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Anyone knows when did this happen?

There are 4 possibilities on how this happened

1. She’s being hacked
The hacker can be anyone though. He/she might even be a Harmonizer who wanna spark drama

2. Dinah accidentally put that picture instead of the OT4 pict that’s currently on her header
She might wanna put the OT4 picture, but instead she accidentally hit Camila’s picture.

3. This is one of PR stunts
We all know how close Dinah is to Camila. Camila’s closest best friend in 5H is Dinah. And we all know the girls’ social media is not fully controlled by the girls themselves. There are 2 possibilities here: Dinah did it herself or the publicists did it. The goal is of course for Harmonizers to freak out and create such a big deal about this. The thing is.. I don’t know what for. What is up their sleeves for this actually? Doesn’t the “scenario” currently show that they are not on good terms?

4. Dinah intentionally did it to show that she supports Camila
The pict is from Camila’s photoshoot for Billboard. So it’s a recent and new picture. But this scenario seems unbelievable to me even if anything is possible right now and even if I lowkey hope this is the case. But, Dinah will be in trouble if this is the case cause the current “scenario” is that they are not on good terms.

For me, no. 2 is kind of impossible. Because when you wanna change your header, you will need to click “save changes” before your header is changed.

I don’t think Dinah is dumb enough to actually not notice it is Camila’s picture and not the designated picture she wants to choose.

Well, anything is possible right now. But, no 1, 3, and 4 are the possible ones. *shrugs* Let’s see whether this will be discussed by media or not.


“The thing that I love about Dinah Jane is definitely her carefree spirit, but it’s in the best way possible. She doesn’t let petty things, or things that don’t necessarily need to bother her, you know, bother her. She really sticks true to her morals and her values and her family and to what’s important to her.”


Dinah Lauren answering my question at soundcheck 8.11.16

Hi, my question is for Dinah and it’s if you were a superhero and you has a superpower based off your personality, what would it be and why? Also I think your tagline would be “Thick Thighs Save Lives”.