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K.K. Slider’s four “Secret Songs”

Every Saturday night at 8 pm, K.K. Slider performs a live show at Club LOL, Dr.Shrunk’s comedy house. Unlike when he is DJ-ing, K.K. will take request when performing his intimate shows. You can request a particular song, or go with your general mood. 

K.K’s songs are available at TNT for a little more than 3000 bells each, but four songs are “secret” and are referred to as K.K.’s “less known work”. Villagers may inform you of their existence, so it’s a good idea to write down the titles. The four secret songs are K.K. Stroll, K.K. Island, Hypno K.K. and K.K. Birthday*.

*K.K. Birthday will be playing during any birthday party you attend in your town. You can only request that K.K. plays it for you during his live shows on the Saturday BEFORE your birthday. 

“K.K. Birthday is currently playing.” 

I never noticed it before but it was brought to my attention recently that the Club LOL sign changes colors at night when lit and the different colors indicate different things. So I thought I would share this information with everyone else because knowledge is power! Here are what the different colors mean:

PINK - DJ K.K. will play 8-bit versions of his songs.

BLUE - DJ K.K. will play DJ remixes of his songs.

YELLOW - On Saturdays only - K.K. will play acoustic versions of his songs.

This means there are a total of 5 different versions of each of K.K.’s available songs -

• Aircheck (CD) Version

• Musicbox Version

• Acoustic “Unplugged” Version

• 8-Bit Version

• DJ Version

If you can appear on Club LOL today 31st December at 8pm. Do!

I was quite shocked when I enter today at 8pm at Club LOL. DJ K.K. plays a special new year song today! Is really cute and great I believe. I didn’t see this in any guide I found. Why? XD I really like the song. I will try to record it if I find the time and the silence I need. Maybe everybody knows. This is for the ones that don’t know. Check out the club today. He will play it immediately when you enter


So if you saw me at manifest last year you would have seen these stickers and since DJ K.K. looked good on a phone I made a phone case out of him as well. Now the stickers and phone case are available

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Tom Nook

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I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of Amiibo Visitor Items
AC Characters - Non-Amiibo


–White Brick Wall
–Yellow Flooring
–Cabana Armchair
–Cabana Bed
–Cabana Lamp
–Cabana Table
–Cat Tower
–Diays Tee
–Jester Shirt
–Makeup Case


–sea view
–ship deck
–blowfish sashimi
–fish on a board (barbell steed)
–fish on a board (red snapper)
–kitchen counter
–ringside table
–sushi tray
–sushi platter
–sushi container


–Music room wall
–Parquet floor
–Cardboard box
–Common bed
–Plastic canister
–Rolling closet
–Ventilation fan


–tropical vista
–sandy beach floor
–beach table
–life ring
–volleyball net
–wave breaker
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–party wall
–white wood floor
–alpine low table
–gift pile
–Santa coat
–snow globe
–tree stump chair
–yule log


–Shoji Screen
–Daimyo’s Tray
–Floor Seat
–Lucky Cat
–Paper Wall Lamp
–Zen Tea Set
–Zodiac Boar


–concrete wall
–paintball floor
–retro fridge
–rice balls
–roasted dino meat
–scattered papers
–sloppy sink
–sloppy table
–Wendells pianting


–Egg Wall
–Egg Floor
–Bunny Hood
–Egg Chair
–Egg Table
–Hot Plate
–Imperial Pot


–Jungle Wall
–Jungle Floor
–Autumn-Leaf Chair
–Leaf Bed
–Pile of Leaves
–Potted Ivy
–Spearow’s Nest
–Sprout Table
–Tree Standee


–Sea View
–Ship Deck
–Beach Chair
–Large Bookshelf
–Lily-Pad Table
–Pondering (Clam Shell Box)
–Sea globe
–Stack of Books
–Treasure Chest


–Pavé Wall
–Pavé floor
–Festivale accessory
–Festivale pants
–Festivale tank
–Festivale tank dress
–Pavé chest
–Pavé clock
–Pavé end table
–Pavé lamp
–Pavé sofa


–Tent Wall
–Tent Rug
–Aquarius Urn
–Cabin Low Table
–Genie’s Lamp, Loom
–Round Mini Cactus
–Tile Screen

AC Characters - Amiibo Exclusive Visitors


–Library Wall
–Gallery Floor
–Basic Teacher’s Desk
–File Cabinet (L)
–Heavy Tome
–Homework Set
–Museum Clock
–Museum Mat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stack of Books
–Wii U Console
–Zen Chair


–observatory floor
–Cancer table
–celeste ribbon
–gadget shelf
–new 3ds
–star globe
–star projector
–wii u


–Modern wall
–Herringbone floor
–Basic trash can
–Brown seat
–Console table
–Document stack
–HHA raincoat
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Stripe bed
–Wii U console


–Green wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Alpine bed
–Alpine low table
–Alpine panel
–Basket chair
–Isabelle scooter
–Natural lamp
–New 3DS - Isabelle
–PA system
–Town-hall winter top
–Wii U console


–Stone wall
–Terra-cotta floor
–Cardboard box
–Counter seat
–Counter table
–Glass screen
–Kicks mat
–Lunch pack
–New nintendo 3DS
–Pitcher plant
–Shoe boxes
–Shoe-polishing set
–Succulent plant
–Wii U console

