dizzy my head is spinning

*Bill Nye the Science Guy chanting intensifies* 
A rough for some extra credit i’m taking a stab at. Just required to trying to rotate a character or head. It’s a bit fast right now, so I want to add a few more in between frames.Then it’s just cleaning it up to add hair and ink and color :D. If this ends up turning out alright, going to give it a shot with a pony! Not sure what one though. 

A Way to You Again: Part 9

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count:  1792

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. Holy mother of confrontations.

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I felt the couch shift slightly as someone sat beside me. I immediately knew who it was, and I was happy to act like I was sleeping until the end of time to avoid him. “Y/N,” Bucky whispered softly as he placed his hand on my back. I stiffened at the contact.

“Don’t,” I snapped as I sat up and looked at him. I could tell it was nearing the early dawn hours by the soft yellow light that flooded through the windows.

“Please doll,” he whispered as he placed his hand back in his lap. “I didn’t ask for her to be there. I told her to leave right before you came in,” he explained – desperation dripping from his voice.

“Don’t you get it?” I laughed as I hastily wiped tears away from my eyes. “You did ask for it, Bucky. You slept with her and kept it a secret before breaking it off…” I paused for a moment before turning to him. “Did you even really break it off or were you seeing her when you started spending time with me?” The words sounded much more accusatory than I had meant for them to be.

Bucky blinked for a moment – shocked at the words that had come out of my mouth – before anger flashed across his face. “For Christ’s sake, Y/N! If you would just let me explain what happened!” he answered, exasperated, as he slammed his fist onto the couch.

“I think I can sum it up quite nicely. You fucked my best friend, and kept it a secret from everyone on the team. You then broke it off with her— knowing that she had feelings for you, and began pursuing me. You then did the exact same thing to me,” I muttered bitterly as I looked anywhere but at him.

“Except I didn’t break it off with you – you ran away. Off to some place that I couldn’t find, and refused to talk to anyone. And then when I called to apologize you told me it’s over, and hung up. Let’s not forget about the sister I never knew existed.” Bucky was becoming more agitated by the minute as he struggled to reign in his emotions.

“I didn’t tell you about her because I was trying to protect her!” I shouted as I angrily pushed myself off the couch.

“And why won’t you believe me when I tell you the same thing?” he asked as with a sad sigh. His anger had deflated and he was grappling for words as he ran his hands through his hair nervously. The sight of him looking so helpless and confused disarmed me and I felt my own anger ebb. All the things that Steve had confided in me about Bucky’s happiness and subsequent withdrawal after I had left came flooding back. I sat down beside him softly.

“When did you start having nightmares again?” I asked quietly. In the months that we had been together he rarely had nightmares, and even when he did they were no where close to what he had had tonight.

“Since you left,” he responded just as quietly.

“I’m sorry I left. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. I should have stayed and talked to you…. I missed you,” I added as I rested my hand over his.

“Then nothing else matters. It’s all in the past. We can move forward,” he responded fiercely as he gazed up into my eyes.

His words echoed back to those of another, who had once said the the same thing—holding me captive with the promise of a better tomorrow for years. I could feel the chill creep into my heart again as I quickly removed my hand and watched Bucky’s face melt into confusion. “It does matter and you know it,” I responded brutally.

“Why? Why can’t we talk about this and move on from it?” Bucky pleaded.

“Because I love you!” I yelled at him as I pushed off the couch once again. I froze at my sudden announcement. I hadn’t meant to say it – I had just been trying to reason my feelings out in my mind and it had slipped through. I looked at Bucky as he sat frozen on the couch. His mouth opened and closed several times; unable to formulate any type of response to me. I turned to leave – it was like I was living my own personal nightmare. I had prepared for this revelation as best as I could, but I had failed miserably in its delivery.

“Y/N, wait,” Bucky breathed as his hand wrapped around my arm – stopping me in my tracks. I turned to look at him again, but still saw the same troubled and terrified blue eyes that I had witnessed when I had accidentally confessed my feelings. “I…”

“Just tell me this Bucky – why did your best friend have to come find me in secret? Why wasn’t it you?” I asked bitterly as tears stung my eyes. Bucky looked down at the ground unable to answer me. “Jesus Christ – I can’t stay here and look at you like this,” I muttered as I yanked my arm from his grasp and turned to leave. As I stepped into the elevator I turned to make sure he wasn’t following me and saw him standing in the same spot I had left him. Just before the doors closed he turned to look at me with tears in his eyes.

I slumped against the wall of the elevator once the doors had closed. I felt like I had had the breath knocked out of me. Tears trailed down my cheeks as I tried desperately to regain my composure. Some of the others would be awake by now and I didn’t want to stir any suspicion. I couldn’t answer their questions – no matter how well intended they might be.

As the elevator doors opened to the common room I rushed through them – determined to dart to my room. In my panic I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and ran into Steve.

“Woah, Y/N! Where’s the fire?” he chuckled. The humor in his eyes extinguished when he looked at my bloodshot eyes and tear stained cheeks. “What happened?”

“I…” I was finding it hard to speak, and keep my composure. “I walked in on Nat comforting Bucky after a nightmare and I…” Steve visibly tensed at this.

“Go on,” he said as he wrapped his arms around me and brought my head to his chest.

“I… he followed me, and I confronted him… and… I told him I loved him,” I whispered as I buried my head into Steve’s chest. I just wanted to disappear. “And he didn’t say anything, Steve… He just stood there.”

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice came from behind me. I stiffened at the sound. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Steve hugged me tight as he sighed into my hair.

