dj fury


Breezeblock – Camo & Krooked
Crucify Me Part 1 - Phetsta & Shock One
Work It - The Prototypes
Monsters (Nightwalker RMX) - GPK
Blind Cobblers Thumb (Tantrum Desire RMX) - Futurebound
Snake Style - Guv
Beat Goes - SLY & Pacso
Dogs On The Moon - Bad Company
Request - Plasta
The Verdict - Heist
Unqueer (Frederick Olufsen RMX) - Yenn
Screamer - Captain Panic!
Can’t Get Enough - Rawtee
Hold On (Crissy Cris Drumstep Mix) - Bill Posters
We Can Have It All (Kill Paris RMX) - Danny Byrd
Hustlebubble - Loonacy
Everyday (Netsky RMX) - Rusko
Scary Monsters & NIce Sprites (Dirtyphonics RMX) - Skrillex
Bass Monster (Calvertron RMX) - Reid Speed & FS
Gauntlet - Heist
Soundboy VIP - Hamilton
Hit The Ground - Loadstar
Timebomb (Tantrum Desire RMX) - Laidback Luke
Higher - Tantrum Desire
Red Raider VIP - Urban Assault
Fucking Dead - P Double
Sabotage - Futurebound & Metrik
Meteorites (Danny Byrd RMX) - London Elektricity
Blok-O-Theque - Blockhe4d
Pay Your Own Way - Tantrum Desire
Take That VIP - DC Breaks
JD’s Revenge - 2dB
The Weakness - Sub Zero & Jayden
Super Mega Death Ray - Figure
Where You Should Be (Shy FX RMX) - Skream

I got a copy of this at Escape and have been listening to it on repeat ever since<3

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His name is Pepper Splotch and he’s frikking adorable okay

How he talks:

“Ah- um- Puuh… Porridge! Nnnn… Nnnnn……. No,  mm no no. Pepper Splotch. I don’t know where I am.”

“Porridge… Like Goldilocks, um, I always wanted to try the porridge. I made porridge to DJ Pon3’s Feral Fury remix once.” He stared off in a daze for a moment, reaching up and rubbing his own cheek for a bit then slowly patting at it. “Ummmm. My name is Pepper. And a splotch on my hoof.”

“I um. You’re the little bear.” he blurted, then looked around and rubbed his cheek again. He stared again with his ears flicking. “Um. My dad shows me how um that is to tuck me in and see I don’t know where I am…”

“Wh- no I, nice bed and there’s an elephant um.”

“Mm therapy yes. No medicine, not until solid. Um. Resultsinosises…. Nh.”

“Don’t know yet. It was started gotting bad when I started middle school and there was mashed potatoes in my hair and went down the drain with a shower um…”

elementalsight  asked:

SO MANY HUGS FOR YOU! I have always wondered what, exactly, Fury told young DJ as his 'in case of alternate universe, tell alternate me this'. Did you ever figure that out yourself? Also... wouldn't the Pieros forget about DJ after he's left, or is the sheer IMPRINT of what went down enough to have the memory stick?

(your icon is adorable, that is an amazing sassy face, just wanted to say that)

Yes, I know what Fury told DJ.  He and Tony like to bitch at each other, but Nick secretly likes the mini-Stark, and every time he’s over, he slips DJ a new kind of candy.  DJ likes the candy, but he really likes Fury’s jacket, the long black leather one.

One time, Fury let him wear it and that was a very good day.  That was the best day, despite the fact he could barely move under it.

I think finding a strange boy in your backyard with your teenage daughter in the middle of the night is enough to BURN THAT BOY’S FACE INTO YOUR MEMORY FOREVER.  Having Tony Stark show up an hour later is just the icing on the cake of ‘if this isn’t a dream, we’re screwed.’

So I imagine the Pieros had moments of ‘who’s DJ?’ at the beginning, but nothing like what most people have to experience.