dj beetle


“See something you like?” Jenova inquired, a smile on her lips and one brow raised in subtle amusement, “You don’t just have to keep staring. I promise I don’t bite.”

The goddess had caught this person looking at her a few times as she sat at the bar. Finally she decided to say something, being in a pretty relaxed mood.

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"Why hello there~" beetle says grinning as he puts his hands on his pocket. - elite-four-dj-beetle

“Don’t worry, hun. I’m not that expensive.” The scantily clad brunette answered while sizing him up. Her bold yet melodic voice and tight waist suited the streets but the truth was he would be her first John.

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Beetle was looking around curious and began rubbing his chin a little. He didn't know what he would find here but he was curious to what he will find. "Ah hey." - elite-four-dj-beetle

Raphael smiles as he was already finished for the day as he wipes his hand. “What can i do for you?” he asks with a small smile