“Y/N, you should head back to your room. I’ll come check on you in a second,” Steve muttered. I looked up at him confused.

“Steve, I can…” but the look he gave me stopped me in my tracks. I swallowed hard before Steve’s arms dropped to his side and I half-turned defensively towards Bucky.

“Y/N, I…” but Bucky’s words were halted by Steve’s fist hitting him straight in the jaw. He blinked once before falling to his knees. He stared at me as I turned to leave.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Steve asked angrily as I retreated to my room – unwilling to participate in a super soldier brawl.

I slumped back to rest my head on my door. I was dizzy from the tale-spin of emotions that I had just endured. I heard Bucky trudge down the hallway with Steve close behind him.

“What are you doing?!” Steve demanded before a door slammed – securing both men safely in Bucky’s room, and making it less likely that they would wake up the entire tower.

“What am I doing?!” Bucky bellowed back. “I’m trying to win my girl back, and you keep getting in the way Rogers!”

“What the hell are you talking about Buck?” Steve asked – astonishment driving his voice to become even louder.

“Every time I turn around you are there with her. How am I supposed to even get a second to make things right when you are always there?!” Bucky yelled back at him before quieting himself – he must have regained enough sense to realize I could hear everything he was saying.

“You’re kidding, right? You don’t need my help fucking things up, Buck. You’re doing great on your own,” Steve answered incredulously. I could tell that Steve was trying to regain control of his anger but was struggling. “She literally ran away from you, and you refused to run after her. If it wasn’t for me she wouldn’t even be here, you fucking idiot!”

Silence lapsed between the two men as I held my breath – waiting for Bucky’s response. There was of course no way I could have known that Bucky would snap and run full force towards his best friend. Suddenly there was a loud crash and a cloud of debris as the two men came hurtling through the wall –Bucky with his hands still around Steve’s throat. I shrieked in response as I scrambled off of my bed and into the corner of the room as the two men crashed onto the floor. They rolled around – jabbing at one another and grunting. After the initial shock wore off I looked at the gaping hole that now adorned my bedroom wall, and felt anger bubble up from within me.

“What the fuck do you two think you’re doing?!” I screeched as I stomped over to the two of them and fruitlessly attempted to pry them apart. The men continued to fight as I yelled at them. Hot angry tears rolled from my eyes as they finally broke apart – realizing suddenly where they were and what they were doing.

Bucky scrambled to his feet quickly – his hair in disarray and he shirt partially torn. “Doll I am so..”

“What the fuck gives you the right to act like fucking two-year olds? Both of you are grown ass men! God! Just get out of my room!” I yelled as I stomped my foot in frustration. Without saying another word both men quickly exited. I groaned as I looked at the gaping hole in the wall near my bed. As Bucky entered his own room I realized there was no way I could stay. Not without seeing him, and hearing him every second – I angrily padded across the room, and grabbed my gym bag before making my way to the gym.


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The thoughts of you just don’t seem to stop

They’re constantly swirling around my brain, and my head is spinning, spinning, spinning from this dizzy feeling that you give me

And because of you my heart is beating, beating, beating harder with each passing moment, finally having a purpose

The love I have for you cannot be contained, like a leaky faucet it is dripping, dripping, dripping into every part of me

Until it finally overflows and begins flooding, flooding, flooding all the places I’ve been and all the places I’ve thought of you


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark

Words: 886

Warnings: mentions of alcohol

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: none

Notes: none

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Opening your eyes that morning was like stabbing them the moment the sun came into your view. At the same time, a pounding started inside your head making you groan and letting you feel how sore your throat was. Water. You needed water. First, you took a deep breath and sat up on the slowly, but you still got dizzy so you had to lie down again. Damn alcohol.

Judging by the amount of light coming through your window, you imagined it must be around noon so it wasn’t surprising that you were in bed alone. Bucky would had been up for hours now.

It took you around three time to get you out of bed without getting dizzy and still, you didn’t feel too safe on your own feet yet. Slowly, you grabbed one of Bucky’s hoodies, put on your woolly socks and left the room. As you went downstairs, you could hear the team talking in the living room. Damn lucky bastards. Steve and Bucky couldn’t even get drunk, Natasha had too much control over herself to drink that much and Tony always managed to avoid hangovers, it didn’t matter how much he drank. Your only hangover partner used to be Wanda but she was out of town with Clint.

“There she is!” Natasha exclaimed when you made your appearance.

She has a hangover oh! She’s been drinking too much!” Tony sang making them laugh.

“Noisy” you mumbled as you headed towards the kitchen without paying too much attention to their mocking.

When you walked into the kitchen, you went straight to the fridge and grabbed some water to drink, not even bothering on grabbing a glass. Glasses weren’t important; water was.

“How are you feeling?” Bucky’s voice said behind you. With a sigh you turned around to face him. Despite how awful you were feeling, a smile appeared on your lips as you saw his.

“I think I’m dead”, you replied making him laugh.

“You definitely look like you are” he smirked walking over you.

“That’s nice” you rolled your eyes.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you, so you could place your head over his shoulder and close your eyes. No. Bad idea. The moment you closed your eyes, the dizziness came back so you pushed them back open and took a step away from your boyfriend who looked at you with confusion for a moment, before getting it.

“Dizzy?” He asked.

“My head is spinning more that after flying with Tony” you mumbled.

“I’m not surprised. You were so wasted last night” he said stroking your hair slowly. You took another sip from the bottle and looked at him, expecting a lecture.

“Did I say or do something too stupid?” You asked, not being able to remember a single thing.

