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Confession:  As curious as I am to know how a mage’s dreams differ from a non-mage’s, I’m suddenly more interested in whether or not Dreamers, who can reshape the Fade to their whims, can fly while in the Fade. I’ll admit that this thought only came to me because of Monster Factory’s “DJ Slime Time” video.

mod note: video here.  I frikkin cried watching this.- LC

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  1. Thunder - Imagine Dragons
  2. Slow Hands - Niall Horan
  3. Location - Khalid
  4. Fetish - Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane
  5. Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
  6. Good Life - G-Eazy & Kehlani
  7. Scared to Be Lonely - Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa
  8. Mama - Jonas Blue ft. William Singe
  9. I’m the One - DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne
  10. First Time - Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding

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2014 Year of the Nyongtory | Part I.

Commentary: I’ve been requested to recap Nyongtory in year 2014, and honestly; it has to be the most maddening request I had ever received, let alone the toughest to complete. However I decided I would. For the significance Nyongtory holds in my life and heart, and for the objective exploration I swore at all times. Therefore kindly be informed whatever follows is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory.

December 30th 2013. A picture of unknown source—to me, circulated among different social media platforms of Kwon Jiyong in route to the United States, as you can see below, sporting one of two infamous hats.

As Kwon Dami updated her own Instagram account with a picture of previous infamous hats, playing her caption with suggestive wording of how good Kwon Children/sons did following to Las Vegas. A lot of speculations implied Nyongtory stayed in the same hotel, and room.

It is to be noted that, by end of year 2013, Seungri fell off the radar of public eyes and been all over the globe to finally be exposed accidently to be in Las Vegas. Once it got out, he started showing on social network platforms, hence his updates in Bruno Mars concert. As 2013 had it’s own dark times before we saw the light.

A video posted by Lee seung ri (@seungriseyo) on Dec 30, 2013 at 6:54pm PST

By New Year’s Eve, it is revealed that Nyongtory indeed are spending these last hours together, for again it is updated through official accounts—G-Dragon actually did.

Only hours later, Jiyong rumored to have met Ms. Mizuhara Kiko as the photo below shows, only to be rebuffed and refused by shippers of Nyongtory among others as stated to not be clear. On the other hand, Ms. Mizuhara have been asked if she met Mr. G-Dragon in Vegas in a press conference gave a very sly laugh and dodged the question and no one were happy.

On said day, they return, Seungri accidently—fans/shippers insists, favorites a tweet about JiKo, said tweet supportive of their alleged relationship to un-favorite it sometime later. For rumor of them meeting still is fresh and knowing Seungri’s habits in which are obvious, he would search and comb for reactions.

Nyongtory flies back to South Korea, none of the previous rumors or perhaps happenings bothering them as both seen smiling genuinely before being caught by public eye.

Shortly they leave to Japan separately; Jiyong on earlier flight Seungri catching up with ToDae’s, for they had concerts to meet. It is to be noted too, Jiyong still sported that one hat, on flights between Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

A lot of Nyongtory interactions ensued on said tour.

During said times, Winner TV broadcasted featuring BIGBANG Seonbaes, and for the first time confirmed pet name Seungri used for his Leader: Oppa. Once pointed out then, it became such a habit of Seungri.

Marking mid-January, GDYB flies to Paris for fashion week, it is revealed recently Seungri had been tagging along same trip and yet due to health issues left the party and returned back home. However shippers did discuss the likelihood of Seungri actually being there, before, for one picture of GDYB in preparation, where far in the back his jaw was recognizable—for its the perfect side, of course entertaining such possibility did not find its way into the web however confirmed by later.

Around beginning of February, Jiyong’s dramatic works begun as well. First Gloomy Sunday tweet made an appearance.

As fans went insane with worry as it seemed he is depressed.  Every one around Jiyong kept quiet, as some anticipated Jiyong would eventually delete the tweet as tweets followed only showed exhaustion from work. He did not.

Seungri however days later tweeted How are you?  

Seungri deleted this tweet; it is no longer existent but on fan sites.

Oddly that around BIGBANG started doing Fan meets, first time seen in public after being somehow low key, Jiyong was playful in the airport with Daesung, as he ran to him like a kid but then Seungri, he showed up with a grim expression and then that smile we all know.

It seems they had a lover spat of some kind, showing mostly when they returned from Fukuoka. For some unknown reason for us as shown:

The matter seems to be different at given situation as how Youngbae and Daesung stuck around the leader as Maknae shown courtesy smiles for some time before the aura of awkward reached out. Still we didn’t know the truth behind these speculations. 

However the mood witnessed a lift up once they attended valentine’s fan meet in Hong Kong, pointedly Nyongtory made up—more like Jiyong cunningly made Seungri forgive him as he fed him chocolate, mind you Jiyong said he’d feed his lover chocolate mouth to mouth—that pervert.

