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Nino Appreciation Week: Family (Day 5)

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Nino sighed as he stared out into the night.

He just had to explain to his parents why his grades have been dropping and trying to explain that without telling them he was one of five superheroes of Paris had been-… Straining, to say the least. But luckily he didn’t have to explain that to his girlfriend, Alya, or his other friends.

He lowered his head, still trying to calm down, still trying not to be too upset. His parents couldn’t understand but they didn’t know that. He had to be lenient with them.

The reveal had helped a lot. Like this he and his friends could cover up each other if necessary. Chloé always had good excuses for them to use. And it had also been lucky that Alya and he had received their Miraculous at the same time so that they didn’t have fights about one leaving the other alone too often.

They had more than often mutually ditched a date, only to come back to find the other just as messed up and exhausted as themselves. And it had almost always ended in them agreeing to end the date without even entering the café but to cuddle up on one of their beds, whoever’s home was closer, to either exchange soft mumbling, loving kisses that held so much more than they both had told each other and mostly, falling asleep together.

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happy #DallonDay ! he is such a beautiful ball of sunshine ☀️