… Coz it’s November and I felt like it.
I bantu-knotted my twists last night, them unbantu-knotted them, but kept the twists. I kind of like this look. Plus, my hair looks and feels soft, so Bonus. 
Washed my hair last Friday and did my twists using:
Camille Rose Naturals Curl Milk, Rosemary infused Olive and Coconut Oil, then my diy Aloe Vera goop to real the ends.
Yesterday night, I detangled using my Rosemary infused Olive oil (aka RIOO) then spritzed it with my Aloe juice leave in and sealed it.

Tonight, just going to spritz each twist, rub it down, with the rioo and re-seal the ends.

It sounds like a lot but shouldn’t take more than 20mins (she said hopefully, eyes towards the heavens, internally praying that it Really doesn’t take more than 20mins)