dj dew

a few old and forgotten mass effect memes from The Old Days 

- omni gel jokes 

- DJ Harbinger  

- Mountain Dew Theory / is it really blue 

- tali’s sweat

- hypno thane

- “heavy risk but the prize” jokes (”getting mcdonalds, heavy risk but the fries”, “going to the bakery, heavy risk but the pies”)

- “dont show the turians district 9!!!!″ 


- “i never want a geth aboard my ship i’m spacing that shit if bioware tries to give us one as a companion”

- replacing shepard’s model to show every companion making That Face at miranda (garrus just straight up broke if you tried) 

- harbinger cat

Don’t worry I won’t be long,
eventually I’ll return to the time
when love felt normal, when love felt right
don’t you dare cry, it’s just the weather
rain always made me feel safe, calm almost
open windows breezing through my soul
pick those flowers and dry those eyes–

save my life with your most delicate smile

—  poetically yours,
forever and ever