“Don’t worry” he chuckled. “You were adorable actually, telling everyone how much you loved them” he added.

“Oh God…loving drunk. My favourite” you said sarcastic.

“Actually you said something it surprised me”, he said.

Panicking you looked at him. You knew the big mouth you could be when you were drunk, so you didn’t even know what to expect when it came to alcohol and Bucky mixed. Probably it wasn’t something too bad, since he was grinning like a real idiot.

“You said you wanted to marry me someday”, he said.

“Oh…did I?” You whispered blushing.

It was true though. You loved the man that was standing right in front of you, more than anyone else in this world. You knew he was the love of your life, you didn’t want anyone else with you. You wanted a life and a family with him, but you had always been too scared to bring it up since, maybe, it would have been so much for him. Apparently, Drunk (Y/N) wasn’t that scared of the repercussions of that statement.

“Was it true? Or was the alcohol talking?” He asked taking your hand.

“Don’t people say that drunks always tell the truth?” You asked back as you bite your lip.

“They do”, he nodded with a smile.

“There you have your answer” you shrugged looking down at the bottle.

He took the bottle from your hands and put it away, before grabbing your chin and making you look up to those piercing eyes.

“Then I do”, he said making your heart skip a beat.

“W-what? Are…are you proposing? Have I proposed? What?” You started asking confused and suddenly nervous. You did want to marry him someday but you weren’t ready to take that step yet. He laughed a little and kissed your forehead.

“None of it. It’s just a promise…that one day, when our lives are not this messy or in danger every time we go out on a mission, I will marry you” he told you.

“Really?” You asked biting your lip.

“Of course. Plus, I love how (Y/N) sounds” he shrugged making you laugh.

“You’re an idiot” you said grabbing his head to pull him down towards your lips and kiss him, but he pulled away way too soon.

“Ok, go brush your teeth. Jeez” he said giving the bottle back to you. “Damn hangover” he mumbled walking back to the living room, leaving you even more confused with a bottle of water on your hand. He was weird.

Wrong Place Wrong Time- Requital (1)

Do not reuse, edit or copy any of my work(s). ©

Part 1 of a mini series enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Wrong Place Wrong Time trilogy. 14 years later and…
Word Count: 2000 (ish)

Click for the first part of the series-WPWT1
Click for the sequel of the series- WPWT2

Part 2 Part 3  Part 4  Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8

(Why did I write this, what have I started…Oh dear lol…)

He ran as fast as his legs could take him but they weren’t taking him very far at all. His entire body was burning; his chest tightening with every breath he took. He was dangerously aware of the fact that he was slowing down, but he was sure he would die if he didn’t stop moving. But when he thought about it either way he would die, on the run or stood still. There was really no way out for him, unless of course he considered ‘out’ as being his soul exiting his body. Death was really his only escape in this moment so he was debating which departure would be less painful. His legs became sluggish as his breath became violent and heavy it as though he was breathing for more than just oxygen. He was breathing for life itself but no matter how hard he tried it was slipping further away. He always wondered how he ended up here; only last winter was he peaceful and calm; studying alongside the browning crispy autumn leaves in his back garden taking life in his stride. Now though, he was taking life in different strides, physical strides. In strides that were slowing due to the tightening and burning of his lungs, strides that were slowing down because he could no longer continue running.

“Come on. You can’t slow down now!” Jun shouted from ahead of him, but he couldn’t keep up. He was a victim of asthma and his legs were dangerously coming to a halt. He let out a loud groan before sinking down to the ground unable to make it anymore. He gasped for oxygen like a fish out of water. His lungs ablaze; the pain had him flailing about on the floor.

“No!” Jun shouted “No! We’re so close come on! Please!” But he couldn’t get up. The pain was unbearable and it was already too late, he saw a dark figure looming over him as he struggled to breathe.

“Didn’t get that far did you?” 

He winced as he the figure spat down on his face making him whimper, his chest a blazing inferno. “Didn’t I tell you assholes not to make me angry?”

“Please don’t do this!” Jun begged as he shook on the spot. Watching with terrified eyes.

“Shut up! You’ll be next. I’ll give you a head start.” The figure smirked sadistically as he raised his crowbar up in the air. “Good night.”

Y/N’s P.O.V.

You rolled your eyes as your phone started to vibrate beside Minseok. This past year your phone had been receiving multiple calls left right and centre.

“If that’s Sehun’s school I will slap him so damn hard into next week.” Minseok hissed as he threw your phone towards you. You frowned down at the caller I.D. it was Sehun’s school. Lately your son had been getting into huge amounts of trouble along with Kyungsoo’s son Seojun. The age gap wasn’t huge so the both got along swimmingly and went to the same school. What struck you as odd though was how unruly Sehun had become as of late. Previously he had never been naughty but that had all changed over the past year and you didn’t know why.

“Hello.” You groaned your tone already apologetic; your child was problematic and you felt he was a burden to the teacher that had to continuously phone home.

“Hello Mrs. Kim, there’s been an incident that Sehun has been involved in.”

You rolled your eyes at Minseok causing him to frown at the realisation of the nature of your phone call.
“What has he done this time?”

“No madam, this is a serious incident. Sehun has been admitted to the Central hospital we’ve just received a call from them that 2 boys by the names of Kim Sehun and Do Seojun have been admitted, how quickly would you be able to make it? A guardian is required.”
Your heart started banging against your chest as you began to panic. You were becoming increasingly dizzy as your head began to start spinning with thoughts. “Oh my goodness.” You cried as a tear sprang free from your eye. Minseok’s face softened now, but he was wearing an expression of panic.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” He quickly stood up and began walking over to you.

