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(A Johnlock ficlet)

(I didn’t do anything celebratory after 800 followers. So thought I would write a fluff ficlet. Also it is a compensation for all the angst post I frequently make.:D So here it goes.Hope you like.)

Sherlock moved restlessly in bed. The thought has been killing him for days. And his mind cannot do anything about it. And is coming up with no answer.

He sat up. The red digits of the table clock showing it was 4.30 a.m.

He has to know. He has to.

He opened the laptop and put a query on the search bar.

How to know if you are in love?

The search engine came up with millions of answers.

Sherlock started to read them

‘Whenever you see that person, your heart flatters like a caged bird, butterflies start flapping in your stomach. Your knees go weak. Your head goes dizzy…’

“Who writes these things? Teenagers?”

Sherlock closed the laptop with a thud ,frustrated.

“Of course teenagers write these things. No grown up man has the time to spare time about stupid things called love.” he grunted in his throat, and laid in the bed. Looking at the ceiling. Just over which John was having a peaceful sleep. Not knowing that Sherlock is losing his own sleep over the thought of him.


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You know what makes me sad?

Like, in the first official episode we see countless pictures of him with trophies, but he looks worried, or nervous, or sad in all of them.

When did his “Robot Phase” start? When did he start venting his frustrations through his building? He only goes on rampages when he is vexed or trying to get attention from WordGirl anyway. Which. A 10 year old wants to be acknowledged… oh no… so horrible. 
I mean his methods are a bit questionable but y’know, I convinced the school kids that I was a vampire by biting someone in the fourth grade, we all have faults.

I know he builds robots and destroys things, but being Terrified of your singular parent figure isn’t a good thing, ever.
It’s even shown in ‘Rise of Miss Power 2′ that if you scare him by mentioning his mother or his FEAR of his mother it is Bullying

What sort of expectations did Claire put on her son? She knows he’s a genius, but takes no interest in HIS interests, and quite literally stalks him, even though I’m aware that her showing up out nowhere is an in-universe gag, it would still make me afraid that I have no privacy of my own.

This just turned into a rant, but I just needed to write this down.

Missed Joke Opportunity in King Tuck
  • Sam: Hey, you may want to look at this.
  • They all gawk at how the paintings of this ancient pharaoh guy looks like Tucker.
  • Danny: Wow.
  • Sam: I know right?
  • Danny: Yeah. I didn't know that they had glasses like those in ancient Egypt.
I will obsess over this.
This thing.
Rip open my arms and force it into my veins.
So it is the only thing flowing through me and keeping me alive.
Pick it apart like dirt under nails.
As if it is a vitamin that my body is craving.
I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.
I am not afraid to get my hands dirty.
You told me once that I reminded you of fall.
I never got the chance to tell you that the only reason I have stayed awake this long is because of that.
I wanted to be the person you wore like a jumper too big for you.
I wanted to be the person you soothed yourself with when the weather became too bitter.
But I am sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night and I swear your pulse is raging through me.
Like the wind and rain and how it makes its way into car windows.
Like music in an empty auditorium that spills from pastors fingertips.
I love you.
I should have said that more.
Now I wear your pain as a letter burned into my chest.
I do not want to be the one that pulls you into me with my right hand and pushes you away with my left; a phantom limb of something I cannot remember.
Darling I am looking at you with hands outstretched and I am wondering if the blood on me is mine or yours.
You took my parchment paper heart and turned it to wax; the heat of your love is always enough to melt me until I am so close to you that when you close your eyes,
I sleep.
But I am sitting on a park bench in the middle of the night; shapeless in my form.
Searching after your breath.
Checking your eyes to make sure you still see the the realm you and I still exist in.
—  My love is billboards placed on corners that I hope you find rest on.

Here my promised trash, kept the whole week cos I’ve been dying this past days…  with dizziness, vomiting and dying and vomiting and dying painfully, (I don’t even went to work) but i feel better now.

warnings: This isn’t a serious writing, so could be messy, something long, probably grammar mistakes, a lot of inserted thoughts, spoilers near at the end and some type faces >:D

  • This is completely unnecessary but i’m doing it anyways :V YOLO.

My reasons to ship them (was funny (?))

     - first: gameplay
     - second: headcanon

I joined into this game pure and clearly and didn’t know anything about this (except it was a spiritual sequel to the first xenoblade who had not played yet)
Everybody knows the story related to Yelv and Cross and is not my reason to ship them (well yes, but not my main) Actually I’m going to say we could divide them into 3 parts:

* The story related
* The H2H
* The strange things happened in my gameplay

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Dizzy Wright - Can’t Trust Em

Dizzy Write dropped visuals for one of the gully tracks on his new album dubbed ‘SmokeOut Conversations’ which was released on 420. I have a couple of reasons why i didnt just drop it then but i think we all know why.