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What your favourite Double Dare song says about you!

Hawaii (Stay Awake): You ship Gawsten
Gloom Boys: You ship Gawsten
Stupid For You: You ship Gawsten
Royal: You ship Gawsten
Take Her To The Moon: You ship Gawsten
Made In America: You ship Gawsten
Dizzy: You ship Gawsten
Powerless: You ship Gawsten
Little Violence: You ship Gawsten
21 Questions: You ship Gawsten
It Follows: You ship Gawsten
Plum Island: You ship Gawsten
I’ll Always Be Around: You ship Gawsten

So today’s my birthday and I felt like a slight break/need for a warmup. So I decided to draw my ships from Ever After High. Some of these pairing names I came up with since I couldn’t find one or I may be the first one on the shipping boat. Yes, if one good thing came out of Way Too Wonderland, it was Darling and Chase. OMG so cute~! I ship them and I will not lie!

I’ll let you guess which ones share the slot for my OTP for this show. Yes, I love my two favorite ships in this show so much I can’t decide which is cuter.

If you’re wondering why there’s no Hushlynn… I don’t really love them. They’re cute, but I don’t feel anything beyond “Eh” for them. I also just realized I ship all the Charming siblings with someone… this family is too attractive. (I’ll have to work on my Dizzie art though… ick.)

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Harry/Evie headcannons?

Sure thing!


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These two are such a power couple. Really, if they’re together at Auradon, there are people who totally have them as relationship goals.

There are people who are shocked they’re together, I’m sure. There are still people who expected Evie to end up with a prince, not a pirate.

Constant flirting.
One of them is always toying or flirting with the other. Harry is the kind of guy to flirt with Evie during chemistry and try to distract her. This has led to potions getting blown up in his face on purpose (nothing harmful.)

So much PDA. There’s so much it’s not even funny.

When Harry realized Auradon was totally cool with dating, he decided that meant PDA to the max.

He constantly has his arm around Evie’s waist or shoulders. Holding her hand, he’ll kiss her in the middle of her explaining a problem to him.

Harry has kissed Evie in front of Fairy Godmother, and kissed her so passionately that Fairy Godmother had to break them up.

Evie is pretty big on PDA too, she’ll toy with his hook or mess with his hair. Giving him kisses on the cheek or jaw.

Harry is the kind of guy to carry Evie’s stuff from class to class, even if she makes a fuss, because she’s his Princess.

You can bet that Harry has gotten caught trying to sneak into Evie’s dorm, usually by Mal.

Their dates are usually when Evie is making gowns or outfits. Between classes and all her orders, she doesn’t have too much free time.
Harry doesn’t really mind though.
Don’t think that means he won’t mess with her or anything.

Mal wasn’t too fond of their relationship, mainly because she didn’t trust Harry. She finally realized how happy Evie was though, so she relaxed. (She still doesn’t like Harry.)

Uma was the same, she wasn’t too excited about Evie because of Mal. She got over it though because she doesn’t really mind Evie.

Evie once took Harry’s hook to get it polished and he went right off the plank. It was slightly terrifying. He pretty much threatened any student he laid eyes on.
This meant that Evie had to spoil her surprise early and give him the polished hook unwrapped.  

Harry appreciated it, but told her if she ever took his hook without warning him that it may be grounds for divorce.

They’ve had nights where they’ve sat and done one another’s eyeliner. Evie was surprised with how good Harry was.
He’s not that bad at eyeliner, he just likes the messy look.

Harry is fairly fond of Dizzy, mainly because Evie had them spend so much time together. The stealing and such from the Isle has mostly been forgiven.

Jealous (Harry Hook x Gil x Reader)

A/N: I made sure to make the reader gender neutral <3

Being the lover of two of the most powerful boys on the Isle of the Lost has its perks, but some days were not the best and you adore the power the boys have to cheer you up. It is supposed to be a normal day, running errands for Uma was like a second nature. A couple of bums decided that it was a good idea to steal all the things that you had stolen. You could call it karma, it honestly is karma. But, this never happens and you felt disappointed in yourself.

You walk into the chip shop, eyes scanning the floor. You look disheveled, your shirt ripped even.

“Y/N!” Gil says when he sees you at first and then frowns, standing to walk over to you.

When Harry sees the concern on Gil’s face, he turns and walks over to you.

“Y/N?” he says and wraps his arms around your waist. You push him away and shake your head.

“Leave me alone, Harry,” you mumble and walk forward, taking a seat at the long table.