“Minseok its Sehun, he’s in hospital.” You choked, struggling to get words out. You saw his body freeze as soon as the sentence escaped your lips. You were living a nightmare all over again. You wouldn’t lose another Sehun. Especially not this one. You blinked as you realised that the head of Sehun’s year was still on the line. “Excuse me.” You whimpered scared to receive an answer to the question you were about to ask. “How bad is it? His condition.” There was a sigh on the other end.

“I’ve been told it’s quite bad.”

You were still a crying mess when you arrived at the hospital; your volume only amplifying upon seeing your son. Nothing could’ve prepared you for the state that Sehun was in. It was gruesome and he was almost unrecognisable. His face was swollen and there were cuts, bruises and gashes decorating the entirety of it.
“Oh my God! No!” You screamed as you sank down beside Sehun’s bedside and held onto his hand. He was completely unresponsive. He looked like a piece of butchered meat left to rot on deaths door. Left for dead. Minseok was in pieces as he looked at Sehun, pain displayed clearly on his face.

“Why is this happening? Why is this happening to me?! Why does this always happen?!”He sobbed as he lightly took a hold of Sehun’s other hand. “Please don’t leave me Junior, not now. I promised I’d take care of you.” He choked on his tears as he looked at Sehun’s battered and still body.
You couldn’t comprehend why this was happening. Who would do such a thing to your son? Sure he had become unruly in the past year, but that was in school, not outside of school. Maybe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The only thing keeping Sehun alive was the machine that he was attached to. Hadn’t you see enough death in your life? Hadn’t you gone through enough pain? Hadn’t Minseok lost enough people? You bit your lip hard drawing a bit of blood as you looked at Sehun, you weren’t sure if you would get your son back.

“What happened?!” You screeched at the man with the clipboard standing beside you. “What happened to my son?!”

“An attack madam, I don’t know the specifics. Apologies.” He looked at you with pity in his eyes; a look that Chanyeol had given you all too often. You let out a sigh. “Both boys were attacked.”

Both boys?
You had forgotten about Seojun.

You were crowded around Seojun’s bed, he looked terrified but at least he was alive and awake, much more than you could say for Sehun. You looked over at Kyungsoo, whom you hadn’t seen in a while he looked absolutely shattered and his eyes were red. So were Sara’s only you had noticed an extra detail about her. A bump. It seemed as though she were pregnant with baby number 2. But now was not the time for congratulations. You needed answers as to what happened to your precious son. You thought coming in here would ease your mind just the slightest but it wasn’t working. Seojun had bruises on his face, but they were nowhere near as bad as Sehun’s and somehow that made you a little sad. Why did Sehun have to suffer so badly?

“What happened?” Your voice was shaky as you directed your question at Seojun, scared at what he may reply to you with. He shrugged as he stared at his mum with worry in his eyes, but you knew that he knew more and apparently so did Minseok.

“No, tell us Seojun.” Minseok frowned as he looked at the younger boy, he was two years younger than Sehun. But for 14 he was advanced.

“Just. We were hanging out with some guys. They were a bit naughty but they were cool. I told him we should carry on hanging out with them since they were fun but then it…we got involved. I don’t know what happened this just happened they did this. We were running but they did this.”

You saw Minseok’s face screw up as he brought his fist down on the mattress beside Seojun making you all gasp and jump in fear.
“So you’re telling me my son is half dead because of your stupid suggestion. This is all your fault!”

You were sure a tear spring from Seojun’s eyes at Minseok’s harsh words. You knew he was upset but this was a tad too far.

“How fucking dare you.” Kyungsoo hissed from beside Seojun’s bed, his eyes piercing and burning into the back of Minseok’s skull. “How dare you say that to my son? How dare you blame this on him? He’s a victim! He didn’t do this to Sehun. Need I remind you he was attacked too, how fucking dare you Kim Minseok!” Kyungsoo’s hands were shaking as he gripped tighter onto the duvet covering Seojun’s leg.

“Of course it’s his fault. He convinced Sehun to join them and now my son is laying on his death bed. Why?! Why my son, when it should be yours?! Why is my son dying whilst yours is living, what is fair about that?! Why must I lose another Sehun?” Minseok’s voice was shrill and his eyes were red with anger.

“Minseok!” You gasped, that was not fair. What he had said was disgusting, especially in front of Seojun. Seojun let out a sob as he looked about at Minseok with angry eyes.

“I tried to help!” He growled. “ I tried to help! I didn’t do this to him you did! This is all your fault. Both of you. All of you! If you weren’t gangsters when you were younger none of this would be happening to me and Sehun, it’s all your fault. Why did you even have us?!”

“Gangsters?” Minseok whispered as he frowned in confusion.

Your eyes widened. How did he know?

You thought that part of your life was long gone. Dead and buried. But apparently you were wrong.

“Yes!” Seojun screeched. “Gangsters, Mafia, call it whatever you want. But I know who you are. Genesis.”

I Looked For You In All Of Them

Happy birthday Carry On!!! This is half of my contribution to the @carry-on-bday-2017 celebration!!! (The rest will come on the 8th) Please know that I am super sleepy and that this has not been edited XD 

Rating: T

Word Count: 1959

Tags: bar fic, snowbaz, what if Simon never went back to Baz’s house, Reunions, angst, fluff, kisses, this was done in such a rush i apologize, 2 chapters

Summary: What if Simon never went back to Baz’s house after the events of Chapter 61? But what if they met again in a bar years later, not knowing who they really were?Also inspired by the quote: “Then find a thousand men who look exactly like Simon bloody Snow and break each of their hearts in a different way.”

