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‘Hazardous’ Headphones: Part 2

So some peeps wanted more of the thing I did from a prompt, so boom. Part1: Part3  

Chloe was startled. She had never been the direct target of Beca’s rage before. She wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. Even though she was small, Beca sure could be intimidating when she wanted to be.

Chloe felt trapped in her chair. She physically couldn’t get up with Beca being in front of her and their eyes were locked now. She knew she was in the wrong so she was surprisingly quick to back down. “Beca I’m sorry…” She said softly.

Beca took a step back still boiling with rage she swiftly slammed her fist into the wall, instantly regretting it as she could have sworn she felt something crack. It didn’t it was just painful. “Beca…” Chloe put her laptop aside and stood up. “I’ll call them and–”

“And what!? Say you want to take back your donation of ‘overly expensive headphones?” Beca glared at her as she held her fist to try and soothe the pain “You had no right!” Chloe averted her eyes “I know and I’m sorry, let me fix this-”

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So I had a thought

I think in music, I have a song for everything and anything, it’s also how I connect to characters. @thelastpilot said there was hardly any thing for our dear Nino (who is such a pure and good character I love him so much) so I made a small playlist that I fully intend on continuing that makes me think of the lovable DJ

1. Come Hang Out by AJR

2. Power by Kanye West

3. Three-Thirty by AJR

I also have ones for Mari, Adrien, and Chloe in the works

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B 22

Bechloe - ‘Enemies’

“Beca!” Beca turned on the spot and saw a pair of stunning blue eyes looking directly at her. She glanced down at the smile that joined them and found her own smile grow.

Chloe Beale, the absolute stunner of a Hollywood actress beamed at one of her oldest friends, immediately throwing her arms around the petite DJ’s body and pulled her into a tight hug. Beca let out a chuckle, patting the redhead on the back, “Hey Chlo”

They parted, though Chloe kept her hands on Beca’s upper-arms, squeezing them affectionately on and off as she spoke, “Oh my God I saw you were nominated but never imagined I’d actually get to see you!”

Beca was somewhat mesmerised by Chloe’s beauty. The woman had always been beautiful to Beca, but whoever the actress’s makeup artists were, they’d done an amazing job emphasising her beauty. Chloe’s hair stylists had swirled her long red hair into a loose bun, and she wore a stunning long bright blue dress that emphasised her perfect curves.

“It’s amazing who you bump into in the bathroom at the Academy Awards huh” Beca said with a shrug and Chloe let out a giggle.

“Well I’m glad that of all the people here tonight I bumped into you.”

Beca could tell by the way Chloe’s eyes were sparkling that the woman she’d known in college was still there, despite her seven years in the Hollywood limelight. Beca had had her own time in the limelight, her career as a music producer shooting her to fame a couple of years after graduating Barden.

Tonight she was nominated for an award for a song she’d written, produced and sung for the most recent Bond movie.
Tonight Chloe was nominated for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ and Beca could see why, her performance in 'The Silent Rose’ had been standout. The performance of her career so far. And Beca had to admit, the moment she found out that both she and Chloe had been nominated for awards, she hoped she would run into her.

Chloe’s hands had drifted from Beca’s arms down to her hands and she held them gently, “You know…I think about Aubrey’s retreat a lot.”

Beca furrowed her brow, “You do?”

“Uhuh,” the redhead said with a coy smile, “Our last night there…”

“OH! You mean back in college! When we went with The Bellas?” Beca suddenly realised what Chloe meant. It wasn’t that she thought about the retreat in general. More like she thought about the time they’d gone to the retreat.

On the final night The Bellas had got drunk. Chloe and Beca had found themselves alone (something Beca later found out had happened on purpose) and after a slurred chat the two friends had found themselves making out with one another. Heavily. Over the course of the next few weeks - their final weeks at Barden University - Beca and Chloe had found every excuse to be alone together, and there they’d made out some more. On their final night in the Bellas house before moving apart forever, they’d spent the night together in Chloe’s large bed, knowing it was likely the last opportunity they’d ever have to do it again.

