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Cats acting strange after vet visit - Cat video compilation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wosC9QLQTM Views: 3097983 Rating: 4.31Likes: 10722 These cats just had surgery, vet exam or something like that, so they got to the vet anesthesia. When they brought home, they were …


Well I decided it was time for this dizzy kitty to show Lola some appreciation for tolerating me enough to have bonded with me… I cleared out some of my room to make space and I made a table and chairs…. I cooked us a Riviera Supper and set the table with a nice bottle of Chilled Red… Set out some flowers and candles and poof just like that I was ready… I told Lola to come see me at the house and come see me she did :D After surprising her with my none pink attire, which I picked specifically for this we retreated to my room… There I surprised her with a romantic candlelit dinner for two… afterwards we sat on the couch together and talked… much chuckling was had and it was a nice change to all the splattering of beasties and running all over the place :D I love my kitty and something as simple as this is worth the effort alone :)