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You and Justin Babysit Asahd.

Topic:  You can write an imagine about me and Justin babysitting one of his friend’s kid. 

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“Alishba, Justin, are you sure you can watch him tonight?” Khaled asked, typing away on his phone, “More importantly, can you handle him? He can be a hand full at times, but he’s not that bad.”

“Yes, we can do it. We’ve been around Asahd most of his life.I’m sure we know what he wants half of the time.” Justin said laughing.

“You’re right. I just haven’t left him alone this long.” Khaled confessed.

“It’s going to be okay! Go have fun with Nicole, you’ve been working really hard lately. You deserve it.” You encouraged.

“Alright, alright. I’ll go. Just call me if anything happens, I mean it.” He said, giving you both a serious look before walking out of the door.

You both watched Ashad as he was crawling around on the floor and doing what babies do best. He was trying to pull himself up by holding onto the chair. You couldn’t keep thinking about how adorable he is.

“Justin, I think I’m ready for us to have a baby.” You said, breaking the silence. You looked over at Justin who was staring at the wall. He sat like that a minute before he finally looked at you.

“W-what?” He stuttered.

“I think I’m ready to have a baby.” You repeated. You bit the inside of your cheek. Did Justin think it was too soon?

Justin looked straight in front of him, then back at you. “Are you sure? Babies are a big responsibility. We’re busy a majority of the time. I don’t know..” He trailed off.

You were sure you were ready. You had been secretly thinking about this for a while now. You really wanted to start a family, and you wanted to start a family with Justin. Him and only him. You were ready to buy cute baby clothes. You were ready to start having the baby doctor appointments. You were just ready to get your little family formed.

“Yes, Justin, I’m sure, but is that okay with you?” You asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay with it. I’m ready.”

You smiled at him and started thinking about how great of a father Justin would be. He’d sing your baby to sleep, buy you, the baby, and himself matching t-shirts, he’d take your baby on many adventures, and he’d give your baby all the love and attention he or she deserves.

“When should we, like, you know, start trying?” Justin asked.

“I don’t know..”

“Maybe we can start now?” He winked.

“Oh, Justin. Not now. Maybe when we get home.” You giggled.

“Right, right. When we’re home.”

Shortly after that conversation, Asahd started crying. You figured that he was hungry so you went to get him a bottle of warm milk. After you got it ready you went back to the living room, picked him up, and tried to give it to him, but he kept pushing it away while screaming louder and louder.

You checked his diaper to make sure he hadn’t used the bathroom, but his diaper was empty and completely dry. You were puzzled. Maybe he just wanted to be rocked? You walked over to the recliner and held him close to you and began to rock him and sing a lullaby, but it just didn’t seem to work.

Justin walked up to you and gently grabbed Asahd. He took him into a different room and you could hear his cries progressively getting quieter by the second. What is he doing? You got up and slowly walked to the next room over, where you saw Justin rocking Asahd in a recliner. What was he doing different?

“What did you do?” You whispered.

“The lights were too bright for him, and he was burning up so I took his clothes off. He went to sleep so fast.” He replied with a laugh.

Justin got up and placed Asahd in his bed carefully, making sure not to wake him up. You turned on his baby monitor before tiptoeing out of his room.

You met with Justin on the couch. He was watching reruns of Supernatural. He looked at you briefly when you sat down before he wrapped his arm around you. You lied your head down on his shoulder before you slowly started to drift off.

You woke up when you heard the front door close. It was Kahlid and Nicole. You sat up and rubbed your eyes before doing a quick stretch.

“Woah, he sure did seem to tire you out, Alishba.“ Kahlid joked.

"Nah, it wasn’t him. I was running around all day and I didn’t get much sleep last night I guess it just caught up with me.”

Kahlid gave you and Justin a pat on the back and thanked you both for watching Asahd for the night. Justin assured him that it was no problem and that you both would be more than happy to do it again if he would allow you to.


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