He frowns and Gil sits next to you, reaching over to intertwine your hands together. You flinch and pull your hands away.

“Darling, what’s wrong?” Harry says and takes a seat next to you, not touching you at all because that seems to be making you angry.

You sit, staring forward shaking slightly. You felt like you were going to burst out into tears but you could not. That shows weakness.

“Ma chere, talk to us,” Gil says and you close your eyes as you feel tears roll down your cheeks.

Harry frowns when he sees the tears and pulls you close, walking you out of the shop. Your two boys know you so well. They know that you would hate it if the crew saw you crying. No one except Harry, Gil, and Uma have seen you cry and it is a rarity.

They walk you to the ship and to your shared room. You collapse on the floor and shake your head.

“I don’t even know why I’m crying,” you say and let out a saddened laugh.

Gil shakes his head and sits next to you on the floor.

“It’s okay to cry,” he says and smiles encouragingly.

“This group of boys, they stole everything that I stole and I just… felt like if I couldn’t fend for myself then why am I here?” you say and shake your head.

Harry kneels next to you, his eyes staring in anger.

“Who? I’ll kill them, darling,” he practically growls and you shake your head.

“I just need a hug,” you mumble and get up, pulling your uncomfortable clothing off and pulling on one of their shirts. You crawl into bed and Gil crawls in after. Harry stares longingly, but he needs to help Uma.

“I’ll be back later,” he mumbles and leaves.

You just smile and snuggle with Gil.


Uma throws a fork down on the table angrily.

“She didn’t get the money?” she yells at Harry.

“Uma, she got jumped. It’s not Y/N’s fault,” he mumbles and glares at her.

Uma rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

“So weak, they need to learn how to fight. You need to stop babying them,” Uma says and crosses her arms.

Harry shakes his head and takes the fork out of the table.

“I’m not babying Y/N, she is capable of defending herself very well,” he says and stabs the fork into the table again.

“Sure, and it’s obvious that Y/N loves Gil more,” she says and Harry shakes his head.

“That’s not true,” Harry says and picks his sword up angrily.

Uma lets out a laugh and shakes her head.

“Oh, you know it is,” she says and he throws his sword at a wall.


Harry walks in to see Gil and you kissing passionately.

“You do love him more,” Harry says and points his sword up at Gil.

You frown and shake your head.

“Harry, what makes you think that?” you say and walk forward.

Harry frowns and points his sword at you as well.

“You love Gil more than me,” he says, tears forming in his beautiful ocean blue eyes.

You get up and shake your head, walking over and wrapping your arms around his waist. He closes his eyes and shakes his head, pushing you away from him.

“Do you love Gil more?” he asks and you frown glancing over at Gil.

“Why does that matter, Harry? We all love each other,” you say and reach your hand out toward him.

He looks down at the ground and then looks over at Gil.

“You,” he mumbles and points his sword at Gil, marching over.

You jump in front of him, shaking your head.

“Harry Hook! I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I will not stand for it. I’m leaving the both of you to talk it out because I will not be in the middle of a fight,” you say and grab your stuff, packing it up.

Gil frowns and shakes his head, walking over to you.

“Y/N, we can talk this out. Don’t do this,” he says softly and picks you up, throwing you over his shoulder.

“Stop it, Gil! I’m not gonna get in between the two of you. You two loved each other before I came into the picture so I’m not gonna destroy that,” you say and struggle to get out of Gil’s hold.

He puts you down.

“I’m gonna be with Dizzy, if you figure things out,” you mutter and walk up to the door. You stop in the doorway, contemplating if you should really leave.

You almost look back but you know if you do so then you will not be able to leave. So, you walk out of the room and off the ship to Dizzy, your younger sister.

The two boys look at each other and ask themselves if it was worth it.


You smile as Dizzy happily cuts your hair and colors it a beautiful ombre blonde. You remember the day you decided to leave the salon to join Gil and Harry on Uma’s crew. It was a sad day, you did not want to leave your baby sister. She was your everything and you left her, but she understood why. You never belonged in the salon, to begin with. So, she let you go.

It was a shock to Dizzy to see you back, but you helped out at the salon and stole some money when business was slow.

“I missed you,” she says as she is washing your hair.

You smile and try not to get drowned.

“I missed you too, Diz,” you say and are put under the heat machine.

You two talk before watching as two familiar boys walk into the salon. They let out a breath of relief as they see you safe. They hated not being able to watch you, it was one of the reasons you became apart of the crew in the first place.

