, and looked up at him beseechingly. “Taaaaaap,” he groaned.

Tony, very hesitantly, stretched out a single finger and poked DJ gently in the forehead.

DJ shot upright as if he’d been shocked, then assumed what Tony could only consider a pose. Feet planted firmly, hands on hips, chin lifted in a very typically Stark defiance.

He looked at Tony expectantly. Tony gazed back, mystified.

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I have no excuses, the only thing I have to say for myself is that I’ve been to too many weddings in the last month. This is an AU because this may or  may not be part of a later project.

The satin of his lapels is cool in her grip as her new rings bite into her finger; his forehead is warm against hers after they break from yet another kiss their guests have insisted on. She grins, revelling in the warm puffs of air against her cheek that tell her he’s just as wrecked as she. It’s been hours of this: glasses clinking, affectionately rolled eyes, kisses that have grown from chaste to desperate as the hour grows later. She keeps glancing at the clock like she’s some kind of anti-Cinderella – as much as she loves their family and friends, she wants out of this damn dress and to ravish her husband.

He kisses her again briefly, the intensity reassuring her they’re thinking the same thing: Mine. Finally, all mine.

“David’s right over there,” Emma warns as she reluctantly lets him go. The DJ is calling all the single men to get ready for the garter toss.

Killian kisses her forehead, his grin sinful. “I know.”

The direction the chair is facing should have tipped her off earlier.

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