D.I.Y.F.S = DO IT YOUR FUCKING SELF, a shoulder cut-out denim shirt

1. Take any denim or chambray button-down shirt (I thrifted a mens' denim shirt. Okay, I had Urban do it for me but you get the idea.) Lay it on a flat surface. 

2. Using a ruler and a Sharpie, freehand a half-circle shape around the shoulder. You can use a compass or trace a circular object if you want it to be precise but I like it imperfect.  

3. Carefully cut out the mark on one shoulder. To get both shoulders perfectly matched, fold the shirt in half vertically and trace your cut. 

4. Keep the cut-out frayed for a vintage feel or sew a seam along where you cut.

5. Style with black bottoms and a statement necklace. Topknot, not optional. You just did-it-your-fucking-self. Congratulations.