Eclectic and classically arranged. Take the art pieces and family photos you love most and hang them in your living space. Make it fun by varying the style of frame and stagger how each piece is hung for added variety. You’ll easily create a focal point worth a second look.


A Very Fandom Christmas: A bunch of different diy ornaments, most notably, a Pokeball, a Golden Snitch, and a Dr. Who Bowtie

Floating Glitter Tumbler | Studio DIY

Is your New Year’s resolution to drink more water? It’s not as easy as it sounds. It doesn’t surprise me that people soon give up on it. These days everything is filled with sugar and salt, including our drinks. Water seems like a boring alternative! So anything that will encourage you, including this freaking awesome glitter cup, is worth it. If you can’t find a cup like this one, try a cheap travel mug - you may be able to remove the decorative paper inside.

p.s. - as someone who now has to drink a lot of water, my suggestion is fruit! A slice of lemon and orange or mint and strawberry - so delicious. If you don’t have time to cut up fresh fruit for every drink, try freezing them in ice cubes.

Temporary Colombre Hair | Studio DIY

I’m in love with this hair! What a easy, fun way to change up your look for a day. If you’re not keen on a rainbow, go for complimentary colours or match them to your outfit. Chalk can rub off on clothes (which as they say in the tutorial, it’s so important to set with hair spray) but this would look equally as cool in a pony, top knot or even braids.


Foodie Tree Ornaments | Studio DIY

I shared these two delicious ornaments last year but I love them so much I decided I had to share them again! This is why I want a pink tree so bad. I truly adore the donut ornaments - they look so delicious and go so perfectlly with the gumball ornaments. But if you prefer savoury over sweet, packets of fries are perfect for your tree! I know these aren’t your traditional decorations, but if you want something quirky and different, then these are the ornaments for you!

Incense Cones DIY

I recently discovered the simple process of making incense cones, which gives me another way to use our abundance of Western Sage. They burn slowly and smell heavenly.

To make incense sticks, cones, molds, or trails, you first must begin with a finely powdered incense mixture called Makko.

Ingredients Needed:Makko powder (approximately  60-70%)Incense Resin (I used dried sage but plan on trying pine tree bark in my next batch), ground into a fine powder


1. Grind each of your incense ingredients into a fine powder.

2. Sift your powder through a flour sifter, and combine all ingredients into a bowl. 

3. Add Makko Powder, mix. 

4. Add warm water, a little at a time. Knead your mixture as you work, creating a thick paste.

5. Continue to knead. You should be able to make roll your dough into a ball. Slowly add more water if the dough is too dry but do so very carefully because too much water quickly makes the mix too soupy and unworkable. Continue to knead. 

6. Let dough sit overnight with a damp, covered with a damp towel.
7. Knead to dough again, adding more water if necessary.
8. Begin to shape your dough into cones. If  you like, you can create mini molds with paper.

9. Dry the cones by standing them up on a wax-paper covered board. Place the whole thing in a paper bag and scrunch closed. As soon as the outside of the cones are dry you can turn them on their sides to dry the bottom and inside. Check and turn several times daily.

Note: an added bonus of working with makko is that if your sticks, cones, or molds don’t burn well for any reason, you can simply grind it all back into powder again, adjust, test, wet, knead, form, dry, burn and enjoy – no waste!

Tutorial via Live In Art