"No days off"

new zine full of sketches from 2011/2013.

36 pages/full color printed on 110lb white inside black/black cardstock cover.

comes with a sketch on the inside cover and stickers

available for $3 here:

Im really happy the way this turned out, looking through all those old books makes me laugh, some things are so terrible or just kind of like where was i going with this. There isnt much i love more than drawing and making comics so i hope to keep it going and hope you keep reading! -dyemond 

Where the Witches Lurk #6 -- Pencils/Inks Previews

Greetings all!

We’re so very close to unleashing the final issue of Where the Witches Lurk to the world! (If you haven’t caught up, you can purchase every issue digitally here and issues 1 – 4 here).

While we prepare the issue’s release, how about a glimpse at some of the art to come? Below are the cover and page 1 art pages (pencils and inks).

Oh, and by the way, keep your eyes and ears peeled…

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