Alrighty folks!
I am currently open for commissions!

How this going to work is that I’ll have 5 slots open between my Deviantart and this Tumblr
Please send me a PM if you’re interested in a commission to either page and we’ll work out the pricing, as this guide is just for base prices. Certain exceptions will apply, but we’ll talk before.
I will say I WILL NOT do any sort of Porn. Tasteful nudity and soft cheesecake/smut is okay, but full on Porn will not be accepted. I know this is subjective, but common sense here.

Any commission taken that is under $20 will not have to be paid until the picture is completed! Anything thats $20 and up will be paid 50% up front, 50% after its completed. Refunds will only be available if I am unable to complete the picture.

Refunds cannot be given after the image is completed, as I have put the time into the picture. Simple adjustments are free if the picture isnt up to expectations, but I will not redraw the whole thing if you change your mind after the image is completed.

I’m also taking Commission on props as well, but contact me on pricing for those, as pricing depends on materials used.



Hey all!
Just wanted to announce that my mother is considering taking requests for alterations and costume creation! Shes a great seamstress and pretty much did all the sewing work on my costumes (since I suck at it) and would like to try her hand at helping out folks with costume fixes and such.

So if you’re in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and need cosplay help just get in contact with her at adrlynch@charter.net or call her at (817)- 586-8314
She also sells Wedding, dinner, and prom dresses for real cheap as well as party and event supplies of her own creation. She also has several petty coats for sale and rental.

Also if things hit off with this my dad may also up for making props!
Check out his stuff at http://ravenstarstudios.blogspot.com/
Hes a super talented sculptor that has experience with tons of media and methods. He helped me make my staff for Discord and hes always open for any sorts of commissions.

So I tried to make Gordon Ramsey’s eggs. The eggs came out pretty good as did the tomatoes, though a tad overcooked. I replaced the flat cap mushrooms with a portabella which didn’t cook all the way through but I don’t mind raw mushrooms and it was tasty with the eggs. Also I didn’t have proper bread, just white bread which made everything taste soapy :/
Also I replaced the creme fraice with a spoonful of Greek yogurt (unmixed of course) which worked nicely. Just make sure to use parsley. I used cilantro and it kinda detracted from the taste.


I am now taking Commissions!

Please direct all commissions to http://dizorart.tumblr.com/ and I will PM you back for confirmation and payment options.
The guide at the top is just some basic examples and if you have have any questions I’ll be happy to answer.

I will also be taking prop commissions, but those will be on a project to project basis. PM for prices.

I think I need a break from tumblr.

While I’ll probably scramble back to here in short order… I think I’m gonna close up shop for a while. Just feels like I’ve got a restrictive vice around my train of thought as well as my ability to express myself and my beliefs now, and to top that off I think I’m honestly getting some sort of media/information overload from this site. I am in no way blaming ANY ONE I follow, its just the site itself. I just feel like its sorta eaten me up and has effected me in a negative way.
(Once again, its the site, not the people I’ve met and like)
I’ll still be on skype, steam and my other hidey-holes (Deviant art and Facebook)
but I’m going to see what happens with a tumblr detox. Shake some bad mojo and junk.