So I noticed something….*ahem*

In picture one you see the very up-close and obvious painting of Riley’s purple cat….

In picture two behind Riley and Maya is a coloring of a blue cat hung up on the wall…AND LOOK WHO IT’S SIGNED BY! *LE GASP* IT’S CHARLIE!

Headcanon: Riley and Charlie are horrible at any form of art but, they love their cats in their favorite colors - purple and blue. Ms. Kossal hides the blue and purple from Riley and Charlie, but THEY ALWAYS FIND IT! All Ms. Kossal knows is that those two are blue/purple cat loving children and were definitely made for each other.

Future Headcanon: Riley and Charlie are sharing an apartment and one day they both stumble on two stray kitties, they take them in and name them Blue and Purple.

“Riley….” Charlie called out to his girlfriend hesitantly.

“Yeah?” Riley said while she cuddled Blue. Charlie didn’t respond and that made Riley look up at her boyfriend whom was standing at the entrance of their living room. He had a sheepish look on his face.


“I…I..uh..may have done something to Purple…” Charlie said as he look down, twiddled his thumbs and rocked back and forth on his feet.

“What did you do to my baby?!” Riley asked frantically.

Charlie turned around and bent down to pick up Purple. He turned back around to face Riley whose jaw slackened.

“Why is…Why is Purple….PURPLE?!?” Riley screeched. Blue jumped from her lap and crawled over to Charlie whom was holding Purple, that was now Purple like the Cheshire Cat.

Charlie scratched the back of his neck and mumbled, “I was, uh, experimenting and uh at first it was only a bit of purple on her tail, but then I thought it looked really pretty and I thought that it would be so cool if Purple was actually purple so I bought purple hair dye and dyed her purple.”

Riley gaped at her boyfriend in shock.

“I mean, if you want, we can dye Blue blue as well so they don’t look so odd?”

I have no idea what I just wrote, but yeah this is what happens when you’re a die-hard Girl Meets World/Riarlie shipper (although I ship Riarkle the most, Riarlie is my second fave otp) 




From the Satyanarayan puja that we had at our house this past Sunday. Every year, we have this puja - a Hindu ceremony of offerings to a particular God or Goddess - at our house, filled with family, friends, loads of food, sweets and fresh flowers. I love how our basement fills up with the heady smell of incense and burning camphor, always reminding me of pujas back home in India. 


so…i kind of have a theory that i told sunshinematthews about and thought that i would share with all of you to see what your opinions are on it.

my theory regards the season finale of girl meets world. we all know that girl meets graduation is a three part finale and the writers (whom are cryptic and vague as usual) tweeted that what started in girl meets yearbook will end in girl meets graduation and that where they’re going with it is not where we think. many say that r*cas will be endgame and official by the end of the season and that lucas and riley will start dating throughout high school…but this is where my theory kicks in. in girl meets yearbook maya realized that while she was acting as riley, that riley sees lucas as a brother. maya never told riley what she realized and i think that was what spoke volumes in the episode (alongside with change for Farkle) i think that what if in girl meets graduation, riley finally finds out what maya realized? that riley finally understands what maya had realized back during yearbook and never told her. riley sees lucas as a brother and she gets it. she realizes that maya may have been right and that she was never sure of what exactly were her feelings for lucas. but wait. there’s more. the writers also tweeted a while back that lucas and maya will have a heart to heart/special moment in the end of the season. end of the season meaning girl meets texas or girl meets graduation (both of which add up to a total of five episodes) so what if it’s the start of lucaya as more than friends. because let’s face it, every lucaya moment thus far has been friendship growth (holy-crap-what-are-these-feelings-stirring-up-in-my-heart growth) and what if r*cas ends on a good note and lucaya begins? lucaya beginning as in they realize they have feelings for each other that are more than friendly and the season ends with them and that realization? i don’t know what this is, but it’s what’s been going through my head and i wanna know what y’all think. 


This week’s diverse new release is:

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott (Little, Brown)

“After the death of the highly placed aristocrat whose patronage ensured their safety, Jessamy’s mixed-race family is targeted by political enemies; spared thanks to her skill at the game of Fives, she must find a way to save them. … Jes finds an outlet from suffocating social strictures by secretly training for the Fives, a complex, mysterious competition popular with both castes. … This series opener, the auspicious teen debut of a seasoned author of adult fantasy and World Fantasy Award finalist, features a gripping, original plot; vivid, complicated characters; and layered, convincingly detailed worldbuilding. A compelling look at racial and social identity wrapped in a page-turning adventure.” — Kirkus

Plus from Aug. 4:

The Girl at the Center of the World by Austin Aslan (Wendy Lamb Books)

“Leilani’s epilepsy gave her the ability to communicate with the entity protecting the Earth in The Islands at the End of the World (Random, 2014); now she must face the consequences of her decision to keep it here. Humanity may be safe from its own folly, but it continues to struggle without its conveniences, especially in isolated places like Hawai'i. To survive, Lei’s community returns to the old ways as opposed to the selfishness and turf wars of others. They are far from safe though. … Lei is a remarkable character who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she hardly does it alone. VERDICT An engaging and poignant follow-up with weighty and powerful themes of survival, cooperation, and human nature.” — School Library Journal

Captain Zay
  • Zay:*standing at the helm of the ship with a captain hat on, staring into a sea of Lucaya* "And now to your left you will see the beautiful wonder of Lucas and Maya staring deeply into one another's eyes. Take note, this usually only happens once every five episodes. More often than not it will be Lucas staring at the back of Maya's head and letting her call him names. Now to your right you can see the wondrous and majestic 'HA-HURR!'-

People are not rain or snow or autumn leaves. They don’t look pretty when they fall down. (insp.)