K.K. Slider

–White brick wall
–Modern wood flooring
–Brown seat
–DJ K.K. booth
–Guitar case
–K.K. Cruisin’
–K.K. Jazz
–K.K. Song
–Metal-rim table
–New 3DS - K.K.
–Wii U console


–Polka-dot wall
–Pink wood floor
–Drafting table
–HHA women’s jacket
–Jacquard fleece
–Lottie’s bun
–Lovely love seat
–Makeup case
–Minimalist minitable
–New 3DS XL - HHD
–Pastel low table
–Perfume bottles
–Red warm-up suit
–Wii U console


–Ranch Floor
–Block Flooring
–Counter Table
–New 3DS - Mabel
–New 3DS - Sable
–Quilted Tapestry
–Ranch Bed
–Ranch Tea Table
–Sewing Kit
–Slipper Rack
–Wii U Console
–Yarn Basket

Wisp takes over the shop for the day :-) He’s not particularly capable…

–Parlor Wall
–Pink Wood Shelf
–Antique Shelf
–Hearty Breakfast
–Mermaid Chair
–Mermaid Vanity
–Natural Bench
–Natural Low Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Re-Tail Clock
–Re-Tail Mat
–Wii U Console


–Old Wallpaper
–Old Flooring
–Accordion Screen
–Bathroom Stall
–Box with Helmet
–Large Tea Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Overflowing Trash
–Half-Eaten Pizza
–Resetti Model
–Wall Fan
–Wall-Mounted TV
–Wii U Console


–Train Window Wall
–School-Hall Floor
–Boston Bag
–Hanging Strap
–Metal-Rim Table
–New Nintendo 3DS
–Rolling Suitcase
–Rover Suitcase
–Strapped Books
–Train Seat
–Wii U Console

Timmy & Tommy
(It’s actually pretty cute.. Wisp will take over their store (You can’t buy anything..) Timmy will be inside the van in his pyjamas.. And Tommy will sit outside c: )

–Plaster wall
–Monochrome floor
–Bunk bed
–Cart return
–Clerk’s shirt
–Money box
–New 3DS - T&T
–Retro sign
–Retro sink
–Shop mat
–Simple panel
–Wii U console
–Zen low table

Tom Nook

–office wall
–terra-cotta floor
–golf bag
–New Nintendo 3ds
–Nooks Homes Car
–Nooks Homes mat
–Racoon Wall clock
–sacks of money
–sales graph
–wii u console


–lunar horizon
–galaxy floor
–GameCube drawer
–NDS Lite bench
–Nintendo bench
–Nintendo DSi bench
–villager statue
–Wii Remote cabinet
–Wii U console

The Amiibo Cards only give you items, they do not visit your town!

Zelda Characters

Wolf Link (unlucked via Wolf Link, Link, or someone else? Amiibo)

–Hyrule Wall
–Zelda Floor
–Heart Container
–Hylian Shield
–Hyrulean Treasure
–Link Hat
–Link Outfit
–New Hero Wig
–New Hero’s Outfit
–Princess Zelda Dress
–Wolf Link Outfit
–Zelda Wig

Ganon (unlocked via Ganondorf Amiibo)

–Hyrule wall
–Zelda floor
–Ganon outfit
–Ganondorf outfit
–Ganondorf pants
–Ganondorf wig
–Hyrulean treasure
–Link hat
–Link outfit
–new hero wig
–new hero’s outfit

Splatoon Characters

Squidlings (All?)

–Ink Splattered Wall
–Ink Splattered Floor
–Black Anchor Tee
–Pilot Goggles
–Splatoon Spawn Point
–Splatoon Tower
–Squid Bumper
–Studio Headphones
–Super Sea Snail
–Takoroka Mesh

Updated! Just missing a handful of characters now :)

The signs as Animal Crossing characters

Aries: Resetti, Fauna, Rasher, Shari, Punchy, Biff, Axel

Taurus: Leonardo, Renee, Patty, Bonbon, T-Bone, Mint, Clyde, Cherry, Bunnie, Bertha

Gemini: Tom Nook, Timmy, Lyle, Deli, Marcie, Pudge, Roscoe, Peanut, Walker

Cancer: Kappn, Pascal, Curt, Bluebear, Deena, Samson, Yuka, Jeremiah

Leo: Lopez, Poppy, Lionel, Truffles, Benjamin, Cole

Virgo: DJ K.K, Lottie, Octavian, Bangle, Tutu, Gruff, Flo, Henry

Libra: Redd, Al, Kiki, Monique, Cobb, Goose, Clay

Scorpio: Saharah, Portia, Jambette, Snake, Amelia, Eugene, Panchetti

Sagittarius: Isabelle, Sable, Kyle, Sterling, Phil, Chief, Willow

Capricorn: Joan, Tortimer, Bob, Tiffany, Quillson, Opal, Bella, Diana, Roald

Aquarius: Harriet, Bill, Jitters, Winnie, Flurry, Annalisa

Pisces: Luna, Cheri, Sheldon, Puck, Midge, Cyrano, Molly