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“Covenant” (BTS) Demon!Jungkook ~ AU

Anonnymous requested: Hi there! Can I request a drabble no. 3,8,44 with Demon!Jungkook x reader please? >.<

“I saved your life!” | “What will you give? Your eyes? Your hands?. How about your heart?” | “My kindness does not go without self interest.”

A/N: *whispers breathily* im sorry it wasn’t a drabble *spirit leaves body*
Thanks for requesting Nonnie! Hope you like it! <3 
askhdgjasghjasghdajsgh demonkook

Word Count: 2.8k
Genre: Supernatural
Pairing: JungkookxReader(she)
Triggers: Mentions of blood, injuries,car crash, demon,pact,cussing,sandwiches


A scream filled out the squashed cubicle of the car.

Your own scream.
Your eyes were open, yet it was impossible for you to understand the image unfolding in front of them, blaming it on the darkness of the road at night, until you realized the lukewarm liquid dripping. 
And then it hit you -quite literally-.
You weren’t sure of the time that had passed since you crushed against that cow in the middle of the route.
All your body was aching, with such an intensity your muscles repeatedly continued having spasms. You wanted to scream, hoping maybe to relieve some of the pain, but no voice wouldn’t come out.
One of your eyes particularly had lost sight completely, too drowned with the sticky mixture of tears and blood to see; the other one scanned around. 
‘Oh my god’ you thought before it was difficult to notice but now you realized the car was upside down -thus so were you- the safety belt keeping you on the driver’s seat.

Shaking all distractions or thoughts of soreness and focused on the task at hand; setting out of the car, in the case of an explosion.
Carefully moving one arm, you tried to reach for the buckle, but it turned out to be an exhausting and herculean task due to the shakiness taking control over your fingers.
Flopping face-down over the car ceiling, you perceived an uncomfortable sensation in the back.
The glass from the window closer to you was cracked, but not enough so it was easy to crawl your way through; it still had glass shards. Knowing the pain couldn’t get any worse, you simply grabbed the shards with your bare hands, taking them off to make your way out. One of your legs was numb, so it made it difficult once it was time to slide out of the vehicle.
The pain in your back made an appearance yet again once you managed to trespass the frame of the window; it was stinging you, even more than the rest of your body, in fact, it was so very intense it made you want to vomit. 

With soaring arms you kept on crawling as far as you could manage, to get your body away from the crash site. Your good eye looked around for any sign of help, but it was hopeless -other than the dead cow you tried to avoid before - around the spot, there was no sign of life; it was late at night and you knew no one would transit the crossroad you were in.
Whining silently and runny nose sobbing, you made a last effort to twist around to face the sky, but the pain (in your back) prevent you from it because it was badly hurt.
A shard of metal had pierced your flesh, the wound was not bleeding, but it was there nonetheless. There was no one around so you knew very soon you’d be dead because of your injuries.

‘Please, no’ ‘Please’
you begged, no words coming out, only heavy breathing and your whimpering. ‘Please, God, don’t let me die like this’ silents prayers waving through your mind, hoping maybe they would answer ‘I beg of you’ ‘Don’t leave me’ Blood spilling onto the pavement. ‘Please, I want to live’ ‘Please let me live’ ‘I’ll do anything, just let me live’  again and again you chanted, repeated, pleaded for your life, ‘I’m scared … I’m scared to die, please’ you shrieked forlorn, lips and chin quivering.
You were not sure on the time you spent crying out to the stars gleaming on the night sky; It could be an eternity, or just minutes, seconds even.
Growing tired and weaker with each passing moment you knew very well that life was leaving you, you were scared, scared to the very core because you felt void approaching at a fast speed your way; promising relief from the pain. ‘Please,’ You insisted, slowly seeing how the light of the stars above your head faded. ‘Anyone … save me’ and with that, darkness enveloped you, one last desperate choke sob escaping your lips.

Your agonizing body laid between the crossroads, not knowing there was actually someone hearing you. But possibly, not the one you hoped for.
The figure moved slowly in the dark, crouching close to your head.
Gently their hand graced over your cheek to finish at caressing your lips.

“I’ve listened” It spoke, his honeyed voice resonating inside your mind. “If I kiss you now, life will once again welcome you on its arms…” your eye weakly opened to meet the gaze of him. “Would you like that?” He inquired, whispering.

You nodded.

Say it, love”

You gulped. Throat sore and the inside of your mouth dry.
Next, to you, the stranger was waiting, not moving a muscle.
Licking your lips and tasting your own blood, enouncing the words for him clearly, you pleaded.

“Kiss me”

He chuckled.