Ten years on and the two ladies had shot into their respective limelight. Yet somehow it was still a secret to the general public and the mass media that 'DJ B-Mitch’ and 'Chloe Beale’ had gone to College together, had lived together, had competed in acapella competitions and (unbeknownst to ANYONE) had had a six week fling at the end of college.

Beca suddenly found her body leaning closer to Chloe’s. She remembered what the redhead had said to her in the card she’d left for Beca before she’d driven away from Barden forever. If they were ever meant to be, the universe would find a way of showing them. They’d find one another. And it’d be as though time had never passed.

Chloe’s lips hovered over Beca’s and the two women paused with smiles on their faces. It was as Chloe had once said. It was as though time had never passed.

Suddenly the door to the bathrooms opened and Beca threw herself away from Chloe. The last thing the redhead needed was yet another shitty story written about her in the press. They’d only just calmed down after suspecting Chloe was pregnant - acting as a surrogate to her PA!

The intruder stopped in their tracks and cleared their throat. “Oh” they said, a sly grin on their face.

Tracy Minotou. Chloe’s enemy. This was the woman who had single-handedly seduced Chloe’s ex-fiancé during a movie. Tracy had been the lead actress. Mark had been the lead actor. They’d had an affair off-set. Chloe had found out from a fan who had asked her a question about it at Comic Con. She’d somehow kept her cool, putting her acting hat on and answering politely when on the inside she’d been panicking.

Beca had read all about it though the tabloids of course. She’d heard bits and bobs from Fat Amy who’d heard it from Aubrey who had been witness to Chloe’s subsequent downward spiral because Aubrey had been and still was Chloe’s PA. So Beca glared at Tracy as she sauntered into the bathroom cubical. She hoped beyond all hope the woman didn’t win her award tonight. She didn’t deserve it.

Beca reached into her handbag and pulled out her phone, typing something out and showing Chloe. The redhead stifled a giggle then nodded. After a pause Beca typed something new out: “Are you seeing anyone?”

Chloe’s smile dropped slightly. She shook her head and Beca typed out another new message to show her: “Fancy seeing me? Breakfast tomorrow maybe?”

Chloe’s smile grew again, and she bit her bottom lip, then nodded gently. Beca grinned.

“Good luck tonight” Chloe said, and she gave Beca a very very light and quiet kiss on the lips so as not to smudge their makeup. She then gave her a wink and walked out of the bathroom.

Beca smiled, having returned the luck. She had every intention of finding Chloe at the awards after-show party. But first, she just needed to give this Tracy bitch a piece of her mind…

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Imagine Person B is a virgin, while Person A has had experience with past partners. One night, after a steamy make out session, A confesses that they want to have sex with B, but only with their permission. B timidly agrees. A gently yet passionately makes love to B, worshipping every inch of their body, stopping every so often to make sure B is still comfortable. The next morning, B confesses that it was the best night they’ve ever had, and couldn’t have asked for a better partner than A.

{Rated M}

Kissing Chloe Beale was like being colorblind and then suddenly seeing color for the first time, it was something that Beca would never be able to fully understand or be able to explain. 

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Bechloe prompt: Where Beca is lowkey hoarding an item [of your choice] and Chloe is stressed by it and yeah, tension!!

Gotta love me a prompt! :)

Here’s what I came up with.

‘Hazardous’ Headphones:

Beca Mitchell was becoming a problem within The Bella’s Dorm, to the point that having her around was almost hazardous. Okay, Chloe exaggerated the problem, there was no actual real danger. But of course, Chloe saw the worst in the situation and insisted that the girls could hurt themselves. And if they did that it’d be the end of everything that was right in the world because they’d be unable to perform for The Worlds.

Everywhere you looked there was Beats By Dre headphones. Beca didn’t see it as an issue, she was a collector, that’s all there was to it. But Chloe had reached her limit. So she prepared to address the ‘Hazardous Headphones issue’.