Chapter 1     Chapter 2


I found him again last night. He had his curls: bronze, bloody wild, and lying every way other than flat. He had deep blue eyes, a mole dotted above his lip, and a clumsy sunshine smile. It wasn’t luck. Just a terrible coincidence.

I always do this now. I stagger into a bar, drowning in the mistake I made the night before, and I try to find the bloke that looks good and golden and completely wrong for me. So I can make his bloody night, whisper all of the pretty words that never left my tongue, and run off into the darkness with the pieces of his fallen smile and broken heart in the dust. I’m still in love. Or I’m in love with that feeling. The feeling I get when my imagination takes over, and I’m pulling everything from that night, and suddenly the strange face between my hands isn’t so strange anymore. Last night was cracked lips and a rattling cross that burned my throat. It was the smell of something baking or something burning. It was the feeling of fire sparked with electricity. It was him.

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You Are In Love - J.M.

Prompt from list: “Oh my god! You’re in love with her!”

Requested by anon 

Italics are flashbacks

A/N: I’m not sure if this is going to work out the way I want it to…

When he’s with Zach, it’s like he’s telling him the flashback.

Jonah sat in his bunk, eye closed and memories of your time together running through his mind. 

“Jonah!” You squealed as he picked you up, spinning you in around in circles until you were both dizzy. 

“Oh my-” You couldn’t continue your sentence, your head was spinning and your heart was beating faster. You fell onto the floor, pulling Jonah down with you. 

“Hey.” He whispered as he looked into your eyes, his own eyes shinning brighter than ever. 

“Hi.” You whispered back, quickly glancing at his lips when you noticed he closed them. “What are you doing, you weirdo?” 

“Nothing, just enjoy the peace and quit.” He opened his eyes, grinning down at you. He sat up, still smiling at you while watching you sit up too.

You both sat there, enjoying each others company at the beach while watching the sunset. 

“Hey, what are you doing?” Zach pulled back the curtain to Jonah’s bunk. Jonah groaned, annoyed at the fact that he had been disturbed. 

“Nothing, what do you want?” He mumbled grumpy, rubbing his eyes. 

“Wow, someone’s mad. I was wondering if you wanted to go out shopping? I’m bored and everyone else is busy.” Zach took a step back as Jonah started to climb out of his.

“Fine.” Jonah began to walk away, thinking of all the times he dragged you out to shop. 

“Come on, it won’t be that bad! We’ll just walk around and buy a few things!” Jonah carried you down the stairs with you over his shoulder. 

“Jonah!” You whined, kicking your feet slightly. “I don’t have any money, I’m just going to cry over everything I can’t have.” 

“Whatever you, just tell me. I’ll get it for you.” He said as he put you down next to his car, opening the passenger door for you. 

“Like hell. Listen little boy, if I start crying over something, I will fight you, understood?” You pointed at him as you got in the car, it was pointless to argue with him. 

Jonah ran around the front of the car, quickly getting in and starting it. “Perfectly.” He turned his head to look at you, a grin on his face.

“I hate you.” You mumbled as you rolled your eyes, putting on your seat belt. 

“I miss you.” Jonah whispered to himself, looking at a picture of you two together after getting in the uber Zach had ordered. 

“Miss who? Man, what has been with you lately? You seem so out of it?” Zach turned to look at his best friend, his face filled with worry.

“Nothing.” Jonah looked out of the car, tears filling in his eyes at the thought of possibly never seeing you again. 

“Jonah, you’re not fooling anyone.” Zach stared at him, silently begging him to tell him. 

“I met a girl before tour started. We spent the whole summer together, that’s why you guys barely saw me.” Jonah whispered, letting a tear fall. “When I told her that I was going on tour soon, she…” He couldn’t say it out loud, he was still scolding himself for letting you go.

“What did she do?” The uber driver stopped, informing them that they were at their stop. “Thank you.” Zach opened the door, waiting for Jonah to get out before closing the door.

“Well?” Zach asked as they stopped at a jewelry shop, it reminded Jonah of the necklace he gave you before he left for tour. He wondered if you still had it, or if you threw it away. 

“She told me she loved me.” Jonah whispered, picking up a necklace that reminded him of you. It was simple, but breath taking at the same time. A golden chain with your first name initial.  

“You say that like it’s a bad thing?” Zach looked confused, he watched as Jonah stared at the necklace. 

“Jonah! It’s beautiful, but I can’t except it!” You stared at the necklace, a simple silver chain with a heart made out of your birthstone.

“Please, I want you to have something from me. Something you look at and think of me.” He held it out to you, waiting for you to take it from his hand. 

“Okay, but just this once.” You smiled, slowly taking it from him. Jonah smiled, knowing it wouldn’t be the last time. 

“Here, let me put it on you.” He took it from you, placing it around your neck and clipping it on the back.

“It’s beautiful.” You whispered as you turned around. “I love it!” You kissed him, the kiss sharing the same passion you two had for each other. 

“I love you.” You whispered as you pulled away. Jonah froze, not knowing what to say. “What’s wrong.”

He took a deep breath, choosing his words carefully. “I-I really really like you, but I’m not sure if I love you, yet.” He took a step back.

“Maybe we’re talking this too fast, maybe we should take a break while I’m on tour.” He rushed out. 

