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Okay, the cute small story about this photo is actually really funny. So my friend and I heard that Jay park, Loco, and DJ Pumpkin were coming to Cleveland for the Cavs game and since we live (relatively close) to Cleveland we wanted to hang out and try to run into them.

Now the first day we didn’t see them but we still had a fun time together at a fan fair and seeing a lot of over very very attractive Asians walking around.

A day passes and neither of us go out because we didn’t have time and we thought they had left. But the following day was THE DAY.

We were walking around and we happen to find the hotel they were staying at (don’t ask how it was weird) so we walked around for a few hours and then we sat down to rest. Then after waiting for a little I see a yellow beanie…. and I thought… Loco wears a yellow beanie….

My friend and I didn’t want know to do or want to say so we walked past them and sat “closer” to them. About 3 feet away from them really. They went back inside and we thought they were probably waiting for Jay. And this was a once in a life time chance so we waited for them to come back out. About 5 minutes later Jay and Loco come back out and went to a car that was beside us. Without even thinking I got up and said “Jay Park can I please have a hug” He was like of course! While hugging him I said “ I would ask for a picture but I know you probably wouldn’t want that ” and he said that a picture was no problem! His body guard tried to stop it but Jay said it was fine.

While my friend was getting hugged by Jay I called out for Loco before he got in the van. Now, I don’t know if he just didn’t hear me or didn’t understand me but his reaction was the sweet more purest thing ever and he gave me a hug also.

After the hugs and pictures my friend and I said bye and thank you and went on our way. Jay told us to have a good rest of our day and Trust me we did ;)

DJ pumpkin was already in the van and his head is poked out in the back xD

We saw Jay again the next day but we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to disturb him (and he was also with a girl)

1. Drake - Used To (Ft. Lil Wayne)
2. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money
3. Drake - No Tellin’
4. K Camp - Lil Bit
5. Troy Ave - All About The Money (Ft. Manolo Rose & Young Lito)
6. Drake - 10 Bands
7. Dej Loaf - We Be On It
8. Rich Homie Quan - Flex
9. Drake - Energy
10. Drake - 6 Man
11. Young Thug - Just Might Be
12. Future - Trap Niggas
13. Chris Brown x Tyga - Ayo
14. Chris Brown x Tyga - Bitches N Marijuana (Ft. School Boy Q)
15. Kid Ink - Be Real (Ft. Dej Loaf)
16. Chris Brown x Tyga - Nothin’ Like Me (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
17. Young Thug - Check
18. Lil Durk - Like Me (Ft. Jeremih)
19. Drake - Madona
20. Young Thug - Can’t Tell (Ft. T.I & Boosie Badazz)
21. Kanye West - All Day (Ft. Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney & Theophilus London)
22. Juicy J - For Everybody (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & R City)
23. Metro Thuggin - Free Gucci
24. TK - N - Cash - Mind Right
25. Future - March Madness
26. Post Malone - White Iverson
27. ILOVEMAKONNEN - Whip It (Ft. Migos & Rich The Kid)
28. Migos - One Time
29. Fetty Wap - My Way (Ft. Monty)
30. T - Wayne - Nasty Freestyle
31. Wiz Khalifa x Ty Dolla $ign - Post Up
32. Future - Rotation (Ft. Waka Flocka Flame)
33. Rotation/Never Gon’ Lose Interlude
34. Future - Never Gon’ Lose
35. Chief Keef - Faneto (Remix) (Ft. Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, King Louie & Lil Durk)
36. Future - Fuck Up Some Commas
37. Rae Remmurd - Throw Some Mo’ (Ft. Nicki Minaj & Young Thug)
38. DJ Louie - Trap Queen Mix (Ft. Fetty Wap, Fabolous, Yo Gotti, French Montana & Shy Glizzy)
39. Big Sean - Research (Ft. Ariana Grande)
40. Beenie Man - Hold HIm
41. Konshens - You Make Me
42. Gully Bop - Pussy Specialist
43. Alkaline - Nah Play Dat
44. Vybz Kartel - Man Straight
45. Vybz Kartel - Enchanting
46. Mavado - Ben Ova
47. Alkaline - How It Feel
48. Vybz Kartel - Happy Pum Pum
49. Kranium - Nobody Has To Know
50. Melissa Steel - Kisses For Breakfast (Ft. Popcaan)
51. Alkaline - Holiday Again
52. Vybz Kartel - Miami Vice Episode
53. Vybz Kartel - Mind Dutty
54. Gaza Slim - Boom Body
55. Stacious - Cute Bubble
56. Vanessa Bling - Tun Up Di Ting
57. Ishawna - Vroom Vroom
58. Vybz Kartel - Volcano
59. Checkaz - Way You Wine
60. Alkaline - Bedroom Fantasy
61. Vybz Kartel - Love So
62. Popcaan - Number One Freak
63. Vybz Kartel - A Bay
64. DJ Dave - Top Of The World (Ft. Mase & Brandy)
65. Popcaan - Junction
66. Popcaan - Way Up
67. Alkaline - Nice Suh
68. Chris Martin - Under The Influence
69. Chris Martin - We A Di Vibe
70. Beenie Man - Champagne Fountain
71. Popcaan - Baby
72. Chris Martin - I Can See
73. Dexta Daps - 7Eleven
74. Mavado - Blanket

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In which Saiki comes across a charismatic little girl that somehow reminded him of a certain someone he was escaping from on his way home from school just now.