As Chloe walked into the living room carrying 3 different pairs of Beats, a type of murderous vibe filled the room. “Beca.” she said shaking her head at the brunette who was sitting on the sofa. Beca pulled her Beats down to her neck where they rested on top of another pair that she was already previously wearing. “What is it Chlo?” Chloe sighed as she held the Beats out in front of her “This is getting ridiculous. We’re struggling to pay the rent on the Dorm and here you are with a million different pairs of Beats” her annoyance was apparent in her voice.

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- that time in PP3 when Fat Amy tells Chloe about Beca’s Toner...

[The Bella’s are gathered in a group on the dance floor at the basecamp following their final performance of their USO tour. The lights are low and the music is pumping and they all dance and move and laugh and drink together. The only Bella missing is Beca, who had disappeared almost the moment they had arrived there. Chloe had tried to find her but had felt the responsibility to her Bella’s and the importance of their final night together before they flew back to their respective lives.]

[Fat Amy tugs Chloe aside, swaying slightly from the alcohol she’s consumed. Aubrey sees this from across the dance floor and begins to make her way through the crowd of troops and their family members.]

Fat Amy: Listen Red, there’s something you really need to know. Beca, she really likes you.

Chloe: Amy I know.

Fat Amy: No I don’t mean like a friend! I mean, Beca really likes you!

[Chloe has an amused smile on her face.]

Chloe: Amy I know!

Fat Amy: She really loves you.

[Aubrey arrives by Fat Amy’s side, furrowing her brow at the woman as she continues.]

Fat Amy: She has a huge toner for you. Like, huge!

[Fat Amy spreads her arms out wide in an attempt to provide a visual of how big Beca’s toner for Chloe is. Chloe is still smiling, as is Aubrey, though they both have furrowed brows, wondering how far Amy could take this.]

Fat Amy: Like, she’d give it to you in a heartbeat. She may be small but…

Aubrey: Okay Amy…

[Aubrey brings a hand up to Fat Amy’s shoulder to try to stop her but the Australian keeps talking and Chloe brings a hand to her forehead in embarrassment.]

Fat Amy: …she loves you so much you’d definitely not be leaving her bed dissatisfied. You know what I mean?

Aubrey: Sadly I think we all know what you mean!

Fat Amy: So you need to tell her how you feel, you know? Then you can put her out of her misery.

Aubrey: Alright Amy…

Fat Amy: Because she’s been so miserable this tour seeing you with Fabio-

Aubrey: Chicago.

Fat Amy: Exactly. She’s been a nightmare to be around. I hate seeing our little DJ heartbroken.

Chloe: You do realise none of this is my fault Amy. If she’d have just said something…

Fat Amy: Um Earth to Chloe! Beca Mitchell doesn’t talk about her feelings. She was hardly going to walk up to you and declare her love for you while you were going gaga for Chicane.

Aubrey: Close.

[Fat Amy turns to look at Aubrey wondering what she meant. Aubrey offers the man’s actual name.]

Aubrey: Chicago.

Fat Amy: Whatever. I’ve just had enough. Beca deserves to know how you feel about her.

[Chloe bites her bottom lip because she knows Fat Amy is right. But she’s technically still ‘dating’ Chicago. Chloe looks to Aubrey.]

Chloe: Aubrey?

Aubrey: I’m with Amy on this one. You need to tell Beca. Whatever happens after that is up to the two of you.

Chloe: Right. I’m going to have to find Chicago…

[Chloe takes a deep breath then a smile creeps onto her face]

Chloe: So Beca loves me huh?

[Aubrey and Fat Amy both groan, acting as though they’ve been through a long and awful experience, both speaking at the same time]

Fat Amy: She’s crazy for you! You’re literally all she talks about!

Aubrey: I’ve never seen anyone so infuriatingly discreet about how much they love someone! It’s been the worst!

[The two women freeze as they see Chicago approach from behind Chloe and wrap his arm around the redhead’s waist, placing a kiss on her cheek. Chloe smiles, but it’s forced. All three women feel awkward.]

Chicago: There you are. I was looking for you.

Chloe: Here I am!

