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Read the story this pic is based upon over on FIMfiction here:…

Commissioned pic by the truly wonderful AndrewRogue, this one went though a great many iterations before we git the sweet spot, it’s easily the most complex and exhilarating piece I’ve been commissioned for.

Equestria contains very few man-made (well pony-made to be technical) structures, so the laws of perspective aren’t usually necessary when drawing backgrounds. You’ll notice backgrounds in the show are curvy, free-form and fantastical so things like vanishing points aren’t used. This naturally left me woefully unprepared for this piece, so I had to study a lot of basics of perspective, and this was the result. Check out the rough versions for a look at the construction lines necessary for a shot like this to work!

Somehow completely forgot about that!

Hey guys! So, those of you that like to watch Dota 2 will know that the big annual tournament, The International, is this week. A few of my friends are flying in, and we’re going to be spending all week at that. In short, no comics this week! Yaaaaaaay-sorry. When I realized which page was going to be a one week cliffhanger, I knew it was gonna be a jerk thing to do, but this is the situation. Comics will resume next Tuesday. If any of you guys happen to be watching or attending, let me know! I will be waving around stupid signs behind the casters whenever possible.

Thanks for your patience, and have an excellent day.

She tore into me for an hour…

Hey there, everyone,

This is actually coming at an opportune time. I had been planning to go on a short break, about two weeks, after the lyra arc was concluded. This week, my arm and wrist started hurting quite a bit, so the break is now needed as much as desired. Don’t worry, I will be back soon enough.

In the meantime, there will be two mailbag sessions! The first will be over the break, during which you can ask me (the mod) questions directly, and I will answer them. There’s no particular schedule to them, but I know some people have wanted to get in touch with me more. The second mailbag will be when comics resume in two weeks, and will be asks for the students and faculty.

I do want to take this time to make a point about the asks. Since this blog has become much more narrative, not every question has the opportunity to be answered. Some will be, and I am holding on to them for the opportune moment. Regardless of the case, I am always happy to see your asks and messages, and look forward to that little notification on my inbox.

So please, send those mod mails and those asks. I’ll have something else for you over the break, and an announcement around when we resume. Thank you, as always, for enjoying the Academy and contributing to its success.


Epilogue 1: Seriously, you’re better off not knowing.

As the questions indicate, a lot of you were concerned with Vinyl’s well being. I knew I would have to answer that one, but I wanted to focus in on our lovebirds and finish their story before wrapping this up.

See you tomorrow for the new episode.


RADIO FREE SATAN:  Dark Whispers - Episode 17 - A Farewell to the Sanitarium (Video)

This week, DJ Lyra says farewell to the longest running goth, EBM, and industrial program on RFS. JNothing picked all the tracks for this week’s show (except one) and DJ Lyra agreed to DJ them as a final send off. This week’s show includes Noisuf-X, Centhron Suicide Commando, Combichrist, Miss Construction, Grendel, Covenant, and many more!