A burning sensation shocked your entire body once his lips grazed with yours. A warm wind rose enveloping both in its embrace, the world moving at a rapid pace making you feel dizzy.
A punch on your chest, so mighty you could swear it was breaking it into pieces, yet it didn’t pain- on the contrary- it felt blissful.
Both your eyes opened, meeting with two other abysmally dark ones, the black on them was of such depth that terror crept up your spine.

Firmly placing both hands on his shoulders, you pushed his body away. 
Once you were free from his touch you let out a shriek. 
Then you saw him. You saw him completely.

The dark of his eyes cracking the skin around them ramifying down on his neck, until you lost the sight of the lines once it reached the collar of his suit.

“Who are you?!” you managed to voice out in complete awe at the sight of him.

He smirked, the curve of his lips mocking you. “Your covenantor

Right after the said those words, you appeared as if on the blink of an eye again inside your car, holding the steering wheel; it was not upside down anymore; neither was it broken. You were some meters behind the intersection of the crossroads.
Looking down at yourself searching for any sign of injuries you were surprised to see there were none; not a trail or sign of blood, no soreness on your body, no pain in your back because of that metal shard, nothing. You felt completely fine, even a little hungry once you thought about it. Looking out the window -now restored- you saw the cow that had caused your accident on the side of the row, far away from you grazing calmly.

“A dream?” you said out loud, more to yourself than anyone else. You checked in the rear-view mirror your face; but not one scratch on it. “A hallucination?” you questioned.

“Far from it…” A voice that ranged next to you -on the passengers sit- startled you.

“Fucking hell!” you elicited, jolting on your seat and grabbing at your chest right above your heart.

“It’s not that bad once you get used to it really…” The stranger on the passenger seat shrugged, pouting his lips. You looked at him, not knowing what to say. ‘Then he wasn’t a hallucination?’ thought scrunching your eyes. It was real. All of it.

“Ah,” The male next to you called your attention “Jeon Jungkook” He introduced, stretching a hand your way. 

Staring down at the outstretched hand, furrowing your eyebrows, lifting one in doubt about his action.
The named, Jungkook guy, stayed there waiting for your reaction.

“What the fuck are you doing?” You questioned, mistrustful to accept his greeting.

“What do you mean?” Jungkook tilted his head confused “It’s just a handshake, I’m politely introducing myself to my covenantee, it’s common courtesy”

“Wait—your what?” gesturing him to repeat his word, as if you didn’t hear right.

“Co-ve-nan-tee” he once again repeated, emphasis on each word, slowly, so you could understand him. “It means a person who agrees to a contract, that being you” Jungkook grinned.

“I know what that means, I was referring to ‘my covenant’?, I’ve never met your before!”

“You don’t usually meet a demon before you take on the contract?” Jungkook’s eyes squinted, sarcastically.

“Hold on— sorry what?” you stopped him showing your hand. “You just said…demon?” disbelieving the words that came out of his mouth.

“Yes! That’s me…Jungkook,”he bowed with its head.“Hell’s Contractor, at your service”

You stood there baffled at him. He was definitely crazy.

“I made a contract, with a demon?” an annoyance tone on your voice.

“Yes.” he answered.

“A contract…”  you insisted.

Jungkook nodded, visibly bored at the time it was taking you to realize the situation you were in.

“With a demon?” you continued, Jungkook once again nodded, rolling his eyes.

“You…” pointing a finger at him to make sure you were on the right page. “Demon from hell, you…”

“This is gonna be a long night…” he sighed, crossing his legs and placing his hands on his lap.

“Oh no, It’s not gonna be long at all…” you assured him.

“Oh?…really?” Jungkook tilted his head.

“Yeah…” you started up the car engine turning the key.

“Good then…” Jungkook replied, leaning on the passenger’s seat, making himself comfortable.

“Get out” you demanded. “Get out this instant”

Jungkook turned to meet your eyes, blinking rapidly “What? Get out?” he seemed offended by you “Don’t you understand what is going on here girl?” he scoffed.

“Yes indeed,” you grinned “I understand I have a crazy creep on my car who needs to get out now before it’s too late” a warning to him.

“But,” Jungkook huffed, bewildered by your words. “I saved your life!” he exclaimed.

“GETOUTGETOUTGETOUTGETOUT!!” hollering, you screed on an ungodly way, the pitch of your voice being audible only to dogs.

Jungkook was shocked, and quickly he got out the car to stop your screeching. “For fuck sake!” He bawled at you “Stop screaming you crazy banshee!”

Without wasting one single second you hit the gas, getting far away from him. Looking back through the rear-view mirror you saw he was still there, standing at the crossroad. You suspire in relieve as you see his shape disappear as your got further and further away.