A video posted by 페키 (@pe88ie) on Feb 15, 2014 at 6:40am PST

By the way Jiyong liked on Instagram before Hong Kong he is spending valentines without his love.(However I can’t find a solid screencap)

Yokohama fan meet, days later, the infamous Nyongtory moment happened also known as Seungri Koala move.

And all were happy again. However the fan taken picture remain the only evidence it happened, and aren’t we glad YG personnel has no access to our computers to delete the picture? Rumor has it YG fought the spread of any fan taken videos—which I find logical for it is illogical to assume none captured it on video with all these attendees. Seungri mentioned during his MC it is not something to be done during the day!

Let’s just say a lot of hugging and tough love happened during these fan meets. Wait also, we learned how to whisper to you band mate by Kwon Jiyong.

As fan meets started, they were happy times. An incident happened; Jiyong hung out with a Singaporean Actress while Seungri ran for flight to catch up with him for a fan meet.

Of course around this time of year, Jiyong had become such a party boy, it made a lot of his fans, and Nyongtory shippers wary and distrustful.

However Nyongtory was more than okay. Did I mention Jiyong said Seungri twerks better? Yep he did. Our feels wept. Seungri said Jiyong had a hot ass. Same night or following nights, Nyongtory and Youngbae attended Rolling Stones concert, Seungri lost his voice the next day, and cutely saying his voice is dead.

Jiyong updated his Instagram account with Picture of his Happiness. Seungri liked it. Day before he tweeted Have faith. The day before that he updated Live well. In Addition to naughty freaky stuff too.

April was such an easy month or so we thought, Seungri had his Drama, Jiyong had his travels and they did YG Family concerts together, I should tell you they violated each other—their butts had a lot of fun.

But then Jiyong un-followed everyone on his Instagram account and honestly all started panicking because in their eyes it were a sign of suicidal tendencies—I was so pissed off, they made him sound like he needed professional help believe it or not. Fans were shit crazy.

Moreover, Jiyong went for a controversial tattoo at the back of his arms, and it remains mysterious to this day—at least to me, what it is really about. Yet as always it had to be linked to Ms. Mizuhara Kiko.

Supposedly in April, Jiyong and Kiko broke up. Despite their relationship being unconfirmed to begin with. But it really stirred the doubts among Nyongtory shippers. What made it painful, Seungri asking Jiyong how had he been lately?

Oddly, Seungri only had been nothing but there for Jiyong. It felt weird. He waited for him at airports, mentioned him for no apparent reason to the media and asked stupid questions, yet we didn’t understand. Perhaps it is the rough patch Jiyong spoke about recently. Some referred his situation of actually being afraid to be “outed” Pphht.

Jiyong in this month updated his Instagram account with picture of Daisies. Seungri had his twitter account background with same Daisies—not sure who did it first. But they picked Daisies significantly.

May. BIGBANG attended a wedding, Seungri off the radar. Jiyong looked pretty, as always. Jiyong continued to be Twitter Kwon DJ, and they both tended to update their Instagram around each other. Jiyong been all over the globe too; LA, Paris, London and so.

June, BaeRi made Jiyong jealous, he judged them so hard, went back and tweeted MJ’s you’re not alone. Jiyong hung out with some Pandas in Chengdu and it was cute because he paid shit load of money to cuddle with one.

Also his likes using private account are either angsty or sexual. And Nyongtory continued to have their pseudo messages on Instagram; updating around each other. Seungri wore a T-shirt with Youth has not age, oddly Jiyong had updated his Instagram with same quote earlier in April.

Right let’s not forget in June Jiyong’s tattoo Exhale and Inhale made an appearance on his updates while in Busan. Seungri stayed with Jiyong in Busan and they went to the beach together; Seungri missed his flight purposely I’ve heard, what’s more shippers has thought he kept low key but Seungri at this point didn’t bother. We spotted Seungri in pictures and recognized him by his eyebrows—all hail Nyongtorians’ stalking powers.

Of course I cannot mention Nyongtory moments and I am really trying to bring out major happenings in the year 2014, but it is necessary to say we witnessed a lot of hand holding, face cupping, chest touching, etc.

Hanna, Seungri’s sister sung That XX at ANDHere out of all songs in July. It felt exhilarating to be honest. Around that time HoonHyun interactions appeared. Hoon as in FT Island’s Jonghoon; Seungri’s best friend. Also Seungri’s been on Kong Karoon IG Instagram quite a lot too.  Guess what continued to happen? Lovestagram. Jiyong posted a clip from Beyoncé’s Mine Ft. Drake around the time Seungri spent his time with his Thai friend.

July witnessed Jiyong being to Japan, Nyongtory shippers were pissed off—I know I was. Japan meant new rumors relating to Ms. Mizuhara.


Commentary: we have arrived to the end of Part I, I have to remind you again whatever you have read on this is not, nor I claim it to be a confirmed timeline of what we call Year of the Nyongtory. However I did my best to confirm all happenings.