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Hottest member of each family?


Aargh… I got caught in the crossfire!
My sis @plasterthemagictongue and my friend @roadie-by-the-ocean tagged me IN THE SAME TIME, WITH THE SAME KIND OF TAG GAME POST and WITHOUT HAVING TALKED TO EACH OTHER ABOUT IT. Call it coincidence, huh?… However, they tagged me to show the six albums I’m listening to these days.

Let’s start saying that my list could’ve been a little longer than that, since I’m a music bulimic; nonetheless, it’s just a game after all, so, for shortness’ sake, I’ll remain on these “magnificent six”, which I alternately looped in my earphones during this week.
Herre them iz - from the most to the least recently listened one:

●SOULSHINE (Japanese Edition) - Dj Cam
●BLACK MESSIAH - D'Angelo And The Black Vanguard
●MALIBU - Anderson .Paak
●MAKE IT REAL - Jason Rebello

…Strictly unpopular, unappealing-to-most records that hardly got any single aired on radio - or, if they had, they surely didn’t get many days of airplay, or had a very few rounds in night time broadcasting.

Anyway, I deliberately DARE to recommend all six of them to you, brave readers who want to defy the conventions of nowadays music, looking for something different and, maybe because of this, exceptionally fresh and enjoyable.

Now I’m gonna tag people who surely have wonderful musical tastes. Their revelations about what they’re listening to now - assuming they wanna share their playlists with the world - may prove pretty useful for those who’d like to discover new sounds and new - or evergreen - artists. Shout outs to @nickrhodeslittledarling , @analusauceda , @james-nighthawk , @halloweengreetings , @somekindofool , @arcadequartermaster , @sndfrosteyneko , @artofparties , @steelydans , @urbanubiquity , @iseun1 , @doctorbutler , @noneedforthisbullshit, @adorevgal , @kaiserwilhelm and @fallimentiquotidiani .

I would give whatthefuckever to go to another Vortex Club party with the whole LiS cast just being happy and partying.

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what random pairings would you like to see do the do?

Well firstly, we don’t want to watch anyone do the do – that’s a little too high on the creeper scale, don’t you think? However…random pairings, you ask? It doesn’t get more random than this:


Stargate SG-1 → Full Circle

Daniel Jackson: Jack, Abydos is in trouble. Anubis is on his way, he’s after the Eye of Ra. I have that replica that Catherine gave me, it looks like this…


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