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"Headache," he said. "Concussion." Kayla nodded in understanding. "Okay, let's get you back in bed," she said, moving to help him up. "Bathroom first," he mumbled, wincing at the head rush he got when he stood up. "Please," he added as an afterthought. Kayla nodded, helping him over to the bathroom first. "Just call if you get dizzy or need help, okay? When you lay back down, I want you and Will to get as much sleep as possible." Nico nodded in reply. He just wanted to hurry and lay back down.

“I’m-I’m worried about him.” Nico blushed, but he kept going. “He’s so good and bright, and I’m worried that this hurt him.” Kayla nodded. “He’s being tough for you, you know,” she whispers. “You’re just as stubborn as him. I think you’re good for him. I’m glad you got him to sleep. I don’t know how to comfort him when he gets those nightmares.” Nico looks surprised. “What happens usually?” Will was the most giving person he knew. He would run himself dead before he let Nico feel a scratch.

[Pt.1]Nico scrubbed a hand over his face, looking up to meet Kayla’s gaze. “I’m just worried about him. I know what not sleeping can do to a person, and it’s not good.” Nico admitted, moving so he was watching Will again. “Maybe we could het a Morpheus kid in here for him, too? They could do it while he’s sleeping, and I don’t mind taking another bed or shoving another one in my room. There’s definitely space.” He suggested, wanting Will to sleep as much as [Pt.2] Kayla did. “We’ll try a Morpheus camper, but Will would kill me if I didn’t get you into a bed first. Get back in that bed. It seems to help him.” Nico blushed darker red, and hesitantly moved to lie next to Will again, who wrapped an arm around Nico’s thin shoulders in his sleep. [Fin]

“Usually,” Kayla began with a sigh. Nico didn’t try to close her off when they got to the bathroom, and she must have taken it as a sign that Nico was only there to wait out the nausea before she helped him back to bed. “He takes a walk. He usually leaves without talking to anyone. Sometimes he goes to the archery range and shoots a couple of arrows. Most of the time, though, he goes for a walk in the woods. Hikes around for a bit to clear his head. I’ve never,” she faltered for a moment, running a hand through her hair before she took a deep breath and looked up at Nico. “I’ve never seen him actually break down before. He’s always so composed for us.” Nico took “us” as Will’s siblings, and Nico could understand why Will would always want to appear strong for his younger siblings. Taking a deep breath, Nico responded. “I had a concussion in…Tartarus. I don’t remember everything, thankfully, but I think he broke down while we were down there.” Kayla looked at Nico in shock. “What happened?”

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for the prompts, zimbits and either #4 or #20! whichever you prefer (or both if you want, who am i to stop you? :P )

I totally want to write #20 sometime too, but for now, here’s #4!!! (omg I have so much writing to catch up on lol) Enjoy!

4. Person A has given up on love. Nope. Love is not for them. Forget that…. And then they meet person B and think; “Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.”

Jack Zimmermann had a plan. He would get clean, he would get a university degree, and then he would get into the NHL. He would find redemption, not only in the eyes of everyone who doubted him, but himself. It was a good plan. A solid plan. A plan that left no room for deviation. It was all going well…

Until this little shit came along.

Eric Bittle. The blond with the funny American accent and a penchant for baking had blown into his life like a pint-sized tornado, shaking Jack down to his foundation.

No. This was not part of the plan. It was good to make friends amongst his teammates, but this was different. He was supposed to focus on hockey, and his history degree. That’s it. He was not supposed to be getting distracted by things like pies, or how his attractive hausmate’s legs managed to look both slender and muscular in those red shorts, or… Wait. Attractive? Shit. No. This was not part of the plan. No.

“Jack?” Bitty said with a curious smile.

“No!” Jack snapped back into focus, but his unexpectedly loud response made the smaller man jump. “Oh, Bittle. Sorry. What?”

“Are you thirsty?” Bitty bent over as he grabbed a bottle of water from the bottom shelf of the fridge. That would have been a loaded question, had Jack been familiar with urban dictionary. Bitty pressed the cold bottle to the nape of his neck and let out a sigh. “It’s warm out today. I think the A/C might be on the fritz again. Do you think Dex would know how to fix it?” He brought the open bottle up to his lips and took a gulp, a few drops of water slipping out the corner of his mouth and blazing a trail down the sun-kissed skin of his neck towards his collarbone.