‘Psycho’ Its the last words you say, focusing on getting back home.

Once you clicked the locking button on the remote hanging from the car-keys (to secure it) you trotted to the entrance of your house. Checking the time on your phone, the blinding light showed it was 10 PM, and in your dictionary meant that it was still early.
Inwardly, as you opened the door, you listed all the things you had left to do before going to bed; a good bath, a good meal -with of course a good movie- check your emails, and work you had belated.
Blithely humming a song, you closed the door behind you, you got inside the house dashing to the kitchen to grab a quick snack before bath time. Checking the phone you moved from the kitchen -with the bowl of snacks- to the living room to turn on the TV; but as it turned out, you saw it was on.
You forgot to turn it off when you left this morning? Weird.
Paying little prestige, since you were a little inattentive sometimes, you moved on to take a seat flopping on the couch, shifting to make yourself comfortable.

“Pass the snack…” a voice next to you requested.

Slowly turning your head you saw Jungkook, watching the tv screen intently. Jumping up from your seat the bowl of snacks flew, Jungkook’s shoulder hunched as the bowl flew over his head, landing on the floor spreading its content all over.

“Oww, what a waste” He scolded you.

“HOW YOU GOT HERE?” your eyes scanned the room for some pointy object you could use to protect from him.

“I’m the owner of your soul… I know things.” Jungkook mocked, letting out a chuckle once he saw you desperately looking for a weapon.

“You own my soul?” you stopped dead on the spot.

“Oh, so you believe me now?”

You nodded “Well, I’m not sure yet, but you did appeared out of thin air on my house, so I’m listening…”

Jungkook stayed silent. 

You scratched your forearm nervously, searching for the correct question to say next. “Why do you own my soul? Or you say you own it?” 

He smiled.

“Well, My kindness does not go without self-interest.” he cooed, watching from above his shoulder at you. “That’s how it works, I save you… then collect your soul 10 years later, standard procedure” Jungkook stand-up arranging the sleeves of his suit, and tugging at the flaps of the jacket.

“What? When did we agree to that?!” You complained.

“Forgetting the kiss that sealed the contract…so rude” he scolded pompously.

“When did we agree to 10 years…” you rolled your eyes at him, but in all truth you had forgotten the kiss until he mentioned it, making you blush once you remembered.

“I told you, standard procedure”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know you were a demon! That’s unfair” you nagged.

“Listen, kid, if you commit a crime that you didn’t know it was illegal, you still get arrested right?” Jungkook tilted his head at you, pursing his lips into a thin line.

You contemplated on his example looking at the floor.“Yes….I guess?”

“Same thing…besides” he begins to move across the room, inspecting it. “I told you that if we kissed you got your life back if you didn’t get the idea that’s your issue not mine” he shrugged.

“I want it back…” you gulped harshly.

“Excuse me?” Jungkook looked over his eyebrows.

“I want my soul back”

Jungkook stared at you up and down, narrowing his eyes, licking the inside of his cheeks amused. “Unbelievable”

“Well…?” you insisted, heart racing on your chest, his presence now intimidating and heavy. You truly believed he was a demon, and if he got your soul, you needed to get it back, at any cost.

Jungkook pondered, clicking his tongue he finally had an answer “Fine…I’ll indulge you” he walked closer to where you stand, facing you. “But you have to trade something of equal valor, quid pro quo…” Jungkook pointed his finger as a warning.

You nodded.

“So what will you give?” You looked for something of value for you inside your mind but couldn’t get anything that was equally priced as your soul “Your eyes?” Jungkook slides ghostly, walking around you. “Your hands?” He touched gently the back of your hand, a shiver of cold bolting at the feeling. Jungkook chuckled “How about your heart?” He placed right in front of you, looking down scanning you, waiting for a reply. You were so close you could catch the smell of something persistent and unpleasant of something you couldn’t quite get the hang of. And something sweet, nauseatingly sweet.

“How about a sandwich?” you stammered, glancing up at him.

Jungkook blinked, lifting his chin to look down at you curiously. “Is it homemade?”

“Yes!” you exclaimed, not believing his words.

“Okay then…” He nodded.

“Really?” Your eyes probably sparkled with hope.

“No.” Jungkook sharply replied. “You really thought I’d trade the most well-marketable item of hell, just for a sandwich?” Jungkook scoffed mockingly at you. “You mortals amaze me” he grinned playfully.

“Then just tell me what you want!” anxious was growing inside of you, you needed to end this conversation right now or you would have a panic attack.

“Hey, I don’t want anything, I already have a soul…you are the one trying to sell me something in return” Jungkook waved his hands.

