We needed to build a couple of hinge boards for upcoming print events today and we thought, what better time for a how-to? A hinge board is the lynchpin for any home based screenprint set-up and it’s super easy to put together.

one. Purchase a piece of ¾" MDF from the hardware store, we bought ours from Home Depot and they cut it down to size. For dimensions, we recommend about 2" extra on each edge beyond the size of your screen. MDF is good because it won’t warp like plywood and its nice and heavy so won’t shift around during printing.

two. Coat the MDF with a couple of coats of shellac or polyacrylic so that you can wipe paint off and protect the MDF from water damage. It can really soak up water and misshape. 

three. Grab your pair of hinges. Position and measure them at the top of your board. Mark the screw holes for drilling reference with a pencil. 

four. Drill a hole in the MDF in the middle of the markings. Line up the hinges and drill in your pair of screws. Your hinges are now tightly attached.

five. ta-da! That’s it! Happy printing!


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