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The boys teasing Joo Kyung (Ugly Duck ) after they knew that he going to be a father 👪: Kiseok - Do you imagine what you have to do during the first few weeks? Joo Kyung - No , but i will help my wife , it’s sure ! Jay - We all say that , you know when my daughter was born , i was so determinate ! Joo Kyung - Yah , i am me and you are you ! Jay - Pfff ! Kiseok - One day I tried to change the layer of my nephew, I was so stressed that I ended up putting the diaper upside down. Also, it was the same day when my wife came and said “Kiseok, I’m pregnant”. I was shocked ! (Burst laughing 😂)

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<< … What I do understand is that a man does what he does ‘cause he wants something for himself.

What do you want? >>

                                                                                                                     << I had her. I had her, and I lost her. >>

DJ laughed as his daughters pulled him hurriedly toward the playground. “Daddy look they have monkey bars and everything!” DJ chuckled and nodded. “Yea I see. You girls go play I’m gonna sit over on the bench, I’ll call you when it’s time to go” He told them, watching them take off before he could even finish his sentence. He set down his bright pink Disney princess backpack onto the ground and relaxed, watching his girls playing happily with the other children.