Experiment #2 | full piece screening tonight at Project: Time Capsule performance at @serpentineuk | dir. #blackquantumfuturism shot/ edited by @sweeneybob starring @bojobreeze | #quantumtimecapsule #diytimetravel #quantumeventmapping #projecttimecapsule #blackquantumfuturism #recurrenceplot #timerituals #Afrofuturism #afrofuturistaffair (at North Philadelphia)

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Cover preview of next @blackquantumfuturism work dropping mid-February. Space-Time Collapse features experimental writings and images by visionaries exploring possible space-time narratives and temporal perspectives of Black enslaved ancestors held captive on the slaveship during the Middle Passage journey, through the TransAtlantic slavetrade, and subsequently on the plantation. The slaveship and plantations themselves are explored as chronotopes containing layers of different times, imprinted by the experiences of the people held captive. The writings also examine conceptions and perceptions of time and space in relation to Black memory, historical and social change, systems and conflict, Western technological development, and how they are sifted through or persist into the present. Some of the writings propose ways to move beyond the dominant concept of the linear progress narrative by exploring alternative concepts and shapes of time. Featuring work by Ytasha Womack, Joy Kmt, Alex Smith, Femi Matti, Theo Pajimans and more. Cover by @artbykrigga