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Out of curiosity which stardew mods do you use? I know I have the anthro mods for maru and harvey, the "plump" mod for abigail, applejack for my horse, and a bunch of other various ones because i dunno thats how i am but im curious which you have

!!! I use mostly mods from here, the “Diverse Stardew Valley” mods!!!! Their art is FANTASTIC!!! Like!!! Look at this!!!

Elliott is SO DAMN CUTE, and like!

Maru’s hair is so fucking sweet!!!!!

I don’t use the Demetrius ones or the Caroline one, tho. I’ll prolly use the Caroline one once the rest of the family’s been updated! For a while I also used an Emily that changed her outfit to be less, creepy,,, and I use the fat Abigail mod by Dizor too!!! I also use the Mr. Qi, Sandy, Wizard, Marlon and Gil from that person too! Like!!! LOOK at this Sandy!!!

SO. CUTE. I also use Timid’s Home for my house, and I sort of scavenged some Barn/Coop/Stables that sort of matched the house.

I love the color scheme sooo much! I just had to make everything else to match~ I also have a mod to change the pig to be less lumpy…. poor thing looked like it was in pain :c I’ve also personally edited the Gus and Wizard sprites, to fix the weird red line under Gus’s mustache and the conflicting colors between Wizard’s sprite and portrait. I haven’t posted some others, but I also color-matched Jas and Marnie’s sprites to their portrait colors, got rid of Gunther’s lumpy hat-tipping arm, and changed the wooden floor path’s colors to match the Timid’s House mod’s porch. I also recently downloaded this mod that changes the wooden fence to a bush hedge!!!

(this picture just doesn’t do it justice tbh) It’s so cute, I actually changed the name though to make the hedge “Fence5.xnb” that way it would replace the hardwood fence instead of the regular wood fence. I also have some mods for the player character that adds Dangan Ronpa hair and shirts!!! I rlly love a lot of the hair in this mod.

Tbh, the vanilla game is super fun and cute imo, but I just think it’s so fun to mess with game files!!!! I have Some Beef with some things abt the game, but overall it rlly is cute. I just,,, once I started adding mods it got Out Of Control and now I can’t stop making/adding them lmao.

Also sorry for making this post so long, I just,,, really love all the modding,,,,,,,,,,