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Am I the only one that noticed after 4H had that contract adjustment how much better things got from a creative standpoint? They announced a tour in Asia (a place Lauren said she wanted to tour), the hot to start writing, Normani was able to be on DWTS, all the girls became even more active online especially with each other, they were called "epic record's own" and had DJ Khald as their hype man, they got well known producers and personal trainers. I feel like they're in control. (Pt. 1)

+ In my head that’s a huge upgrade. LA Reid is a snake, but he’s a snake who knows how to promote. Camila leaving is the best promo and it was all free. The only thing is that LAND got lawyers involved and a new contract so they have control of their image and name. Meaning, if he wants that girl group money he has to do it on their terms because if they leave now they keep the name and can easily change companies. They scammed the scammer. Our girls did that. (Pt. 2, the end lol)

thinking about all of this makes me so proud woo