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Chapter 02

Chapter 02 At the End of Winter

Chapter 01 is HERE.

It’s been almost one month since I posted the first chapter here. It is really really enjoyable to draw shota!Miyuki… _(:qゝ∠)_ (I’m a hentai I knowX’D

The next chapter will probably take longer than this because I need to finish another short manga for a chinese anthology by end Feb, and apparently the next chapter will be a very long oneX’D I’ve been looking forward to drawing Miyuki gets bullied by senpais for a long long long time ๑乛◡乛 ๑

Translation thanks @incoherenttruth , despite being so busy recently she still helped me translate everything into English THANK YOU PERPS TT3TT

A big THANK YOU to everyone who like/reblog my posts and those who have sent me encouragement messages I really really appreciate it thank youuuu O3O