DIY Monday’s #5 - Draw your Cupcake wall art }♥

 Hi guys. Today is Diy Monday. And for this monday i wont me making a do it yourself project but ill be making do it yourself drawing … if that makes any sense heheh :D

 This is a birthday present for my dear friend and as i was painting it i decided to make a step by step how to make your own cupcake wall art. I hope that my friend likes it and i hope you like it to and  that some of you will try it themselfs. ♥
lets start …

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DIY Monday's #6 : Cake Decorations }♥

 Well its that time of the week when i share my crafts i do trough out the week . and if you  remember a post for my boyfriends birthday you will know i made him a cake. So i wanted to make a diy on how to make this pretty decorations even tho its very simple :3 .lets gooo……

 What you will need :

  1. Two decorative straws
  2. Scissors
  3. Decorative tape
  4. And white string

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DIY Mondays : Flower Headbands }♥

 Hi there friends. For this DIY Monday i will be making a flower headband that i so very popular on the internet and everywere in the world. Ill be making two versions of a flower headband and this is the first one the second will be the next week i hope . So just follow this steps and youll make one of you own. ♥

 For the first step this is what you will need. And the flowers were from a april fools costume for a hula girl and i just took them cuz i couldnt find anything in a shirt time.  i wore this for my mask on april fools and it was Sugar Skull.

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