But he was sure he had never seen nor encountered this strange girl before in his life, so he was really troubled and bothered by the fact that this pink-haired kid caught up to him, grabbed his sleeve, and chanted with the most ecstatic voice full of glee a little toddler could muster,


TO BE CONTINUED (nah jk just a teaser for that idea where Saiki meets his future daughter)

Time-Snoh Aalegra. Do not Disturb-Drake. You da one-Drewsthatdude. Gorgeous-Mansionz. Invitation-K Camp. Come Over-Aaliyah. Anything-Jaheim. Candy Paint-Kodak Black. Receipt-Lil Wayne. Relapse-Drewsthatdude. If You had my love-Jennifer Lopez. Teenage Fever-Drake. Don’t wanna be a player- Joe

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Post ROK scenario when Misaki and saru adopt kittens! And the kittens gets super attached to misaki, saru gets jealous over it🐱

I think I’ve read this doujinshi XD So Fushimi of course is not thrilled about the kittens, he’s got allergies and anyway he doesn’t like animals much and thinks they’ll be too much of a hassle. Maybe shortly after he and Yata move in together Yata finds like a box with like four kittens inside all tiny and abandoned and of course Yata can’t resist saving them and bringing them home despite Fushimi’s objections. The kittens are all skinny and a bit sickly, like maybe they’re even too young to be away from their mother and Yata’s all worried trying to see if he has enough extra cash to pay for a vet, Fushimi just sighs and tells Yata to come on, he called Scepter 4 to borrow a van and he’ll pay for the vet. The vet looks over the kittens and gives Yata and Fushimi strict instructions as to how to care for them, Yata’s determined to do this rather than giving them away because he’s already attached and has named half of them after Homra-related things, much to Fushimi’s annoyance (I know in that one doujinshi they named the cats after each other but imagine them naming the cats after members of their respective clans instead, like that sandy blond one keeps trying to play with everyone and being cheerful so its name is Totsuka and that red one is always sleeping so it’s Mikoto, this tiny black one is always gentle but then sometimes claws people so Fushimi starts calling it Akiyama and that other orange one is hyperactive and a little dim so it’s Doumyouji). Fushimi claims that Yata has to take care of the kittens all by himself but Yata catches him a few times awake in the middle of the night gently feeding the kittens with an eyedropper.

So soon the kittens have gotten old enough that they can fend for themselves a bit, Fushimi wants to get rid of at least some of them but Yata’s totally attached by now and even Fushimi’s cold black heart isn’t strong enough to stand up against four kittens and a sad Misaki. But soon Fushimi begins to notice that not only is Yata attached to the kittens but the kittens are really attached to him, always wanting his attention and cuddles and playing with. And because there’s four of them even when one kitten gets tired there’s always another one there, to the point Fushimi feels like he never sees Yata without a cat in his hands. I can imagine this being like a double jealousy on Fushimi’s part too, he’s annoyed that Yata’s paying more attention to the kittens than to him but he’s also secretly a little dejected that none of the kittens seem terribly attached to him (and imagine he tales this irritation to work, like Akiyama doesn’t understand why Fushimi-san snapped at him for ‘sleeping on Yata’s stomach all the time,’ like he’s never even really talked to Yata. Later Doumyouji is given extra paperwork while Fushimi complains about him licking Yata’s face).

Eventually I think Yata would notice that Fushimi’s in a worse mood than normal and would confront him about it, like they’ve promised to talk these things out from now on and he wants to know why Fushimi’s in such an awful mood and ignoring him all the time. Fushimi mutters that isn’t Yata the one who’s too busy, as one of the kittens wanders over demanding love. Yata’s all confused but at some point he manages to figure out that Fushimi’s jealous of the kittens and he just gets this fondly exasperated look as he says that if Fushimi wanted them to spend more time without the cats then just say so idiot. Fushimi clicks his tongue, not answering, and Yata leans over to hug him as he calls Fushimi an idiot, like do you really think I’d choose cats over you. Fushimi tries to act like he totally didn’t think that (even though he did) and mumbles that the cats hate him anyway. Yata points out that if Fushimi would stop ignoring them and keeping away from them the cats would love him. To prove his point Yata grabs one and sets it in Fushimi’s lap, Fushimi freezes and Yata leans against him as he encourages Fushimi to pet the cat. (And then Fushimi does and slowly warms up to the cats except now Yata’s the one getting a little jealous because of course the kittens are naturally drawn to Disney Princess Fushimi and suddenly Yata’s like wait why do they all like him more than me.)

