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Ever thought of showing off all the Omochao voice clips that were unused when you pick him up and take him to the Goal Ring? There appears to be voice clips even in the Shooting and Treasure Hunting stages!

He has 20 (18 in SA2B) unused lines for that in total!

  • City Escape: “Phew! That big truck scared me.“ (Used in SA2B)
  • Wild Canyon: “What’re you thinking, trying to finish this stage holding me?!”
  • Metal Harbor: “All I can see is water. Where is my home?”
  • Green Forest: “I gotta get outta here before the island blows up!”
  • Pumpkin Hill: “A Pumpkin ghost! I’m afraid!”
  • Aquatic Mine: “Maybe it rusted because of the water?“
  • Pyramid Cave: “Wow, that was scary. I’m going home to watch TV.”
  • Death Chamber: “Where am I? Somebody help me.”
  • Meteor Herd: “How’d I get into outer space? Oh well.”
  • Final Rush: “I’ll find my own way home. Bye bye!”
  • Dry Lagoon: “I’m going to play with the turtle now!”
  • Radical Highway: “I feel dizzy.”
  • Egg Quarters: “I’m outta here, before the robot gets me.“
  • Security Hall: “Let me out of this safe!”
  • White Jungle: “This fog reminds me of San Francisco.” (Used in SA2B)
  • Sky Rail: “Wow! It’s getting late, I gotta go to Kindergarten.“ (?)
  • Mad Space: “You should always tell the truth!“
  • Final Chase: “I’ll use my propeller to fly in space! Why is that?” (?)
  • Cannon’s Core: “I’ve never been here before. I’m going sightseeing!”

If the stage doesn’t have a line set for him (I think?), he says this instead:

“I can’t believe you cleared the stage holding me!”

Crazy Gadget is the only time AFAIK where you can hear him say one of these lines normally in the original game, due to the Omochao that talks about the spring to go back to the start of the Tetris maze:

“Hmm… This looks like a game I’ve seen before.”

They won’t activate if you clear via 100 Rings/Emerald Shards while holding him, but they do play for the Lost Chao. I don’t think you can reach it with him in any of those stages either though.


Bit of an Easter Egg I discovered.  Dizzy’s Revelator Sample art features her in a dress with a similar design to Ramlethal’s Story dress (slight color differences and a few adjustments, but the overall ensemble is similar).

Also, as a bonus, found out someone’s working on a figure of Ramlethal in her outfit.

Given how “nearly-nude” Ram was aboard Ky’s ship when he first picked her up, I suspect Ky keeps some of Dizzy’s wardrobe as spares aboard Royal Fleet One!  (Though I can’t say for sure if the dress has holes in the back to compensate for Dizzy’s wings and tail!)

Amstrad Action magazine cover starring Dizzy Egg.
Every time I see this, I think Dizzy’s holding an axe rather than a scrubbing brush. He’s holding an axe and he’s just been surprised by a man in a trenchcoat whilst washing said axe. That’s right, I immediately constructed a fantasy where Dizzy Egg is an axe murderer desperately trying to cover his tracks.