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This whole YOI Dj thing has made you really rude and mean towards people who have DARED to utter i without first apologising a million times, or bow to you, it made them sad, or it was upsetting. So I'd suggest you chill the fuck out and instead of going for their throats, snapping at them like "Its your fault you read it" "then you shouldn't have read it, you'll live", just accept that its their opinion. They are not being aggressive, YOU are. You are being a complete asshole.

I’m not the one calling people assholes… just saying.

And I don’t snap at anyone. 
It’s their opinion and I do accept that, but they have to accept me stating my opinion too, if they comment on MY posts.
You’re probably one of the people I told on my facebook “It’s just a dj. You’ll live.”, that’s probably why you’re so pissed.
You’re snapping at me rn and you’re a bit aggressive. I think the one who needs to calm down here isn’t me. ;)

The point I get pissed is reached when people attack artists for their art. 
That artist was attacked and threatened by those people I addressed. And yes, I think they acted incredibly stupid. Kubo asked her fans before only to tag her in official stuff. Fans ignoring that and sending links of that Dj to her was super rude and it could’ve harmed that artist and our whole community. And Kubo.  

In my posts I did NOT address the people who are just whining about how horrible it was. Everyone can whine about it. I whine about that Orc Bride one shot too. It was horrible and I hate it but I chose to read it and I will live.

And yes, I think it’s our own fault for reading it! (I READ IT TOO AND I DIDN’T LIKE IT AND IT MADE ME SAD TOO, BUT I’M NOT BEING A DRAMA QUEEN ABOUT IT) And everyone who read it will survive, it’s just drawings ffs. 
There were tags AND a big fat warning on the second page. If you chose to ignore them, you gotta deal with the consequences. It’s as easy as that. 
You can’t read something by choice and then blame others! That’s not how it works and people did that! They went berserk and on that poor girl and sorry, that’s when I get really pissed because she’s a really nice girl. 

You caninsult me, you can hate me now, I really don’t care. 
I don’t need to be loved by everyone and I don’t need anyone to bow before me or agree with everything I say. I have great discussions with people about things we have different opinions on and those are working in a constructive way without insults. You should try that. 


Uhhh I was tagged by @theimportance-ofbeing-idle so I’m gonna answer these questions now bc Tumblr is actually working again

Rules: Tag 10 people you want to know better (tbh we’ll see)

Name: Erin

Nicknames: Barbara, Hoe Biden

Gender: Female

Star sign: Cancer

Height: 5′6″

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Favorite animals: Cat, dog, capybara, fennec fox, bat, possum, bunny bun bun, idk I just like em all

Hours of sleep: ~8

Current time: 12:22 PM

Dog or cat person: Yes

Blankets you sleep with: One, usually

Dream trip: Germany in general, really

When I made my blog: June of 2017

Followers: Not many

Why I made a Tumblr: I made this one specifically to talk to my frens :)

Reason for my URL: Eddie Crane is the most important character in the Cheers/Frasier universe and without him there would be no damn point

I’ll tag: @dj-bi-luigi2005, @eleventh-earl, @reluctant-martyrs, @the-astro-ace, @ure-gonna-loveme-when-u-seeme, @bingpot-peralta, @velvtstardust, @stupidstarjarrod, @axshadows, @queen-of-cool iiiiiiiif you want, don’t feel obligated bc I know this is a really common tag thing

Yeah, I’m tapping out of the last week of this terrible event. I’ve no interest in this week’s character and he doesn’t even look good.

I’ll get DJ Vision’s costume and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get another 16 brains because I’ve been stuck at 2 for the last week and a half.

Foo Fighters announce a 20th anniversary July 4th show in D.C., featuring Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr, Heart, Joan Jett, LL Cool J, Trouble Funk, and Trombone Shorty.


140626 Super Junior′s Shindong to Leave Radio Program to Prepare for Album Release and Army Service

After six long years, Super Junior′s Shindong will be leaving his DJ position on MBC Radio FM′s Shim Shim Ta Pa.

On July 6, Shindong will depart from the DJ microphone for Shim Shim Ta Pa after guarding the spot every night from midnight to 2AM, leaving much sadness for his listeners.

Shindong began his radio DJ job in April of 2008 and have stayed faithful to the program despite busy schedules in and out of the country. He held the position for six years and three months, becoming a long-term idol DJ.

With his upcoming military enlistment and Super Junior album release, Shindong decided to leave the program in early July after discussions with the staff.

With his witty and clever comments, Shindong captured the attention of many listeners at night, and even won the Excellence for Radio Award at the 2009 MBC Drama Awards and the Top Excellence for Radio Award at the 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards.

“I was happy to be able to connect and relate with many listeners as a DJ. I′ll continue to do well for what′s left, and if opportunities allow, I would like to greet everyone as a DJ again,” said Shindong.

S: SM Entertainment &