dj alves

That’s how my crazy triple-year went by

The hero of Berlin writes in SPORT BILD about the big final, his first season at FC Barcelona and his future goals.

As I woke up in the hotel in Berlin on sunday morning, I couldn’t get the smile off my face. Champions-League-winner, triple-winner - and that within my first year with Barca, that is absolutely unbelievable!

This evening and night will forever be in my memory - I will never forget it. I am not the type of guy who’s in the first row while celebrating and I don’t care, if I get the cup into my hands as first or last. But the feelings that came over me as I was allowed to hold the cup in the air really overwhelmed me.

In the rush of the victory I almost forgot my gloves at the podium. Fortunately I realized early enough. Now I will frame them and hang them up somewhere.

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