dizzy my head is spinning

ever since the first time you kissed me i often find myself touching my lips, remembering the way yours fit against mine, the way we melted together with a fire only felt by the two of us. a secret fire. a fire that only the two human beings in love with each other can see and i can only hope you are burning right along with me. i catch my hands tingling, aching for the familiar contour of yours. my hands fit into yours so well, i am convinced mine were molded to fit yours perfectly. i miss the way you trail your thumb from my palm to the tips of my fingers, the way your touch lingers even when you are not touching me. i simply cannot stop thinking about you, you make my head spin in circles but this dizziness never grows old. i trip over you and you catch me with your gentle hands and when i open my eyes i see the small smile you always have on your face when you’re looking down at me, and that is a memory i will simply never be able to erase. i love you and i don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.