Came home from the Neurologist. I have to get infusions 2x/day for the next 3 days at the hospital, then get a magnetic resonance angiogram on Wednesday. Thamk you for your continued support. I just hope to get past this so I can live my life normally again. Postponed my Ear & Throat Doctor appt for the time-being to see how this form of treatment works for me. Will update again later this week. #vape #vaping #life #dizzyspells #mylife #perseverance #fightformylife #painmanagement #migraines #cronicillness #feline #cat #pet #pettherapy #nobeard (at Friendswood, Texas)

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jazzylikeswhatever  asked:

Can you do 2P! Canada finding out his s/o is pregnant?

((I’ve had to rewrite this three or four times > . < it kept deleting because of my stupid mistakes~, so i’m woryr if it isn’t all that good. Ah well! I’ll probably continue this in another scenario, ‘cause this was so fucking cute! XD))

Scenario: *2P’s finding out their S/O is pregnant* (2P!Canada; Matthew Williams)

Matt was a lot of things; sexy and Canadian being included, but stupid was not one of them. He noticed your change in behavior almost from the very beginning. Whether it was your sudden lack in patience, your occasional shortness of breath, your larger appetite, and your occasional dizzy spells. He knew that you knew too, since any other typical unaware person with these symptoms would go to a doctor or something, but you didn’t. You brushed off all of the symptoms as they came, and that’s one of the things that scared him most. If this was the case, and you did know what was going on with your health, then he especially wondered why you’d keep it from him in the first place.
Something he also noticed was that some of the other 2P’s, like Oliver, Flavio, Gilen, and Allen, would usually be the first to help you whenever these situations arose, or helped you change the subject. At first he suspected infidelity, but then he saw that his brother joined the party…and he knew better than to be jealous of his brother and think that you’d choose him over Matthew. He was also pretty sure that Flavio was gay too. ((ouch, Mattie XD roast much?))

So, as he was thinking this, he confronted you alter you had yet another dizzy

‘Babe, i love you, and i get that there are things that you aren’t comfortable
telling me sometimes, but i need to know what the fuck is going on. I shouldn’t
have to go out for work and spend most of my time worrying about whether or
not you’re okay.” he says, holding one of your hands in his larger one.
Knowing that he had a right to know, you sucked in your breath and told him
with straight face.

‘I’m pregnant…”



‘W-what? wait,….what the fuck?” he said, blinking rapidly as he seemed very
confused. He wasn’t confused about….well, how it got there, but he was
definitely taken aback to the point where he kind of just sat there analyzing you
with his purple eyes, trying to gauge if this was all one big prank.

‘I found out a little over a week ago…it came out positive. I was waiting for a-“
Matt cut you off, grabbing you by the shoulders and tugging you closer.
‘wait…y-your’e serious? Your’e fucking serious?” he asked, not sounding mad,
just shocked to the point where curses were the only words that can
emphasize how much was going through his head and how much raw emotion
he was feeling.

Confusion. Fear. Happiness. Disbelief. Affection.

“Yeah…” you said cautiously, unsure about how he was feeling. Then, all of a sudden, a toothy grin spread across his face.
“I-i’m…i’m gonna be a dad, babe? I’m going to be a dad…..and you’ll be the mom…” he whispered airily, sounding like he was close to tears. You hugged him, immediately feeling the hesitation and nervousness slip away.
“I’m sorry i didn’t tel you earlier. I wanted to break it to you in a…well, a better way.” you excused.
Matthew’s thoughts click together, and he asked a question.
“D-did you tell any fo the other 2P’s?”
After blinking a couple of times, not expecting the question, you nodded.
“Yeah, well….not really. Flavio, Gilen, and Oliver kind of found out on their own, and then Allen kind of found me out when he saw me eating a big lunch at one of his fast food places.” you explained, and it kind fo clicked from there on out. Of course Oliver would be one of the first to notice; that guy raised enough kids of his own to get a feeling when someone he knew was having one of their own. Gilen too; he was quiet, but damn was that guy observant. Flavio…well, he’s kind of like a girl himself, and girls kind of have their own ways of finding those sort of things out.
“Don’t worry about it babe. I don’t care about the presentation. All that matters is that we’re having a fucking baby!” He says, picking you up off of your feet and twirling you around a bit. Only after he was done did he get around to straightening up his shirt and then taking your hand. “Come on, let’s go tell the rest of the 2P’s. I want as many people as possible watching you….wait, fucking scratch that! I don’t want them watching you, i’ll do it myself! I’m the dad after all!” Matt says, and he puts your coat on.
“Where are we going?” you ask, genuinely unsure of where you guys were headed.
“The doctor, obviously! We got to make sure that our baby’s coming out healthy! Damn, that kid is going to fucking wreck on the rink.” he says, already going on about how fucking perfect your kid is going to be. “I probably shouldn’t talk like that in front of the kid, should i? Well, it’ll be a work in progress. Don’t you worry, babe.” he assures, talking about his cursing as he helped you down the stairs, despite the fact you were feeling much better than you were a couple of days ago.

Matthew was going to be by your side the entire pregnancy; even in times where you preferred to be alone. It didn’t bother you much though, because it was also very assuring knowing you had a protective and concerned man like Matthew watching over you and your guys’ unborn child! :)