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K.K. Slider’s four “Secret Songs”

Every Saturday night at 8 pm, K.K. Slider performs a live show at Club LOL, Dr.Shrunk’s comedy house. Unlike when he is DJ-ing, K.K. will take request when performing his intimate shows. You can request a particular song, or go with your general mood. 

K.K’s songs are available at TNT for a little more than 3000 bells each, but four songs are “secret” and are referred to as K.K.’s “less known work”. Villagers may inform you of their existence, so it’s a good idea to write down the titles. The four secret songs are K.K. Stroll, K.K. Island, Hypno K.K. and K.K. Birthday*.

*K.K. Birthday will be playing during any birthday party you attend in your town. You can only request that K.K. plays it for you during his live shows on the Saturday BEFORE your birthday. 

“K.K. Birthday is currently playing.” 

If you can appear on Club LOL today 31st December at 8pm. Do!

I was quite shocked when I enter today at 8pm at Club LOL. DJ K.K. plays a special new year song today! Is really cute and great I believe. I didn’t see this in any guide I found. Why? XD I really like the song. I will try to record it if I find the time and the silence I need. Maybe everybody knows. This is for the ones that don’t know. Check out the club today. He will play it immediately when you enter


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