wooden box marvels

“…when I asked him to build some boxes for some of my circuits, he kinda went to town…”

“The base is cherry, veneers are quilted mahogany & rosewood, the binding african blackwood with maple purfling and the back cover is aluminum, sprayed with black appliance epoxy. The knobs are african blackwood as well with a pearl dot. I finished them with urethane and sanded/buffed them out”

cred:, houseofwiens


What is it?

I probably shouldn’t mention the name. But it’s a certain “transparent overdrive” which currently sells for somewhere between $500 to $1500 or more and is surrounded by crazy hype. As you can see, my build of it looks a lot like spaghetti but actually sounds… golden. True to the hype this thing sounds radical, if you are waaay into classic rock.

Built to order for a client, decked out in megarad gold Hammerite, cream knobs… already miss the thing a li'l bit.



“Inspired by the Hoffman ReVibe ["It is a copy of Leo Fender’s 6G15 standalone reverb circuit combined with the Vibrato circuit that was used on amps like the Vibrasonic and 6G12 Concert.” -] … reverb/tremolo combo based on classic Fender versions.

Constituent circuits:
Surfy Bear FET Reverb
Cardinal Tremolo
Custom split/mix circuit for parallel operation
Madbean Bloviator (used as switchable output buffer)
Two 1776 relay bypass boards



“My sweet beloved O-rangemaster. What a pity a had to hand it in to my girlfriend who found it quite a nice present for her nephew, who "also plays guitar”“