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if everyone had instagram how would yata react to finding fushimis profile and seeing his pictures??

Would Fushimi even bother to use Instagram, I feel like he’d find taking pictures and posting them pointless and a bother. Especially if say he gets roped into it because a bunch of the other alphabet boys have one and they want Fushimi to join too so he can see their pictures and Fushimi’s just like Hidaka I don’t give a shit about what you ate for lunch leave me alone. But then he gets coaxed into getting an account anyway and though he doesn’t post often he does occasionally post. He rarely makes any comments to go with his pictures and no matter how often the rest of the alphabet squad tries to engage him in conversation about it or get him to follow their Instagram accounts Fushimi never so much as comments.

So then say post-ROK Fushimi and Yata are in a relationship and living together. One day Fushimi comes home from work and he’s clearly sick but he even so he immediately opens up his laptop and keeps trying to work more, Yata pretty much has to bodily pry him away from it and toss him in the bed so he can rest and recover. Fushimi clicks his tongue and complains but he’s feeling dizzy and weak so he can’t resist much, curling up on the bed and falling asleep with his clothes still on. Yata figures he should go finish dinner at least, he can wrap up Fushimi’s portion in case Fushimi’s feeling better when he wakes up and wants something to eat. As Yata’s returning to the kitchen he notices that Fushimi left his laptop on and Yata figures he may as well as least shut it down for now while Fushimi’s sleeping, even though Fushimi’s always telling Yata not to touch his laptop because Fushimi is convinced that Yata will destroy it somehow. Yata’s like okay I’m just gonna close it, there’s no way I could break it just doing that, but as he’s reaching for the laptop his eyes focus on the image on the screen. As it happens Fushimi wasn’t working when Yata pulled him away, he was finishing something else instead, and right there on Instagram is a picture of Yata himself, fast asleep with his hair a little tousled and his face peaceful, and a hand that’s unmistakeably Fushimi’s brushing gently against his cheek.

For a second Yata’s like what the fuck why is there a picture of me here and then he realizes that it’s Instagram and that the account has Fushimi’s name on it. The only caption on the picture is ‘Misaki’ and it looks like Fushimi only just uploaded it so Yata figures it must have been pretty recent. He’s kinda surprised to see Fushimi even has an Instagram and he can’t deny that he’s super curious about what other pictures are on there. Yata finds himself sitting down in front of the laptop and sorting through Fushimi’s gallery. The thing Yata starts to realize looking at Fushimi’s pictures is that there’s like a distinct progression the further back he goes, like Yata decides to scroll until he gets to the first picture in the gallery and then go forward from there and the very first picture is one taken from some months prior to S1, just a picture of an empty sky and for some reason Yata feels his throat getting tight looking at it. The early pictures are all like that, almost all pictures of scenery and they all look so wide and empty to Yata, like Fushimi just wanted to focus on something hollower than himself. Also mixed in with the sky pictures are occasional little flashes of someone that Yata can only recognize as himself, seen usually from a distance or in motion – a quick flash of red hair off to one side of the photo, a blurred figure skateboarding from across the street and barely seen. There’s also one picture of a darkened night sky and red lights hovering in the air and there’s a distinct air of melancholy about it that makes Yata’s stomach twist a little, remembering that night. The only caption for that photo is ‘he’s dead.’

Then Yata starts to get to the more recent stuff and suddenly he can see how color is slowly seeping into Fushimi’s dull world. There’s more pictures of the alphabet boys at first, Akiyama smiling and holding out a teacup, Gotou and Hidaka laughing in a corner, Benzai looking furtive as he reaches to pet Kuro the cat. And then suddenly there are all these pictures of Yata: Yata smiling to himself as he cooks dinner, Yata asleep on the couch, Yata with an angry posture as he plays a video game, just so many pictures of Yata looking happy and content and all Yata can imagine now is Fushimi sitting there on the couch behind him watching fascinated as Yata cooks dinner, Fushimi lying next to him on the couch and staring at his sleeping face, Fushimi smiling in amusement as Yata curses at another video game. Just all these little moments that Fushimi clearly wanted to capture and hold onto, and suddenly Yata finds himself wiping tears from his eyes and smiling like an idiot because it just makes him so happy, seeing how far Fushimi’s come and how far their relationship has progressed.