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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love freestylin in Brazil…

Nicole's "maybe Hot Rod and Popstar are the same movie" conspiracy theory
  • In both movies, Andy Samberg plays a slightly delusional character (Rod and Conner) who thinks he’s a bit cooler than he really is, and when he starts to see that people thinks he’s a joke, gets very upset and has a bit of a downward spiral (Rod’s throwing the projector out the window, as well as his attempt to be normal; Conner’s increasing paranoia, firing Harry, arguing with Owen, losing Maximus, drinking alone in his mom’s house for like 3 weeks) before making apologies, and then a sick comeback (Conner’s reunion with the Style Boyz at the Poppies; Rod’s jump) As well, both Rod and Conner have dead fathers
  • Jorma Taccone’s characters (Kevin and Owen) are the sweet, soft, cuddly character that is loyal and doing his best and deserves the world for being so precious and must be protected. As well, both serve almost as sidekicks; faithful supporters to Andy’s characters. (and Owen is basically the Boyz’ little brother, while Kevin actually is Rod’s younger brother, so… yeah)
  • In both movies, Andy’s character has a fight with Jorm’s, and has to go and apologize, both times finding him in the middle of a musical performance (Owen’s DJ gig; Kevin singing to his stuffed animals)
  • Bill Hader has glorious long hair in both. Boom.
  • Akiva Schaffer’s characters both provide drugs to another character, so also boom
In conclusion, Hot Rod and Popstar are basically the same movie, so do with that information what you will ✌

It was New Year’s Eve and the Enterprise was getting ready to party. You had been very reluctant to go to the big bash in the rec room, being very new to the crew and knowing hardly anyone, but figured out this would be as good a place to make some connections, maybe find a cute someone to flirt with. Plus, it was a chance to dress up, as the night would end with a masked ball.

You and your fellow engineer Bailey, the closest thing you had to a friend, got dressed in her quarters, gossiping away as you did your hair and make up.

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Jason bobbed his head up and down on Kevin's shaft. "D-don't st-stop." Kevin whimpered. "I don't plan on it." Jason mumbled as he placed kisses in between Kevin's thighs. Tired of blowing him Jason then resorted to give Kevin a good old fashion hand DJ. Within seconds Kevin was already having an out of body experience when he released onto Jason's hand and the storage room floor. Jason wiped what remained on his jersey. "Thanks, for cheering me up." Kevin sighed.

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