Right I seem to have gained a few more followers, so *wave*, welcome to Dizzy corner. A little breakdown of me blog for you:

Waffles: All the fan fic/ficlets I post up - I have an account on AO3 if you’d rather read there!

Day Job: Stuff from my leatherworking that I think you might like - Dragon Age and such. Plus giveaways! :D

Scribbles: My attempts at artwork, plus any content made by me :)

OC’s: Screenshots, artwork and blurb about my oc’s (mainly Inquisitors at the mo, and a crazy hermit).

I’m a little run ragged at the moment, so writing/doodles/etc are a bit thin on the ground. I’m nearing another giveaway though, which should be preeetty exciting ;)

For now, i’m off to do this: