dj issac


Studying for Organic Chemistry and listening to Dubstep like a boss. 

“But to make things more plain and simple to the layman;
I find Isaac the dopest, flyest, OG Pimp, hustler, gangsta, player, hardcore motherfucker, living today
To be honest, I’m totally and completely on his dick, dick, dick…”

  • Bitches (Original Mix)
  • DJ Issac

Round, square, oval bitches
Rich, poor, slave bitches
Smart, dumb, crazy bitches
Prude, horny, dirty bitches
Fat, tall, skinny bitches
Bi, straight, gay bitches
Cool, nerdy, stuck up bitches
Ghetto, yuppy, valley bitches
High, low, middle bitches
Single, married, widowed bitches
Big, little, thin bitches
Young, old, midget bitches
Club, bar, DJ bitches
Singing, acting, real bitches, yeah
I love all bitches!