This is an abso—fucking—lutely shitty sketch thingy I made ‘cause I realized I have never made anything ‘fan-arty’ for KOTLC.  

Q: Why the fuck is Tam’s bobbly-head so far away?

A: I don’t know!  It just came out that way!

Q: Where the hell are the girls?

A: I suck at drawing females. ‘Nuff said.

Q: Why is Fitzy’s eye so smudgy?

A: Again, I don’t know … it wasn’t there when I took the picture, promise!

I have this theory that at the end of the series Sophie’s just going to end up joining the council cause she’s fed up with how they’re governing the Elven world and Shannon Messenger’s just going to be laughing evily at her computer because once Sophie’s on the council she can’t be romantically invovled or date or anything and she wont have to choose between the three boys and Shannon will have put us through SEVEN BOOKS of romantic tension all for nothing and will just grin as she watches us all loose our minds