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D.J. Cotrona as Sean Mathers in Windfall

“I just want to show up with the other lottery winners. You know, stop living my life in the shadows.” 


TORDFC Team mode engaged - guys, tickets are running EXTREMELY low for next year’s Dimension Jump convention. Demand has been through the roof and we’ve almost sold out in just TWO DAYS. This is just…insane.

If you have ANY inclination about going, I would book NOW to avoid disappointment. Please spread the word in the fandom. Thanks peeps. ❤️

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Loved the new guys like you chapter!! Your writing is amazing!! Are you still doing prompts? If so, I wish you'd write a fic with jealous!mike where they're at a party/club etc with the team and mike gets possessive

(thanks! that’s nice of you to say! so, here’s a little snippet from after the end of guys like you)

this goes behind the cut ‘cause it’s more than a little smutty. 

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I present to you, the ultimate Bechloe fic rec list.

this list consists of the best bechloe fics i’ve read, dating back to when i first discovered the ship (january 2013). fics that take place during/after pp2 will probably be towards the bottom, since i’m adding these in the order i have them bookmarked on my laptop. there probably also won’t be a whole ton of them, since i’m still working on reading a bunch of the new ones.

PLEASE NOTE: most of these have a set plot or premise. i didn’t add any of the “smut without plot” fics i’ve read. if you’re looking for one of those, feel free to ask; i can recommend a few.

fics with a * after the title are oneshots!

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