• Mr. Forkle: Would you shoot your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?
  • Sophie (to Dex): You shoot me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big ass house and range rovers.
  • Dex: You can shoot me too, then we'll have 20 million.
  • Sophie: Good thinking.

You know one elf we need to talk about more? Kesler Dizznee.

He’s one of the few great parents (or even good parents) in the series. Despite being a bad match, and having triplets, he teaches his children to hold their heads high and not care about what the stuffy nobles think of them. He teaches Dex Exillium skills because who cares if they’re unorthodox? They’re useful as heck.

And that’s not all. Can we talk about Slurps and Burps? How Kesler intentionally made his shop ridiculous-looking just so he could see the nobles squirm? Before opening Slurps and Burps, he probably sat down and said to himself, “What kind of image do I want to portray? What will make this apothecary reflect me as a person? Well, I’m annoyed by the nobility. Let me annoy them back.”

Kesler deserves so much more appreciation.

Ooc Headcanon that all the Keeper gang can braid

Think about it:
-Biana would make the best braids, on other people. She hates braiding her own hair.
-Biana would probably force Fitz and Alvar to learn how to braid her hair, because her arms get tired trying to braid her own hair.
-when Keefe and Fitz became friends, and Keefe was over at Fitz’s place, and Fitz didn’t want to braid Biana’s hair, Alvar, Alden and Della were out, so Biana half forces Keefe to braid.
-Dex learned to braid Bex’s hair to help his mom.
-Sophie probably learned in her dolls and her sister
-Linh does small braids in her own hair sometimes
-When Tam and Linh where sent to Exillium, Linh asked Tam to braid her hair and he would ask her to teach him how. After a lot of stumbles, he can know make a beautiful braid.

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Just a little jealousy from Dex-ta-roo!
I can’t wait until I have my Wacom hooked up to my laptop and don’t have to deal with paper haha (I swear they didn’t have small bodies until I put in the shading -_-) 
I’m currently working on a suggestion for a 5th book cover. I have to say, coming up with a picture for a book I don’t know much about is HARD! But I’ll have it up soon!

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