The Time Travel Convention was an exhibition that explored time travel as a practical activity – something that does not necessarily require a machine, an advanced degree, or any other privileges. Using afrofuturism and the speculative as lenses, the exhibition featured time travel devices and objects from creators who use tools such as memory, dreams, imagination, manipulation of language and perception, light, and music to craft their temporal devices.

In this temporal-spatial instance, AfroFuturist Affair Creator Rasheedah Phillips debuted her speculative fiction collection, Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales)

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Featuring Time Machines from:

MMGz — PsychoAcoustics & Memory 
Black Shesus — The Pyramid of Shesus
R.Phillips — Recurrence Plot (RP)
Kameelah Janan Rasheed — No Instructions of Assembly, Activation II
Alisha B. Wormsley — there are black people in the future
Mourl Ferryman — The Shadow and the Substance 2014
Melissa Moore — An Infinitygram: Diasporan Object Design For A New Future
Noni Red - everything begins within
Guest Fest: Rasheedah Phillips Discusses her Debut Novel and Black Motherhood

Black Speculative Fiction Author Alicia McCalla interviews debut author Rasheedah Phillips about the Black motherhood and intergenerational poverty themes in her debut novel Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales)

Open Call for Creators: Time Travel Convention and Recurrence Plot Release

In collaboration with, this interactive exhibition explores time travel as a practical activity – something that does not require a machine, an advanced degree, or other privileges. Using afrofuturism and science fiction as lenses, the exhibition will revolve around time travelling with everyday tools such as memory, dreams, imagination, manipulation of language and perception, light, and music.   

Inviting submissions from the public of all ages, the installation will feature personal time machines and time travel devices created by submitting creators.  Leading up to the exhibition, we will host a workshop on March 23, 2014 at Yell Gallery with materials and an interactive lecture component, where people can discuss ideas for alternative methods of time travel.  The workshop will feature the “quantum time capsule”, where attendees can be part of the creation of a live installation at the Convention. We will also disseminate a curriculum for use in classrooms and afterschool programs for teachers to work with students to make work for the Convention. 

The Time Travel Convention opening reception will also be the premiere of AfroFuturist Affair creator R.Phillip’s experimental book of short time travel tales called Recurrence Plot and her Sun Return celebration. The reception will feature readings by Metropolarity and a few other guest authors.

Submission information

Seeking submissions of small installations, film, audio/video, literature, photography, objects, and art pieces dealing with time travel, such as personal time machines and devices and time travel artifacts. Works can be individual or collaborative, and should be experimental. Proposals should include a description of your project or piece, including dimensions, sizes, number, and other specifications. Please identify any audio/visual and electrical needs. Also include artist information and website if available.

Please submit a proposal for your submission to by February 20 2014. The Time Travel Convention opening reception will take place at Yell Gallery in Philadelphia on April 5, 2014.  For more information please


Black Holographic Memory Spotlight On: Metropolarity Spec Fic Collective | Crew/Sponsor

METROPOLARITY was born in a pixelated summer, desperate for a space where technology and community could intersect. We at Metropolarity believe that those without power must take advantage and control of the media outlets that we have access to. We choose science fiction as our lens to create new worlds, identities, self paradigms, and to destroy old, harmful ones.









The Spring Episode of Laser Life Arrives into the Future of Next Friday, April 26, 2013 at A-Space Anarchist Community Center in West Philly

The Laser Life is a reading series dedicated to giving voice to the swirl of diversity that exists in the known and unknown universe, LASER LIFE is a queer empowered reading series that serves as a gateway to the dreaming. At its core, it’s a reading of science and speculative fiction and fantasy, with the intensity of a sweaty, West Philly poetry slam on mind-altering, homemade drugs. 

Channeling Octavia Butler, Sam Delaney and the dollar bin at the comic book shop, the assembled are some of the most talented writers, both published and unpublished, in the Philadelphia area. As empires fall and our old planet crumbles, these writers are opening portals to theirs—braver, newer and out of this world.


R.Phillips of The AfroFuturist Affair and will be featured at the LASER LIFE next, reading a tale of science-possibility called “The Bracelet,” among Master Sci-Fi RealityTellers Alex Smith (creator of Laser Life), Maggie Eighteen, Ras Mashramani, Shane Jenkins, and special guest  POLYMER MONOCHROME