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Trans guys in need of donations

Hey guys! so i’ve moved my boyfriend in with me to get him out of a bad home, however we didn’t have any money left over to get us things we needed. Summer is hitting hard, so we’d like to get lighter colored binders (and just new ones since the seams of our current ones are coming undone), STP’s, and maybe even a swimming specific binder, and we need clothes as well because all we have are dark clothes and pants. I’d also like to get a shirt meant to swim with, because i’m not comfortable swimming in just my binder in a public setting. 

A single binder from gc2b plus shipping is about $40 or more, but we have two trans guys here to buy them for. One of the lowest quality STP’s i can find are about $20, and again we need two. Basically we just need to raise a metric fuck ton of money to get our necessities. We would have probably been able to get most of these things ourselves, except that when our 18th birthdays rolled around, we literally got no birthday money at all, when we were expecting at least $100. We’re both unemployed, and right now its impossible to get a job since no one around us is hiring, we dont even have shoes to wear to walk since ours have quite literally fallen apart, and we don’t have a car. 

If you could donate, the paypal email is meepingkankri@aol.com, but if not please single boost this! I really hate asking for things, but binders are things that are needed, as well as clothing, and shoes. Any amount of money helps honestly!!!

One Direction Preference : You Fall In Shower And Another Member Helps You

Zayn: Reaching over the side of the tub for your phone, you dialed the first number you could. “(YN)?” Liam’s voice came through the receiver and your eyes widened. “Oh, i meant to call Zayn, but um, i kind of fell in the tub and now i’m all dizzy and i need medical help, can you come get me maybe?” “Of course, i’ll be over in just a second.” Pressed to the side of the tub, you took deep breaths until you heard doors in your house opening and shutting and then finally Liam appeared in the doorway. “My savior.” you sighed and Liam chuckled as he put his hoodie around your body. “Let’s get you up and to the hospital.”

Harry: Tears fell down your face as you pulled yourself up and turned the water off. Holding onto the bathroom counter, you wrapped your bath robe around you.“I can’t get out.” you stammer and begin pounding on the door hoping that your husband would hear you, but he didn’t, but one of his band mates did. “Niall!” you say in relief as the irishman walked into the bathroom and immediately covered his eyes. “What the hell, (YN)?” “Where’s Harry?” you ask. “Store, shopping for dinner, what the hell?” he repeated and you clutched onto his arm. “Fell in shower, take me to hospital tell Harry to meet us there.” “As you command.” he muttered following you out.

Liam: “Is Liam going to kill me for seeing you naked like this, (YN)?” You sat on the counter top while Louis bandaged your cuts from falling in the shower. “No, he won’t kill you Louis. You helped his wife when she was in need. Now, thank you for cleaning up my wounds, but we need to get to the hospital. Even though i didn’t fall on my belly, i just want to make sure the baby is alright, please take me?” Louis nodded. “Yeah, but we may want to get you some stuff to put on the bottom of the tub so you don’t fall again, Liam will think something is up if it happens again.”

Niall: Harry practically barreled through the door and to your side. “You fell?” he asked and you nodded. “Yeah, thanks for coming to my rescue.” He looked away to grab a towel and shut the water off. “When did you fall?” “While ago.” you say and he shakes his head. “Should’ve yelled for me sooner. You knew i was here while Niall was out.” “Didn’t want to bother you.” Harry scoffed as you stood up shakily. “When you fall like that and bump your head, you call out for anyone. By the way, (YN)?” “Yeah, Harry?” “Nice tattoo on your ass.”

Louis: “I’m sorry that you had to help me, Zayn. My husband somehow doesn’t know how to answer his phone.” Zayn chuckled as you sat in the waiting room with him. “It’s fine, you fell in the shower, i helped ya out. No big deal.” “It had to be embarrassing.” you tried and he nodded. “Just a little, but, i help people who are in need and you were in need.” “I was naked.” “And in need.” he pushed and finally you nodded. “Okay, okay you win. Can i go back yet, my arm is killing me!”

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" Hey nerd. Ear is kind off hurting. Can you put some ice on it? When you do it , it doesn't feel like civil war in my body. "

Rumble was very quick to respond to respond to the request. The smaller yordle stopped his work, got up with a heavy sigh, walked up to his partner and gently placed a hand on his cheek at the base of his ear:

Generally when this sort of thing happened, the roles were reversed. On the rare occasion Rumble found himself being thrust into the position of the care giver, he became very serious. He was all too familiar with concept of the body essentially waging war on itself with sudden pains and aches and Rumble never took the issue lightly. A moment passed before Rumble retracted his hands and put them in his pockets, “Alright, go lie down, I’ll go get some ice ‘n a bag… Pain’s not makin’ yah dizzy is it? Need help layin’ down or can yah do it yourself?”