dj mako

Book One Korra shipping culture was such a wreck. Nobody was on board for makorra. The creators openly mocked fans of other ships on their personal tumblrs (and then tried to take credit for korrasami later lmao) and then threw a tantrum and deleted their blogs when the fandom got upset for being labeled “crazy fangirls” who didn’t understand teen love… Meanwhile off in the corner the Tahnorra shippers were literally popping bottles over our trash pairing every damn night in a tinychat that would frequently get up to 50 people in it at once with some dude named DJ Mako in charge of the music we played. Some nights it would descend into just playing Love Shack on loop until 3am but we had no fucks left to give and Bill Rinaldi himself even came in to chill with us once. Somebody made a techno remix of Tahno saying “I could give you some private lessons”. 2012 LoK fandom was wild af