The old fashioned kind. Hand-written, sent through post, takes weeks to receive, and gives you all sorts of feelings the moment you slice the envelope open. I miss those kinds of letters. I used to exchange them with my dad and remember having to go through my collection of stationeries to pick out the best for him. We don’t do that anymore. 

I created a set of stationeries with nothing else but stamps (of course)! It was fun and tiring at the same time. Stamping patterns isn’t easy, not after you’ve been doing it for an hour straight, and still trying to maintain your lines. 

A couple of months back, I discovered snail mail revival. I really wanted to give it a try but if-y about the idea of sending someone something from wherever in the world. What if it never arrives? or what if it takes so long and gets lost? I’m sure our post is more sophisticated now than it is way back when. I’m just not ready to go global (naks, arte).

So maybe I start locally? Within Manila, then I shall expand. I’m excited for this one! And I’m open to writing (and sending stuff) to anyone who is interested. 

Do you want to snail mail with me?

Let’s bring back the love for hand written. And maybe swap some handmade lovin’ too! Shoot me an email if you’re interested to be my penpal (I dunno why but that word sound so creepy). 

I’d really like to open my mailbox to more than just bills and flyers. :)

Just put snail mail on the Subject line!