dizasta music

Okay about pink guy at SXSW

We’ve watched this goofy ass high schooler who made funny videos and rapped on the side for fun transform into this amazing man who has made a professional career for himself topping iTunes Charts and performing for crowds at SXSW. I think that’s beautiful. We’ve been able to be there for his whole transition.

Idk I’m so fucking proud of dizastamusic/filthy frank/pink guy/joji/George Miller. And he’s only getting started.


“Probably your next wallpapers” Xmas Special

Print screens showing the Filthy Frank Show members, in the marvelous video “Filthy Frank Chin Chin Sacrifice

Part 3 - Pink Guy, and the new characters Plastic Pinochio and ~Black Power Portal Man~.

(Click on the images to see all the filthiness)


100 Completely Accurate World Accents (by DizastaMusic) LOL