“And now you have to leave again,” she says sadly once the boys walk over.

You shake your head and look over at your sister.

“No, that’s not exactly true,” you say and look over to the two boys.

“Y/N, please come back,” Gil is the first to break the silence.

You shake your head again and sigh.

“Have you two made up?” you ask and narrow your eyes at them.

Harry nods and smiles, taking Gil’s hand.

“Good, now leave me alone,” you say and smile.

The frown and shake their heads in disbelief.

“What?” asks Harry and he walks over to you.

You roll your eyes and smile.

“I want to spend time with Dizzy, I’ll be at the shop later tonight.”

They look over at Dizzy who is smiling innocently.

“Sorry?” she says and then starts to shut the machine down because your hair is done.

“But,” Gil says and frowns,

You roll your eyes.

“Don’t be jealous.”


A/N: Hi. Sorry, I’ve been neglecting this for so long, I have a lot on my plate and I just got some time today to write it so sorry if I did a shawty job. I love you all <3

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So, um, prompts...Any chance you could write Ransom and Holster being oblivious idiots? I'll leave that open to your interpretation; I just love them and I've read like everything on AO3 for them and it's not enough!

I am not particularly happy with the ending, but alas. And thanks for stopping by (and reading all my things)

They meet in the card aisle.

Justin is debating between two, and is fairly certain he’s found the right one. It’s brightly coloured, has one of the Disney princesses on it, and congratulates a beloved granddaughter on turning five. He’s getting ready to make his way to the checkout when the startlingly large blond man who’s been browsing cards next to him taps him on the shoulder.

“Hey, which of these is worse?” the man asks, holding up two love cards. One is a scrabble board with the tiles spelling out “love” and the inside has just the letter “u.” The other is a picture of two people on a bench, probably in Central Park or something, and says “The most beautiful place I’ve ever been…is in your arms.”

“Those are both nauseating as hell bro,” Justin says, hoping to god that the man isn’t actually planning to woo someone with them.

“Right?” the man says. “It’s an inside joke though.”

Justin nods. “The bench one is worse.”

“Thanks,” the man says, putting the other back and then glancing at the card Justin is holding. “I mean, forgive me if I’m wrong, but you don’t look old enough to have a five year old granddaughter.”

“Nah, it’s for my little sister,” Justin says.

“Oh, sure,” the man agrees, nodding. “Because then you’re calling her five, which is annoying, but you’re also calling yourself a grandpa so she can’t really get mad at you.”

“Exactly!” Justin says, lighting up. “Dude, my mom always gets so annoyed, but Aisha and I think it’s funny as hell.”

“Right though?” the man says. “My friend sends me sympathy cards on my birthday, and I send her romance cards. The rest of our crew just thinks we’re crazy.”

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Top 5 Ships I’ll Go Down With

I was tagged by @hearyourvoiceinthedarkswan, I’m so proud of you for not putting Emma and Killian in all the five places haha

1) Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Originally posted by oupacademic

2) Zade (Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella from Hart of Dixie)

Originally posted by laprimavolta

3) Dizzie (Lizzie Bennet and William Darcy from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)

Originally posted by thenoblehelium

4) Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls

Originally posted by rebeeeccax

5) Snowing (Snow White and Prince Charming from Once Upon A Time)

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I tag @garyantoinette @whisperofttheheart, can’t wait to see your ships!

The Blake Siblings Are Ready To Kick Some Ass

The 100 One Shot

Characters: [FEMALE] Reader x Octavia Blake + Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin & Commander Shumway

Warnings: swearing and nightmare-ish stuff

Request: “Could you write a oneshot where you are Octavia’s twin sister (fraternal, not identical), and when you were born, because your family couldn’t conceal two babies, you were given to someone your mother trusted to be adopted and raised as her own. Then, when you get sent to Earth as one of the 100, you find out that Octavia and Bellamy are your siblings?” - anonymous

Word Count: 1,821

A/N: Hope you like it !!

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cosmicastrogazer replied to your post “Post first chapter of new fic on here to get idea of general reception…”

Pop your fic is something I save as a reward for myself when I meet a goal. Since I haven’t killed anyone today, I think we all deserve a reward.

You. I like you.

*deep breath* Okay. But it’s messy, I’m warning everyone now. It’s real messy.

Here’s the first chapter of Hämärä, folks. More or less.

Writing war is hard.

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