“Jonah! It’s okay, you don’t have to say it if you’re not ready. And if you want to take a break, then we will.” You tried to hold his hands but he just ripped them away. he could see the hurt in your eyes. 

“So, we decided that we were taking a break. But I can’t stop thinking about her, she’s so perfect and I probably blew it.” He put down the necklace, picking up a silver one with his own initial.

“Oh my god!” Zach exclaimed, throwing his hands up in frustration. “You’re in love with her! Even I see it, I just found out about her! Call her, right now. Fix it with her because I’m tired of seeing you sulk around all day.”

Without hesitation, Jonah pulled out his phone, dialing your number. He held up the phone to his ear, staring down and the necklace that he planned to give you. 

He heard you answer the phone, his heart beating faster at the sound of your voice.


“I love you.”

I was going to base this off of taylor’s song you are in love but then this happened. 

What your head can do?

Head in Russian is голова [ɡəlɐˈva]. Here are some verbs that you can use with голова:

  1. Голова кружится - to fill dizzy (literally: my head is circling);
  2. Голова болит - to have a headache (literally, my head is aching);
  3. Голова идёт кругом - to feel overwhelmed with something to dizziness (one is so busy with something that she feels dizzy because of that; literally, my head is spinning);
  4. Голова варит - colloquial expression for being smart (literally, one’s head can brew);
  5. Голова раскалывается - to have a migraine, severe headache. (literally, my head is cracking).

Dizzy with it, holding my breath,
Head spins, prisms splayed
Across whitewashed walls,
Tender smile hidden; eyes

Downcast– you could not
Miss the way they warm
Like summer skyline
When presented with

The thought of you, clasping,
Fragile, origami version of
What I thought happiness was,
Now crumpled but somehow

This imperfection stirs the urge
To protect, to repair. The blown
Glass that is you so precious,
I cradle you like treasure.

Some things we don’t talk about
Obvious omissions, oblivious
To what we may or may not know,
We may or may not acknowledge.

Mixed villains

Part I, Part II

“Holy fucking shit” I said sighing, with my phone pressed to my ear. “Please, pick up the god damn phone Michelle” I was walking side to side, in front of a building while I tried to reach Michelle. I groaned as the call ended, not knowing what to do.

“The fuck do i do now?” I sighed and looked down. I scratched my head as i continued to walk side to side. I was thinking what i was going to do, until someone interrupted my thoughts.

“Hello princess” A man with a soft, yet creepy voice, was talking to me. I turned around and looked up to a middle-aged man that was behind me, checking me out. I groaned, not wanting to talk to anyone except for Michelle. And least to a creepy stranger

“Not interested” I sad, while I turned around, facing the building, thinking that this man will leave after I turned him down.

“Well, well, well, princess has an attitude, doesn’t she?” I turned around and found the stranger closer to me than he was seconds before. “Tell me princess, what is a pretty girl like you doing at 3 AM alone in Queens?”

I could smell the scent of alcohol that the stranger had, and I was starting to get scared.

“I’m waiting for a friend” I said, pointing at the building and I started to walk backwards.

“This is not a safe neighborhood to be in the middle of the night, did you know, princess?” The man said while walking towards me.

The weird behavior of this drunk stranger was starting to scare me more and more. “Thank you sir, I’ll have that in mind next time” I said, while this man got closer to me with each step. I started to breathe heavier.

“Look around princess” The stranger said, stopping. He opened his arms and turned around. “There’s no one on the streets. If something happened to you, no one could help you out…”

I started to freak out, as the man started walking again. I walked until my back hit the brick wall. He got closer to me and placed his hands against the wall, not allowing me to escape.

“Not even me” He said and abruptly pressed his lips against mine, trying to kiss me. I started punching and kicking him in anyway i could find possible.

He pulled away from the kiss. “Now punching me or kicking me is not going to help now, isn’t it princess?”

“Help! Help me, please!” I managed to scream, only causing the stranger to put his filthy hand over my mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch” He said as he dragged me towards a dead end. I kicked the air with my feet, trying to get off his grip. Failing, i started crying. He pinned me against the wall once again, and started kissing my neck, and touching my body with his hands. I couldn’t do anything but cry, feeling helpless and weak. He lowered his hands and grabbed my ass, under my dress.

“HELP PLEASE! HELP ME!” I screamed, after I gathered strength to do it.

He stopped kissing my neck and let go of my ass, only to punch me really hard in the face, repeatedly. When he stopped I covered my face with my hand, crying as i never cried before. I started getting dizzy, and my head was spinning around “You don’t learn, do you princess?”

His words disgusted me. The soft and creepy voiced he used disgusted me. His scent of alcohol disgusted me. His aggressive touch disgusted me. His kisses disgusted me. The way he punched my face disgusted me. The way he did whatever he wanted to my body, without my permission disgusted me. He disgusted me.

He started touching my body aggressively, and I gave up trying to save myself. I closed my eyes and wished for it to be over. Suddenly, I couldn’t feel his repugnant body over mine no more. I lost my balance and fell to the floor, hitting my head with the concrete and passing out.

I was woken up minutes after by a man. My sight was blurry, but I could spot a red mask over the guy’s head. “Are you alright, miss?” He asked. My breathing started getting heavier, and I started crying again. I was scared, and confused. What did just happen?

The masked man tried to grab my arm, but I got scared and i started to punch him, crying harder.

“Hey, hey, hey” He said “It’s ok, don’t worry, you’re safe now”.

“HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!” I screamed, frightened. The masked guy tensed, not knowing what to do.