Aubrey: Sooooo…we’re going to leave you two alone.

[Fat Amy furrows her brow, looking at Aubrey as though it’s a terrible idea, but upon seeing Aubrey’s facial expression immediately realises why she’s said it.]

Fat Amy: Right, yeah…um…shots?

Aubrey: Maybe not. But I could sure do with a drink!

Chicago: Great take my…

[But Aubrey and Fat Amy dash off before Chicago can finish his sentence.]

Chicago: …wallet.

[Chloe feels her heart racing. She’s never been the one to break up with someone. She’s always the one who others have broken up with, many men having struggled with her intensity which has slowly been worn down over the years. So she decides she’ll ride the rest of the night out, and hold off breaking up with him until the perfect occasion arises. She was due to leave for America tomorrow, so it probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to him. She was probably unlikely to find Beca tonight anyway, such was the amount of people on the base at the moment. Though a part of her had always suspected that if they were meant to be, she could find Beca in a heartbeat if she wished it hard enough.]


Beca Mitchell does not drop the ‘L’ bomb.

Not to her father, or her mother. Jeez, especially not to her step-monster. She doesn’t say it to her friends, not Amy, Stacie, or not even Jesse. 

Beca Mitchell does not use the word.

It’s in the little things, Chloe notices, that Beca shows her love. Like in the way she makes her mixes, shares them, or how the DJ always wears the redhead’s sweatshirt, yet returns it to the older woman’s closet anyway.

It’s in the little things Beca does that Chloe can see just how much love that little brunette can muster.

Chloe’s noticed for some time now that many of the little things the DJ does that show love are often pointed at the Bellas. Silently, without making a big deal out of any of it the small brunette sprinkles her love an affection on each and every one of them.

For Stacie, each time the leggy brunette came home with a guy trailing her, Beca made sure she had plenty necessities in the bathroom for before, during, and after her company.

For Amy there was always an Advil and water next to her nightstand after a wild night out, and that there was no early practice scheduled for the next morning so the hungover Aussie would be able to rest in peace.

Legacy fell asleep hunched over her books so many nights that it just sort of became habit for Beca to turn the lights off in her room, cover the youngest Bella with a blanket, and close the book she was asleep on with a bookmark in it.

It was things like those that Chloe knew just how much Beca loved her Bella family, and showed her affection in the smallest of ways.

Whenever Chloe asked the young DJ to brew a cup of tea, full well knowing that her favorite yellow cup was dirty in the sink, the DJ would wash the cup before brewing the beverage for her redheaded co-captain.

It was just little things.

“You washed my cup,” Chloe said as Beca handed her the cup and curled into the couch of the empty Bella house next to the redhead.

“I did,” Beca smiled, grabbing some blanket and covering the two of them.

“And you’re in my sweatshirt,” Chloe set her drink down on the end table, grabbing at the fabric with her fingers.

“That’s true,” Beca said, her eyes looking right into the redhead’s.

“You don’t let anyone hear your mixes until they’re done, except me,” Chloe mumbled a little quieter this time.

“Uh huh,” the DJ nodded.

“You’re sweet,” Chloe smiled.

“You’re a dork,” Beca said.

And it was another mannerism. Another Beca idiosyncrasy. An oddity, a peculiarity. It was how Beca talked. It was how she said that ‘L’ bomb.

“I love you too,” Chloe said, snuggling back into the DJ.

“I… you know I don’t say that,” Beca looked at the girl who was nuzzled into her side.

“I know. But it doesn’t mean you don’t mean that. You wear my hoodie. And wash my cup. You let me hear your mixes,” she paused and grabbed the DJ’s hands, “you don’t have to say it, Beca.”

“I want to,” Beca sat up, “I want to say it.”


“Chloe I… I don’t know how to put my feelings into words but I guess I’ll try?” Beca looked at their hands. “You’re my best friend and I… I have such a thing for you. Chloe I’ve been fighting this for long enough okay? I… crap. I love you.”

Chloe burst into laughter, reddening Beca’s cheeks.

