Cover preview of next @blackquantumfuturism work dropping mid-February. Space-Time Collapse features experimental writings and images by visionaries exploring possible space-time narratives and temporal perspectives of Black enslaved ancestors held captive on the slaveship during the Middle Passage journey, through the TransAtlantic slavetrade, and subsequently on the plantation. The slaveship and plantations themselves are explored as chronotopes containing layers of different times, imprinted by the experiences of the people held captive. The writings also examine conceptions and perceptions of time and space in relation to Black memory, historical and social change, systems and conflict, Western technological development, and how they are sifted through or persist into the present. Some of the writings propose ways to move beyond the dominant concept of the linear progress narrative by exploring alternative concepts and shapes of time. Featuring work by Ytasha Womack, Joy Kmt, Alex Smith, Femi Matti, Theo Pajimans and more. Cover by @artbykrigga

Recurrence Plot #TimeTravel Tour with author/creator of The AfroFuturist Affair Rasheedah Phillips | discussions, readings, tabling at various space-times with other visionaries:

July 12 - Afro Futurism, Sci-Fi and Cultural Myths: A Dialogue Among Visionary WritersHarlem Book Fair Urban Arts & Literary Festival

In this dialogue, writers of Afro-Futurism will explore the possibilities and cultural gems within our own “afro-mythology” juxtaposed to a sci-fi landscape and its ensuing cultural implication. Featuring Dja Dja N MedJay (Renpet, N Eternity Reclaimed); Rasheedah Phillips (Recurrence Plot); Cerece Rennie Murphy, (Order of the Seers)

July 26 - Visionary Literature: Two New Indie Books Claim Space  w/ Dismantle Anthology @Bluestockings Bookstore

Presenting Recurrence Plot alongside Thread Makes Blanket Press and writers and editors from Dismantle VONA Anthology for a reading and panel discussion exploring how two small, independent presses in Philadelphia are exploring issues of race, gender, literature, and a better future.

August 2 - RIPEXPO w/ Metropolarity 

The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIPExpo) is a summer weekend devoted to small-press and self-published comics, zines and books. 

August 5 - IMPRINT: Independent Publishing Panel

Leeway Foundation presents IMPRINT, a skill share and panel discussion featuring Lillian Dunn of Apiary Magazine, Lovella Calica of Warrior Writers, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela of Thread Makes Blanket Press and Dismantle Anthology, Rasheedah Phillips of The AfroFuturist Affair and Metropolarity and Dr. Yaba Blay of BLACKprint Press.

August 9 - Reading at Penn Bookstore feat. Alex Smith of Metropolarity/Laser Life/ARKDUST

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Recurrence Plot: Afrofuturist Time Travel - Book Review by Black Nerd Problems

This is a book about time travel, not just in that the main character travels through time, but she also thinks about, and practices, how to time travel. This inevitably takes the reader on a circular journey of learning how to do so, exploring different philosophies and returning you to where you started, unsure if you ever even started at all.

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ANTI-KY-THE/RA - nu @blackquantumfuturism soundmyth + #zine + vid available for FREE DL at | #timetravel #timemachine #music #diytimetravel #trauma #astrolabe


Anti-Ky-The/Ra // nu #blackquantumfuturism soundmyth and time distortion project | surfacing 21.6.15 #afrofuturism #antikythera #bqf #theory #astrolabe #noise #water #clocks #diytimetravel (at Ifriqiyah)