License Your Music With Soundcloud and Pump Audio

In this video from, Sound Designer Greg Savage shares insight into how to leverage popular digital music distribution platforms like Soundcloud and music licensing companies like Pump Audio to get your music licensed and placed in television, film, video games and commercials. 

From Vlogging To Music Placements
What I do and why it works

It starts with having the right tools

Gear Needed →

Vlogging is very powerful when used correctly, It’s become a big part of my marketing. I use it as a way to educate and connect with professionals in my industry. 

When you create a video, you open the door to your world. People see you for you. 

Your actions, how you present yourself, what you wear, your surroundings etc. This sets the stage for everything

As a musician, producer or music creator you need to look at vlogging as an extension of your marketing. 

In this series I’ll be going over the following information

Equipment Needed see link above
✔ How To Create Videos
✔ How To Edit Your Videos
✔ Building A Following

I want to thank +Kevin Butts Jr and +Patrick McNease for inspiring me. At first I was going to launch this months content with twitter, but video will allow me to touch on multiple platforms.

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Greg Savage from Diy Music Biz back with another video giving insight on licensing music using soundcloud and getty images.

I can’t wait for him to tell us what Music libraries he uses for his placements