“I love you too, Dork,” the redhead grabbed Beca’s cheeks and brought her in for a sweet kiss.

Reasons Bechloe is probs canon

I wrote this out a long time ago but like. Here you go:
Okay so, I need to write out all the reasons/proof that bechloe is real. Buckle up.
Behind the scenes:
Kay Cannon is the screenplay writer. CANON being the key part of her name.
In the second movie, she wrote a very specific thing for the tent scene. Which included “Chloe is close enough to kiss Beca  and Beca tries to move away but cant.” She also said that “I wrote this scene for the shippers, as kind of torture for them, they could kiss, or do something at this. And I’m writing the 3rd one now and so many fans are telling me to make it happen….”

First movie:
Chloe notices Beca in a crowd. To Chloe, Beca stands out among others.
Beca struggles to stay cool around her and Chloe says “help make our dreams a reality?” And has a sudden intake of breath looking at her.
Shower scene… duh. Beca takes a peek at Chloe, and Chloe says some flirty things. “I’m pretty confident about all this” And Beca says *“you should be.”*
At the auditions, Chloe looks bored out of her mind, until Beca shows up. Then Chloe is in instant hyper energetic horny mode.
At the initiation, Chloe winks at Beca.  At the Aca initiation party, Chloe is a little drunk, and gets really close to Beca’s face and stares at her lips a lot. Chloe is holding Beca hands in this, and if you watch closely, Beca hands are turned upwards to keep herself from falling but it looks… odd ;) ;) Chloe then declares she needs her jiggle juice, wiggles her bum at Beca -who was totally staring- and walks off.
At practice. Chloe helps Beca with the routine, very closely. After Chloe says she has nodes, she wants Beca to take her solo. In that scene they glance at each other a lot (EYE SEX OVERDIRVE) Fat Amy is wearing a shIrt with a heart on it, Which is very similar to the emoji heart for gay pride on facebook.
When they have to take the bus with the treble makers, Chloe looks at Beca with that smile and adoration of a thousand lovers.
After Beca goes back to her dorm and finds the group is there she says “you all waited up for me?” And Chloe leans forward and very lovingly says “of course we waited up for you.” (Kms)
When Beca walks to her dj equipment Chloe checks her out and then walks over and is very interested in what she’s doing.
Chloe is the only one on Beca’s side after she “ruins” the performance trying to help. (Or in every situation for that matter)
When the bellas find out that they made it to finals, Chloe texts Beca even though she’s not in the group.
In the deleted scenes with the confessions, Chloe is very shocked to hear about becas experience with her cousin when they were nine.
In the final performance Chloe looks at becas arse almost the WHOLE TIME.
Second movie:
Chloe and Beca are in charge and act very wife/mom to the group. Beca comforts Chloe when their group is canceled.
Chloe has her own room, Beca shares with fat amy. (Beca probs gossips with Fat Amy like they are best friends I love it // I have headbands about this, stay tuned)
Beca is scared to tell Chloe about her new job and when she shows up to the party, Chloe is excited and they dance together. Chloe smacks her but while she dances, Beca licks her face, and etc.
Fat Amy calls them Bloe when they fight. (I screamed in the theater when this happened)
Chloe hits on Beca and when she’s rejected Chloe starts singing “torn”
Beca and Chloe share a very loving look at the campfire while singing. (KILL ME AHHH I CRIED)
Chloe is wearing a shirt with a ship on it. (STILL CRYING)
Chloe looks at Beca the way she does a lot. (you know what I mean, heart eyes mofo)
When they all have umbrellas Beca goes to chloe and has her hand hovering over Chloe’s bum, afraid to touch?? Chloe holds her close to her.
Beca is sexually confused by DSM chick and Chloe gets jealous a lot.
Lastly, Jesse had like two scenes with Beca and they didn’t last long??
And the whole “I thought she was with you” thing like !!!
I will probably have more in the future especially with pp3 but enjoy~

I would give whatthefuckever to go to another Vortex Club party with the whole LiS cast just being happy and partying.