“Then please give me a help, what can I give you that’s worth my soul back…”

Jungkook stared right into your eyes, that was a question no one - not even himself had made before. What did he really wanted?.Jungkook’s sole purpose was to lure desperate mortals into trading their souls for superficial benefits. Since he was born, he lived for the crossroad, and never truly thought about other things, of course, he sometimes wished for things, but it never really occurred to him to actually try to make them come true. And now, before him, it was a mortal girl, prepared to do anything to have her immortal soul back.
What a turn of events.
Jungkook’s lips twirled into a cocky smile.

“Alright…you can have your soul back” Jungkook agreed. “But on one condition…”

You nodded “Anything…”

“You are my pet from now on…” Jungkook smirked nonchalantly.

“Eh?” your jaw dropped eyes wide as plates.

“My pet, my servant, captive, worker” he kept on naming synonyms dramatically. “Or you prefer to let it sink and think it over? I can always come back in 10 years!” he chuckled, playfully grinning.

Defeated you slumped on the arm of the couch.
You hated Jeon Jungkook. With all your soul.

Sighing, you continued. “Deal…” your pride hurt to the core, knowing there was no escape from the demon’s deal, cursing that stupid cow on the middle of the dark road.

“Dandy choice!” Jungkook cheered, rubbing his hands pleased. “Now about that sandwich…”

The shield

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x (sister)reader, slight Steve Rogers x reader
Genres: angst, platonic fluff, overprotective big sis Natasha
Words: 1.285
Summary: based on an imagine: “Imagine Natasha coming to rescue you after you are taken by HYDRA” - requested by Anonymous

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All this from a face fucking…

For a long time I had a post on Grindr looking for aggressive dudes to fuck my face and feed me loads. Usually old fat guys with soft dicks or college guys who’d hold the back of my head, stoke their cocks in my throat a few times and bust were the only responses I got. I was considering taking it down to avoid further disappointment when I got a ping from a 35 yo ginger dude who claimed to be aggressive and hung thick. He was a construction foreman who invited me to meet him in the woods behind a house his crew was renovating. Figured he was another loser, but cum is cum, and I needed a load, so I headed out to meet him.

As i drove up, I saw a serious ginger stud on the side of the road at the appointed address. Over 6’ tall, built and tan with short red hair and beard. Tight pants showed a thick bulge that I swear I saw pulse when he saw me. He watched me park, motioned at me and walked toward the house. I followed him past his crew to the woods. He walked to a stump, stepped onto it and dropped his pants. Just below eye level was one of the thickest cocks I’ve ever seen with a bright red bush. He was rock hard at about 7 inches and I wasted no time getting a taste if that cock. Didn’t even take off my suit and tie, just dove down on that cock.

Most dudes with enough experience are impressed at how well I can deep throat. It is no effort at all for me to swallow a cock and I love the feeling of having my throat stretched. He put his hands on my head and started taking advantage of my skills, talking to me this whole time about what a great wet throat I have, calling me faggot and essentially using me. He was pulling out to the point that I was licking his precum and then slamming his cock down my throat to the root. I was in heaven having finally found a dude who knew how to fuck face.

Then his testosterone kicked in and he found a whole new gear. As he held my head, his thrusts became more and more forceful. He would have knocked me over if he hadn’t been holding my head so tightly. First face fuck that I thought might do me in. Long violent thrusts to the base followed by his huge balls slapping into me. I was drooling and getting throat slime everywhere as he abused my face and throat to the point that I couldn’t breathe and I was collapsing under the force of his thrusts.

For the first time ever, I put my hands on a guys thighs to pull myself away from a throat fuck. But he just laughed, held tighter and found another higher gear. And that’s when I felt the pain. And tasted the blood. My blood. He had busted my lip fucking my face so hard. I tried again and this time I did manage to pull away. I was just going to tell him I needed one second, but I didn’t get the chance. As I looked up, I saw the rage followed by his fist as he punched me in the eye. I fell down in shock, but he pulled me up, leaned me against a tree and shoved his cock back down my throat.

This time I was pinned and couldn’t get away. I was out of breath from the aggressive face fucking and dizzy from the punch. I had to take every violent thrust of his hips. I zoned out and truly became nothing but a hole to give pleasure to his dick. I knew he was talking, but I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. When he did finally cum, it was straight down my throat. I can still feel the pulses–all 8–as pinned my head to a tree and he unloaded down my dazed, but very willing throat.

As soon as he was done, he zipped up, turned around and said “come on bitch”. I jumped up and walked back past his crews behind him with a hard dick and wet spot on my pants, snot and blood on my face and suit, and covered in dirt and leaves. Those dudes had to know what had gone down, but that just made me even hotter.