“Please calm down miss, you’re safe now, you aren’t in danger” He said as he tried to reach for my arm again.

My sight cleared and I managed to spot a man webbed to the floor, with his head bleeding. Then i turned my sight to the man who was in front of me. I froze.

It was Spider-Man.

I looked at the man on the floor once again, and all of a sudden, it all went black.

Love Lost

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a Request. I hope you like it, it’s super long, I hope you don’t mind :D

You’ve been married to Daryl for years and you’ve always considered the two of you happily married. You watch in shock as Daryl gets closer and closer to Carol while slowly getting away from you. One day you don’t come back from a run and Daryl dashes out to find you.

word count: 3702

approximated reading time: 19 minutes

Love had always been a hideous thing. It came sneaking up to you in the middle of the night when you least expected it. And then when you finally got used to it, when you actually grew fond of the feeling, of love itself, it would leave you again in puddle on the floor with nothing but yourself and suddenly, just like that you were on your own again.
And it would leave you wondering day in day out: What did I do wrong? What terrible mistakes did I make this time? All the beautiful colors of the world, all the colors you had gotten so used to…gone again. The world was back to black and white and it was so extraordinary in its cruelty. Something so fragile could make us feel so strong, and could crush us just as easily.
I wasn’t feeling good when I left this day, I wasn’t even feeling okay, neither with myself nor with the world and looking back at it this must have been the reason why everything went downhill after a while.
When I woke up Daryl had already been gone, his side of the bed was cold and his sheets folded as if he had never been to bed in the first place. I knew this couldn’t be the case because when I had been awake in the deepest of the night I had felt his warmth, felt his body pressed against mine. I knew he had been here, I knew this hadn’t been a dream. And yet I felt more abandoned than ever. My hands wandered down to my still flat belly. We had tried for a baby for months now but suddenly… maybe not being pregnant by now was a sign. Maybe having a baby wasn’t the best idea in the first place. Daryl obviously wasn’t too interested in starting a family right now and maybe he was right about it. I sighed deeply.

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You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile


A letter of the alphabet for each day that gets us closer to Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Z ⇥ when things got diZZy for arnav & khushi 

“You make me smile like the sun, fall out bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head. Spin like a record crazy on a Sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breath, shine like the sun buzz like a bee, just the thought of you can drive me wild. Oh you make me smile.”–Uncle Kracker


Я чувствую себя неважно. - I don’t feel well.
У меня болит спина. - I have pain in my back.
Меня знобит. - I have chills.
У меня кружится голова. - I feel dizzy.
У меня сильное головокружение. - My head is spinning.
Мне плохо. - I feel faint.
У меня болит голова. - I have a headache.
У меня аллергия на пенициллин. - I’m allergic to penicillin.
У меня высокое давление. - I have high blood pressure.
У меня болит здесь. - I have a pain here.
У меня температура. - I have a fever.
Я простыл (у меня насморк). - I have a cold.
У меня сильно болит зуб. - I have a severe toothache.
Что-то попало в глаз. - I have something in my eye.
Меня тошнит. - I feel like throwing up.
Мне плохо. - I feel sick.
У меня проблемы с сердцем. - I’ve got a heart problem.
Я растянул связки на ноге. - My ankle is sprained.
У меня болит горло. - I’ve got a sore throat.
Я страдаю от бессонницы. - I’m suffering from insomnia.
У меня заложен нос. - I have a stuffy nose.
Я чувствую себя немного лучше. - I feel a little better.

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Step Bro...Fuck Buddy...or Love?

For the ones who haven’t read previous chapters yet … Just click the links below

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Originally posted by kowai-kuma

Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Jimin & Reader

Word Count : 1.483

“We are being called by a stranger girl in the middle of the night. She tells us to check you out and thats what we find ?! My son is sleeping with his sister”

My mum crosses her arms around her chest.

“Did I raise you like this? Do you know how much am I embaressed?”

I feel JungKook tense beside me and he opens his mouth to say something only to get shut by his father.

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Falling In Reverse Sentence Starters.

Just from a few select songs I love uwu.
Just change the pronouns or a bit of the sentence if needed!
Some NSFW. Triggers: Abuse, Cheating, Betrayal, Possessiveness.

Fashionably Late

  • “It’s 9 O’Clock on the dot.”
  • “I’m hanging with her/his/your/their friends again.”
  • “Great taste.”
  • “Beautiful place.”
  • “I don’t wanna be that guy to make you sad and make you cry again…”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about making out with your friends.”
  • “I love the way that this began.”
  • “It started off right, so innocent…”
  • “I’m letting you know.”
  • “I’m letting you go, I want your best friend.”
  • “You seem so shocked and so surprised…”
  • “I’m sorry it hurts.”
  • “I’m surely a jerk.”
  • “I understand why you’re mad.”
  • “Don’t talk that crap when you call me back!”
  • “As a matter of fact— don’t act like that!”
  • “Everybody knows you’re right.”
  • “Everybody knows I’m wrong.”
  • “And you’re fashionably late…”
  • “It’s got nothing to do with how you look.”
  • “She liked my post up on my Facebook.”
  • “After all, you’re not my type.”
  • “After all, you’re not my type, but all your friends seem pretty nice.”
  • “You know what I mean.”
  • “Stop making a scene!”
  • “I’ve got the topic conversation now.”
  • “I know I’m running out of time…”
  • “It’s not an honest demonstration now.”
  • “You’re not the only one.”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about fucking all your friends.”
  • “What?!”
  • “Without a doubt, sorry about having sex with all your friends… hahaha!”

