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Put the Needle on the Record

A/N: Happy Birthday kat2609! This is a gift worked on by both Amy and KG (me and poor-dumb-killian on Tumblr), complete with a bashful Killian and stacks and stacks of music (who could ask for anything more, right?!)

Summary: After being convinced to join the University’s radio station, a bold Emma asks a bashful Killian to mentor her to be an on-air DJ.

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Ruby had convinced her that having their own radio show on the campus station would be a blast. So now Emma found herself sitting in a lecture hall among several underclassmen who dreamed of careers in radio. Emma had signed the sheet up front when she’d first come in, filled in her name and email address. There were a decent amount of students interested, and she’d lined up behind the flannel clad, Chuck Taylor wearing hipsters.

Ruby, of course, was late. Emma had climbed the stairs to find a spot near the back. She scanned the front of the room, noting a couple of students who appeared to be trying to figure out who would run this ‘meeting.’ A tall severe looking girl looked to be in charge, and she stepped up to the middle of the dais just as Ruby traipsed into the room and signed her name to the sheet. She glanced up, located Emma and slid into the seat next to her. A few more stragglers entered the lecture hall and were forced to sit down front beneath the haughty glare of the girl who looked to be taking charge.

“Thank you all for showing interest in training at the station. I’m Regina, the General Manager.” she stepped up to the first row of students and handed out a pile of flyers.

“Take a copy of how to go about becoming a trainee. You’ll have to do a certain number of hours shadowing an on-air dj, and then take your FCC license test.”

Emma glanced over at Ruby. How was this going to be a fun thing? She didn’t realize there’d be a test involved. The door to the room cracked open and a late arrival crept into the room. Dark messy hair, black t-shirt, he made his way to one of the seats on the dais behind Regina. She turned and glared at him. He shrugged his shoulders and stretched his legs out in front of him, crossed his ankles and raised an eyebrow at her to continue.

Ruby elbowed Emma, and whispered, “Hot guy alert.”

Regina glared over her shoulder and turned back to introduce the late comer. “This is our Music Director, Killian Jones.” He nodded at the room and went back to looking like he’d rather be anywhere else but in front of a room full of people.

Regina pointed back at a couple of other radio station volunteers seated behind her. “August Booth is Chief engineer, and Mary Margaret Blanchard is Chief Announcer.” The two gave a half-hearted wave at the gathered group of interested students. Regina went on to explain what the different officers responsibilities were at the station.

Emma couldn’t take her eyes off of Killian Jones. He fidgeted in his chair and kept glancing at his phone. Emma’s attention focused on the information sheet that had finally made it’s way up to the back of the room, and she handed Ruby her own copy. It detailed the schedule of the on-air djs and spelled out how the new recruits would be need to seek out a mentor in the coming week.

“Ruby, this better be worth it.”

“Well, we can always blow it off if we get stuck with lame mentors.”

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