I took this pic to remind me to be careful what I get into. But instead of serving as a warning, it just reminds me of being so thoroughly dominated. I have to stroke eveytime I see that black eye looking back at me.

therentyoupay  asked:

“What happened doesn’t change anything.”

pairing: marinette dupain-cheng/adrien agreste + miraculous ladybug, future what!if. 

Marinette almost doesn’t say it. Adrien is looking at her like he’s rediscovered the sun, and she thinks about how easy it would be to cross the scant foot of air dividing them.

But even though it’s been a long, long time since she’s been Ladybug, Marinette has always been brave.

“What happened doesn’t change anything. This—this doesn’t change anything.”

Adrien doesn’t make a sound—he doesn’t even avert his gaze—but the happiness crumbles from his face. Marinette doesn’t know whether she wants to laugh or cry at the absurdity of it: it is the exact same expression she’d seen on Chat Noir last. They’d thought they were lost to each other forever, when really—

They’d each been in the other’s orbits all along.

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Tabloid Strobe

Lets name the stars
Name our pets
Name our enemies
Name the big guy in the sky who forgives us for our sins
Skim tabloids
Memorize headlines
Lose our voice screaming into the night

The air’s thick
I see headlights coming in the distance
Bare winter limbs sway side to side
I feel dizzy
Punch-drunk off glitter
Off chrome
Off clear-gloss coating
Neon thunder
Shadows dancing
Off the whiskey you hid on the top shelf in the the cupboard

The ground shakes
A man in an executive suit calls out
Vomit hangs outside to dry
Stampedes stupidly stammer on
The streets try their best to play it cool
My ears ring

446-GHOLUSH [Ghoul-Plush]
-The Stuffed pokemon
-Ability: Fluffy - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is said to be a forgotten plush who came to life trying to find its owner. If its body is torn it will mend it using pieces of wire and rags.”
    -Dizzy Punch
    -Shadow Punch
    -Mean Look
    -Baby-Doll Eyes

–>Evolves with a Thunder Stone<–

143-ZOMBESTEIN [Zombie-Bear-Frankenstein]
-The Rebuilt Pokemon
-Ability:  Lighting Rod - Galvanize(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon has been patched so many times it is more metal than plush, and there are so many parts forming its body it’s hard to tell if it keeps being the same old doll or a new one. All the metal in its body constantly attracts lightings that, after hitting it, fill it with so much energy it glows eerily.”
-Sig. Move: Iron Trap “The user bites its opponent using the Iron bear trap screwed around its neck, this bite packs a shock that might leave its opponent paralyzed”
   Type: Steel
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 80
   Accuracy: 100%
    -Giga Impact
    -Shadow Claw

anonymous asked:

Could you do Heather Duke and McNamara protecting the reader against Kurt Ram please?

TW: Violence and blood
Words: 384
Title: Fight


Heather knew it was going to be a rough day. It was pissing with rain outside, wind was whipping up leaves and hitting people left and right and it seemed that just everyone had a test going on today. Unfortunately, for both Heather and her friend, Y/N, it seemed that Kurt and Ram, the local bullying bigots needed an outlet for all this negativity.

You weren’t sure how many punches you’d taken, after the first to your stomach, and the second to your head, everything seemed to blur together. Thumping pain in your temple made you dizzy, and the punch to your tummy had filled you with a thick feeling of nausea. You weren’t sure how much longer you were going to last.

Whaling down on your body, the two boys failed to notice the small, enraged girl stalking over. But you did. Black hair, so normally perfect was waving in the wind and her eyes, so normally disapproving held the two boys in a searing stare. You barely had time to utter her name when a crack resounded through the empty courtyard, and Kurt stumbled back, holding his cheek. A deep gash marred his face where her nail had dug in and torn through his flesh. As he came to the dull realisation of what had happened, his eyes flashed with anger, and he moved to lash out.

A sharp call interrupted his motion, as a teacher barked at the boys for an explanation for what was going on. But not at Heather. You smiled through your headache as the two boys were scolded, the teacher believing they’d been fighting each other. You scrambled to your feet, shaking a little as your eyes locked with hers.

“You ok?” It wasn’t filled with a compassionate tone, this was Heather you were talking about, but it was said with enough care that you knew she was worried. You wiped the blood from under your nose and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m ok.” You nodded, brushing your crumpled clothes down. When you looked back you saw Heather wasn’t convinced.
“We’re going to the nurse’s office.” It wasn’t a statement as much as a command, but you appreciated it nonetheless. You followed her, a hand on your stomach and slipped into a comfortable silence, a half smile on both your faces the whole way there.