Caught Like A Fly

  • “I’ve got a couple things I’d like to get off my chest.”
  • “Haha, friends?! Who the fuck needs ‘em?!”
  • “It’s truth be told now or it’s meet your demise.”
  • “How did it feel when you held the knife that you stuck right in my back a thousand times?”
  • “You’re grandfather would probably roll in his grave if he knew of the person that you have became!”
  • “I will not just lay down and take this!”
  • “Not again!”
  • “Not again…”
  • “You have left my heart black and blue.”
  • “Just like your father did to you…”
  • “How does it feel knowing you’re barely alive?”
  • “You’re left empty inside…”
  • “Where I was strung out and drug through the mud.”
  • “I must agree… You’re just like me.”
  • “When you die I won’t be at your wake.”
  • “No eulogy from me, just a smile on my face.”
  • “While God might be busy with judging your soul, I will have slept with the girl/guy/person you loved most!”
  • “How does it feel knowing you’re buried alive?”
  • “I’m no fucking saint.”
  • “Oh the audacity!”

Good Girls Bad Guys

  • “Why do good girls like bad guys?”
  • “I’ve had this question for a really long time…”
  • “I’ve been a bad boy and it’s plain to see.”
  • “Why do good girls fall in love with me?”
  • “You live your life with no regret.”
  • “How you looked when you were wet is something I can’t forget.”
  • “I just wanna kiss your lips— the ones between your hips.”
  • “So come on!”
  • “Sexy, please text me, I’m ready for you.”
  • “Waiting, I’m begging, please get here soon…”
  • “Ooh lala, what lovely curves~!”
  • “Baby I get off by getting you off first.”
  • “Sorry girl if this is quick.”
  • “Please just take it in and suck my dick!”
  • “Guitar!”
  • “I wanna know.”
  • “I need to know.”
  • “So come on, I gotta know!”
  • “So come on, tell me!”
  • “Bitch, you gave me the fucking clap.”

Pick Up The Phone

  • “Pick up the phone!”
  • “Answer your texts!”
  • “I apologize about last night, I really didn’t mean to disrespect you.”
  • “You better be alone!”
  • “No, I’m not obsessed…”
  • “If I catch you with somebody else you know I’m gonna be upset.”
  • “I truly believe the reason I’m here is to tell you the truth— that your ending is near.”
  • “One day you must look at yourself in the mirror.”
  • “I still don’t think you’re hearing me clear…”
  • “You must understand our friendship is done, justified by the person you’ve become…”
  • “Enough is enough.”
  • “Now I’M the one that’s holding the gun!”
  • “This will be the end of us!”
  • “I have tried way to many times to heal…”
  • “I have loved you so much it hurts me dear….”
  • “Pick yourself up off the floor.”
  • “Wipe the tears from off your face cause the cops are knocking on the door.”
  • “Better tell them that you fell.”
  • “When they see the bruises on my face, they’re probably taking both of us to jail.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of fighting each other.”
  • “I’m sick of the fighting, the lying, the crying, the calling your mother, the calling of names…”
  • “We bother each other.”
  • “We kiss and make up and get under the covers.”
  • “A dangerous cycle…”
  • “I don’t understand the kicking, the screaming, the breaking of limbs…”
  • “I’ll be damned if I see you with some other man.”
  • “If I can’t have you, then nobody can!”
  • “Death do us part.”
  • “I thought you would never stray from my heart…”
  • “I’m better off living in hell.”
  • “Pick up your phone.”

Game Over

  • “My life is like a video game.”
  • “Trying hard to beat the stage…”
  • “All while I am still collecting coins.”
  • “Trying hard to save the girl.”
  • “Obstacles— I’m jumping hurdles.”
  • “I’m growing up to be a big boy.”
  • “I battle with the evil ways.”
  • “I travel far and try and save…”
  • “Sorry but your princess isn’t here.”
  • “I take a rest and push the pause.”
  • “I level up and move along.”
  • “In hopes that the next stage I will clear…”
  • “Fucking passed, asshole!”
  • “I’m just trying to keep from dying…”
  • “It’s just a game that we play.”
  • “I’m looking for a better way to play it.”
  • “Life is for keeping score.”
  • “Stop complaining and start changing it!”
  • “Today I went to therapy and told him my embarrassing issues I’m having with my life.”
  • “He told me that I need to change, life is not a video game.”
  • “Stop playing and open up your eyes!”
  • “Don’t talk about it.”
  • “Just be about it!”
  • “Don’t ever doubt it, even when your brain is clouded!”
  • “I might be crazy, but life’s amazing!”
  • “Throught it all, even with the problems your facing… Just know that it’s ok.”
  • “Up-up, down-down, left-right, left-right, B-A, select start.”

Not A Vampire

  • “I’m not a vampire but I feel like one.”
  • “I sleep all day because I hate the sun.”
  • “My hands are always shaking…”
  • “My body’s always aching…”
  • “The dark is when I feed.”
  • “I could lure any woman that I want to in my bed.”
  • “Whiskey seems to be my holy water.”
  • “I’m insane, I can feel it in my bones.”
  • “When did I become so cold?”
  • “Where is my self control?”
  • “My heart has lost all hope…”
  • “I’m not a zombie but I feel like one.”
  • “My head is spinning from this dizzy blurry vision and my stomach has had enough…”
  • “I feel like a lady that is pregnant with her baby cause I’m always throwing up.”
  • *pukes*
  • “I’m an addict.”
  • “God bless all of you now.”
  • “I’m going straight to hell, and I’m taking you down with me.”