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Rihanna is up for 3 awards for the 2017 MTV VMAs! The Song of the Summer, “Wild Thoughts”, snagged 3 nominations: Best Art Direction, Best Collaboration, and one of the biggest awards of the night, Video of the Year! Best Collaboration & Video of the Year are fan voting categories, so be sure to vote to see Rihanna take home those awards!

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The VMAs air Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017 at 8/7c on MTV.

These dancers are simply stunning in their movement

“All I Ask” by Adele (John Saga Cover) | Choreography by Will B. Bell

ft. Dancers: DJ Smart & Zola Williams | Link to to the full video


kate for him, for me at least, always represented his moral compass. he was always looking out for her a little bit more than anybody else. —  dj cotrona // quote

Doujinshi haul from Japan’s Toranoana and K-books!!

I was so afraid some of them would go OOS by the time I reached there but luckily I managed to get most of them! (There was one that I really wanted but was OOS when I got there T_T)

The top row are all ichikara/karaichi, with one karaoso
The rest are all osoichi

Also I came across Daematsu’s doujin and I could not not buy it?? Such beautiful art ;v;

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hartwin sentence prompt! "I swore that fit last month"

“I swore that fit last month.”

Daisy shrugged out of the jacket whose sleeves barely reached her wrists. “Maybe,” she says primly, “but I’m growing. Harry says I’ll be as tall as you soon.”

Eggsy presses a hand over his heart with an exaggerated pout. “Now that ain’t fair; who said you was allowed to grow up on us?”

Hey Friends…. Here my draw of the day for you :
🎬🎮…….. Gronkh & Sarazar ……..🎮🎬
Beide bekannt zb durch YouTube Let’s Player sowie viele viele andere Projekte wie Synchronsprecher /DJ usw….
Gronkh (links) und Sarazar (rechts) Gezeichnet mit Colorpencils & Fineliner on 190g/q2 Sketchpadpaper, Size 30*42cm ©ByTattooteddy ……………………………………………..
…………… .🔸🔶 🔶🔸………………….. ——————
@gronkh @sarazar

Customers listened to latest record release inside soundproof listening booths, HMV 363 Oxford Street store, London 1955 (LIFE magazine)

Anime and Music / Soundtrack:

Oldies but Goodies:

Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub

Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz Hop

Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Disco

Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin, Flamenco, Fusion, Folk

Post Punk, New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Ska Punk

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Hi there, lovely artist! You probably get this alot, but thank you for taking the time to draw and post all these wonderful Transformers fanart. You've really inspired me to try my hand at doing the same, and also made me into a bigger fangirl than I am now xD. But anyways, my question for you: For the comic aspect of this TF universe, which comic book series should one start reading first? In what order after that one, as well?

Hello there, Lovely Anon! Thank you so much, I am so glad you like my work! ;w; I’m very excited to hear I could inspire you, that really means a lot to me! Thank you!

For the comics, I suggest you start reading MTMTE (More than meets the eye)! Volume one starts off with Death of Optimus Prime, a one-shot that is the starting point for both MTMTE and RID (Robots in Disguise, the series that keeps changing its title :’D). It’s where I began reading too and it worked well for me!

Then I suggest you read through MTMTE and parallel to that read RID, the two stories take place simultaneously and sometimes get together for events so it’s good to have read both of them! And after that, it’s honestly like it is with most other comics: If something interests you, check it out! If something isn’t for you, drop it! So in short: I’d say start with MTMTE!

Edit: I’ve been sent this link where you can find every IDW issue in chronological order! Thank you very much for the link, @dj-the-autobot !

I hope this answers your question!


Just listen to all of it. It’s worth the time.