Sympathy (Bucky x reader)

Warning: Rape threat

(Bucky X Reader) the reader is another one of hydra’s victims that they experimented on she gains the ability to control fire, they try to make her into next winter soldier. The avengers save her right before they take her memory away, Bucky remembers what he went through and just becomes protective of her and comforts. Sorry for the cliche request
No no I love this request, don’t be sorry for it!

She sat in a grungy bank vault with water streaming down her face. They knew she could bake them if she was dry, so they had a stream of ice water pouring down her every five minutes.

(Y/N) had tried every chance to break down their cold exterior. Crying didn’t work, so now she was just trying to annoy them off their asses. “So before I join this off brand BackStreet Boys, do I get dental? How are the company Christmas parties? You, over there,” she pointed to the man in full tactical gear and commented, “For Christmas, I’m gonna pay for your trip to the proctologist. So you can get that stick out from your ass.”

He stalked towards her and started ranting, “Listen here you little bitch, I can make your life a living hell. Don’t fuck with me.” He was two inches away from her face as she made a very stupid decision. She reared her head back and smashed it into his nose, feeling it collapse into his skull. Blood ran down his face as he stepped back.

He fell to the floor with his hands covering his face. “See now that was a good twenty-second birthday present, unlike those ugly argyle socks,” she shuddered.

Upon hearing the commotion, another guard came in, commanding someone else to drag his body out. They were soon alone, and after restricting her movements, he crouched to her height. She realized he was higher in command by the type of gear he wore and the way he was ordering around agents.

As soon as she opened her mouth, the guard let his fist fly into her cheek. Her snide comment turned into a moan of pain and he laughed. “Now those are the noises I’d like to hear out of your pretty little mouth,” he grinned. “Ideally underneath me,” his words sounded fuzzy to (Y/N), but she still knew his implications.

“S-Sick bastard,” she sputtered out. He patted her head and chuckled as she tried to move away from his touch.

“She’s subdued, prep and wipe her. Quickly!” He ordered into his comm. (Y/N) was seeing double and could barely make sense of things; how was she supposed to fight them off now?

He picked her up with no care to her injured leg, and carried her to what seemed to be a bank vault. She pounded her fists against his broad chest, but he just kept a cynical smile on his face.

She knew what they were going to do to her. She read about their torture of Bucky Barnes, and with the phrase ‘prep and wipe’ she could take a pretty good guess.

She concentrated on her memories, willing them to stay with her. “My name is (Y/N) (L/N). I was taken from my family two days ago. They were killed in front of me,” a tear slipped down her face, as she repeatedly mumbled to her self, low enough so her captor wouldn’t hear.

He slammed her in a metal chair, and clamped her arms down in the metal restraints. They put a bite guard in her mouth and stuck something to her forehead. Her mumbling became faster as her eyes squeezed shut. She was halfway through her chant when whatever they had connected her pulsed through her brain. She screamed around the bite guard as the door broke down.

The pulses stopped soon after and she was surprised she still had her memories. Tears followed her realization and she looked around the room. The guards that were surrounding her were now dead on the floor.

A burly man stepped out of the shadows and her body clenched in fear. She tried to hide her pain and confusion with humor, but seeing the tears flowing nonstop from her eyes, she didn’t think he bought it.

He came close to her before placing his left hand on the arm restraints. He tore them both off before gently placing his hands on her head to remove the metal plates.

He scooped her up from the chair and began to carry her as the guard did before, but much gentler. He spotted the wound on her leg and murmured, “We’ll get you fixed up back at the tower.” She wanted to ask millions of questions about him, but from the dizzying punch to the almost mind wipe, she fell unconscious.

Bucky quickly checked her pulse, and sweated in relief at feeling the rhythm of it. “Guys, I found her. We’ll meet you at the Quinjet.

Bucky quickly made his way to their transportation; killing as many hydra agents as he could with the girl in his arms. As soon as he made it into the aircraft, he sat her down on a bed of emergency blankets and grabbed the first aid kit.

He stitched her leg up as fast as he could so she wouldn’t wake up with a needle pulling through her skin. It wasn’t the cleanest stitch in the world, but it was keeping her from bleeding out.

He watched as the rest of the team filtered in through the entrance; all in various states of injuries. They looked curious at the sight of Bucky holding a young girls hand as she slept.

He couldn’t help but sympathize with her. The only thing that was going through his mind when he entered the bank vault was every tortuous thing he had ever been through.

His hand was getting uncomfortably warm in hers so he quickly yanked it away before gawking at the flames licking at her hands. Sam was the first person to say anything, and, “Oh shit man, she’s on fire!” were his choice words.

