I crafted myself some rhinestone kitty ears yesterday and I’m quite satisfied with how they turned out! My hair was a mess because I overslept and was late for an appointment I had so ignore that. Also, ignore how gross my hairline is :/

It was really hard to get a picture of them head on because my hair was/is really poofy and I mostly have white walls in my house. All in all they weren’t too difficult to make, just required a bit of fiddling around with the wire and you should also BE CAREFUL WITH THE KRAZYGLUE. I was really lucky and just barely avoided gluing my fingers together multiple times over.

DIYP envelope tutorial

envelopes have been my DIYP (do it yourself poorly) project of choice recently.

It can be adapted for any size of cardboard box (i’ve used triscuit and lindt excellence chocolate boxes as well and for this project I decided to cut the box in half). Be creative and adapt it for your own available materials (eg scrap paper, used bristol board). Because I’m not at home, I only have safety scissors and glue sticks. An Xacto knife would be better for scoring the cardboard and rubber cement or wood glue would be a better choice of adhesive (I’m backing the glue stick up with tape to send these envelopes).

Because this box was cute, I put the printed side facing out. For all the other ones I’ve made, I put the printed sides on the inside and left the outsides blank or decorated with stickers and cute tape.

Still not sure if they are going to be accepted by Canada Post but I will let you know if they are not.

So, without further ado, here’s the tutorial:

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me and turtle got our DIYP fangirly crafting on today. not entirely sure when i’ll wear it but i’m quite satisfied!

EDIT: also i just realized it looks like i’m wearing some sort of lame text tee but i’m not. it’s just a tshirt for my school teams. felt i should clear that up before you write off my fashion fashion straight up fashion entirely.