(Y/N) sat up, looked at Sam, and muttered, “Thanks,” before collapsing against Bucky’s side. She just raised an eyebrow as she felt him without looking at him. “You make a great pillow,” she uttered tiredly.

“Wanna explain why you’re on fire?” The dark skinned man asked her with wide eyes.

“Wha- Oh Sorry. Defense mode, you know?” She said while rubbing her hands together.

Bucky quickly began to ask the important questions before Wilson could say anything stupid. “Do you know your name?” He asked as he inspected the blooming bruise on her cheek.

“(Y/N),” she nodded. “(L/N),” she added as an afterthought. “You’re him, aren’t you?” She asked, looking at Bucky. “They were trying to make me like you,” she murmured to the odd group of people.

Bucky tugged her closer and glared at Clint as he came closer. “Woah, down boy,” he chuckled referring to Bucky as a guard dog. “I just need to get Nat the ibuprofen,” Bucky quickly passed over the requested item.

“We’re landing in ten! Be ready for impact!” Tony called from the pilot’s seat. Bucky strapped the still shaken girl into the seat for the probably rough landing.

“Alright (Y/N), you okay?” Bucky talked as he absentmindedly brushed the hair back from her face. She just nodded and leaned her head against the wall with her eyes shut.

When they landed, Banner gave (Y/N) a standard check up and cleaned any cuts Bucky missed. She was supposed to stay off of her hurt leg for a few days.

Bucky carried her to the room she was assigned and gently sat her on the plush bed. “Just ask Friday for anything you need,” he rambled. He began to leave when her soft voice cut through the silence.

“Could you- Could you stay? Not like that, of course- I mean not that doing that with you would be bad, but-” a blush the color of Vision was seen on her cheeks.

Bucky gently took her chin in his flesh hand and laughed, “I will always stay when you ask,” the look in his eyes was intense and he began to lean down to where their lips were inches apart. He licked his lips as he felt her warm breath hit his mouth. He pressed his mouth tightly together when he saw her take her bottom lip between her teeth. He slowly moved closer until their lips were almost touching when Friday announced that there was food in the lounge. On cue (Y/N)’s stomach growled and she once again blushed in embarrassment.

He smiled and picked her up before she gasped in surprise. She gave him a half hearted glare as he claimed, “Doctor’s orders,” she just scoffed. She could get used to this.

A Poem: Salted Cucumbers

This is one of the several poems that I wrote last year that never saw the light of day.

If you can’t ignite a warm
relationship, solder a cool
estrangement; at least that’s
on your own terms.

Salted cucumbers
reminds me of a memory
long repressed:
a sweet refreshing crunch,
with a dizzying, finishing punch.

Active memory, as hazy as moments
spent dangling off of fences
on hot summer days,
while guttural sounds
escaped the mouths of barn tenants.

Your eyes crinkling
skin wrinkling,
a hearty laugh although
I can’t recall the joke.

Soft grass underneath my fallen body,
a singular comfort.

Visceral memories,
they crop up like carrot tops
forcing their way out
through beds of soil,
the bristles of mustache
grazing new skin,
a rug burn reminder left behind,
soft tassels on the curtains
of a purple room,
perfectly made bed,
so tight a coin could bounce
off the expectations,  
crab apples, tart in the afternoon
spoiling lunch plans,  
heavy blackberries,
ready to be harvested, their ink
staining my shorts,
marking me an outsider.

Of all the things I learned
those summers on the farm,
how to pick myself up
after being knocked down
was the most valuable.

Happy Mother’s Day! CLOSED

No matter what kind of mom you’re celebrating, have a happy day!

Send in your IGN, request, and deposit. I’d prefer something I can release in order to make room. You may send in as many requests as you like!

Rare ball breeding:

  • Love ball Chansey
  • Dream ball Audino
  • Love ball Miltank
    • with Dizzy Punch, Double-Edge, Present, Helping Hand
    • with Dizzy Punch, Double-Edge, Present, Heart Stamp

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Unfair, or, Dean and The Unfairly Nice Hot Pizza Guy

based on this prompt: [x]

Dean vows, probably for the fifth or sixth time in his life, never to touch alcohol again.

He wakes up at two in the afternoon, dried spit trailing down one cheek, crust sticking his eyelashes together, a headache pounding in one temple, and a violently growling stomach.

Thinking of the leftover pasta in the fridge, Dean makes to crawl out of bed but flops back down with a groan when every muscle in his body screams in protest.

“Ugghhh… Sammy’s s'posed to be me right now,” he whines into his pillow. His little brother’s twenty-first birthday meant that Dean could finally (legally) get him shitfaced in a public bar. If Dean’s vague memories of Sam singing “Like a Virgin” on the kareoke stage were any indication, he’d succeeded. 

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There's a reason we all think Kusaka has a Celebi.

There are only so many times you can get lucky before people call shenanigans. This list via tvtropes’s Hilarious in Hindsight post shall tell you why.

  • In the Yellow arc, there’s a flashback of Oak’s Kangaskhan beating one of Agatha’s ghosts with a Dizzy Punch, which should be a total cop out seeing how Normal moves don’t affect Ghosts. Now about a decade later in the newer games, Kangaskhan is given the ability Scrappy…which allows Normal (and Fighting) attacks to hit Ghost types.
  • The new “critical captures” feature in Black and White games sound a lot like capture spots.
  • So, you dress up as a Rocket member to infiltrate their base, only to have your cover blown because your disguise was ripped off…Special did it long before the HGSS games were released.
  • Zapmolcuno is finished off by a Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur simultaneously using their strongest attacks. It’s the Triple Finish!
  • In the GSC arc, Misty ends up fighting Suicune in a cave behind Tohjo Falls. Turns out there really is a cave there in the game canon…
  • Eusine’s Electrode can fly around with the power of electric currents. Gen 4 introduces Magnet Rise. (Interestingly, no current Dex entries at the time said anything about it being able to fly, but a future one did.)
  • The manga started FatherlyShipping in the GSC arc. Hilariously enough, rather than having Falkner and Janine respect each other over their mutual daddy issues, the HGSS games took it into the other direction.
  • In the GSC arc, some Rocket grunts fill a Spider Web with electricity. Gen 5 introduces the move Electroweb.
  • Most readers found Ruby scaring away a wild Salamence, an intimidating pseudo-legendary, with just a Poochyena, Ralts, and a Skitty to be a bit far-fetched. Then Gen VI came out and introduced a new Fairy type amongst a select group of Pokemon, with the Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir line being one of them. Fairy types are super effective against Dragon types. Salamence is a Dragon type. This scene holds much more water now.
    —It also helps that Skitty, while not a fairy type, is able to learn the fairy-type move Play Rough, which, for anyone who’s seen X and Y trailers, can absolutely NAIL a dragon type like Salamence. Likewise, Gold’s Togepi takes down a Tyranitar and a Dragonite, both weak against its retconned Fairy type.
  • It is noted that Emerald’s Pokemon are extremely affectionate towards him and go out of their way to please him. In two different battles, Sudowoodo barely survives an attack that should’ve taken it out and Sceptile breaks free of the “frozen” status on its own. Both of these instances are now possible in-game via Pokemon-Amie, which works through affection.
  • A green jewel meant to control Rayquaza…Emerald had one on his forehead before the HGSS games came up with the concept.
  • In the GSC chapter, the Masked Man, Pryce pointed out that each of the major villains wanted something for their goal. For Giovanni, it was possessions (matter), for Lance, it was a Pokemon utopia (space), and for him, it was to go back in time. Come Pokémon Diamond and Pearl with Dialga (master of time), Palkia (master of space), and Giratina (master of antimatter). This comes full circle in the HGSS chapter, where each former villain fights their respective dragon)
  • In Pokémon Platinum, you get the chance to purchase an insanely expensive villa and furnish it with insanely expensive furniture. Good thing that the lead character of the corresponding arc was conveniently already established to be insanely rich.
  • It took five generations for Game Freak to have the Gym Leaders more involved with the plot, have official secondary jobs, and have them directly oppose the evil villainous team. It took only one for Pokespe.
  • A trainer with the ability to read the minds of Pokemon tries to separate humans and Pokemon through the power of a legendary Pokemon. Now, is that Game!N, or Manga!Lance? (The sole difference is that Game!N isn’t murderous about it.)
  • Black’s Munna clearing his head is a reference to the C-Gear. There is now a Munna C-Gear skin available.
  • In the Platinum arc, Caitlin’s personal Pokemon is a Gallade. As it turns out in the BW games, she is a master of psychic Pokemon.
  • A world tournament showcasing the Gym Leaders and Champions in B2W2… Pokemon Special did something similar in the GSC chapter.
  • N gives his Servine to White. In B2W2, you can catch N’s Pokemon.
  • Being able to rent Pokemon actors in showbiz in B2W2? Looks like the BW Agency will have a new source of revenue…
  • Kusaka and Yamamoto went to France. A month later, sixth gen announcements came out, revealing that the new region was to take place in Poke-France.
  • Gurkinn states that the Tower of Mastery holds secrets to the Legendary Pokemon Diancie. A week later, Coro Coro reveals that Diancie has a Mega Evolution.